Sorry it's so late but here's the last chapter of Just Once. Enjoy. Beware of the smut.

It was hard to miss Kurt's suddenly developed sadness. His eyes lacked their usual sparkle in glee, his normally cheerful, albeit occasionally awkward, personality was completely gone, and his wardrobe had suddenly become void of all color or flare. He still wore designer clothes, of course, but they were so plain compared to his usual style. He actually managed to wear only guys' clothes as well. He wasn't bitchy or snobbish or anything but quiet and polite. He even apologized to a football player that purposely slammed into him and just stood there looking indifferent when a Cheerio tossed a bright red slushy on his favorite Marc Jacobs jacket. That was when everyone panicked, his father included. He ordered his son to speak to the guidance councilor immediately or his car would be taken away. Kurt agreed but said he didn't care about the car anyway. Mercedes tried shopping but he wouldn't buy anything other than a water bottle in the food court and was completely silent as she tried on a hideous red dress with a empty nod of approval. Finn showered him with attention but he just asked very politely to be left alone, to which the moronic jock gawked at him. Mr. Schuester offered him a listening ear but he declined. Brittney, Tina, and Quinn asked him if he wanted to sing about it. Santana ordered him to suck it up then offered to blow him when that wielded no results. Even Rachel tried to cheer him up by offering to sing with him and trying to give him all her solos. He declined all offers and asked for some time alone with his thoughts every time.

Puck, despite being afraid he was the subject of those dreary thoughts because of the timing of their arrival, just stood by with a hand always on some part of Kurt and waited. He knew Kurt would talk when he was ready and he knew he would be there to soothe him. Until then, he decided to just be patient and gentle with the smaller boy until he was ready to talk. However, after two weeks of no time alone for Kurt to fall apart for him, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He ran after Kurt after glee practice on Friday and grabbed his arm to turn him around. "Movie night?"

"Not tonight. But thank you," Kurt replied sadly before leaving. Puck growled to himself then ran to find Finn to get himself invited over.

He went to the door of the Hummel house that night with a bag of sweets and movies Kurt would adore¸ once he had been cheered up by the hunky jock. Mr. Hummel answered the door and smiled half-heartedly. "If you're here for Kurt, you're gonna be a little disappointed. He's locked himself in his room and is refusing to speak."

"I've got the spare. I stole it today because he was acting worse," Puck replied, pulling the little key from his back pocket. Burt chuckled and gestured for him to come in. Puck walked straight to the basement door, nodding to Finn, Carole, and Rachel as he passed the couch where they sat. He unlocked the door and relocked it once he was inside. "Hey, babe."

"How'd you get in here?" Kurt asked from his spot in his chair with his eyes wide as he stared at him. Puck held up the key then pocketed it and walked to him. "How'd you get that?"

"I stole it. Duh," Puck said monotonously with a roll of his eyes. He sat in the other circular chair and looked at him seriously. "Baby, I know something's wrong. Let's talk about it. I'm here for you. Anything you wanna say, I'm listening."

"I can't say what I want. I can't tell you. I will never be able to tell you because I can't lose your friendship," Kurt replied seriously. "Please, leave it alone."

"I can't do that. You're hurting. And you're important to me. I can't just walk away," Puck said just as seriously. He pulled Kurt up and moved him to stand between his knees with his arms around his waist. "Tell me, please."

"Promise not to hit me?" Kurt asked nervously. Puck frowned but nodded. "Well, um, I've been feeling some strange things lately. I kinda started seeing you differently." Puck nodded again and gestured for him to continue. "I love you, Noah. I'm sorry."

The arms around him dropped and Puck stared at him in shock. Kurt ran up the stairs and out the door. He got into his car and started it with shaking hands. His father came rushing out but he ignored the call and drove. He just kept driving until he was a mile away from being out of gas. He pulled into a gas station and suddenly realized he was three towns away from Lima. He checked his pockets for money and was pleased to discover his wallet. He sighed in relief and went in to prepay for his gas. "Never seen you before," the teenager at the counter remarked. "Where ya from?"

"Lima. I kinda just…forgot to stop driving," Kurt replied softly.

"Ha. I know the feeling," the teen replied with a grin. "You okay? What's wrong?" Kurt shook his head and went out to pump his gas with a thankful nod. He filled the car then pulled into a parking spot and got out to go back in. "Hey again."

"Hi," Kurt greeted with a soft smile. He walked over to get a water bottle and a bag of trail mix. "Is there a hotel near here?"

"There's a hotel about a block away. It's usually got plenty of vacancies. We don't get many travelers." Kurt nodded and thanked him before paying for his items and leaving. He drove to the dingy little motel and rented a room for the night. He just wasn't ready to go home yet. He went to his room and collapsed on the bed, grateful that, despite the ill-maintained exterior, the rooms were in pretty good condition and clean. He went to his car after an hour of crying to retrieve his overnight bag he kept for unpredicted nights at Mercedes'. He lied out after changing into his PJs and curled up to go to sleep after only half his nightly routine. His skin would probably suffer for it but he was exhausted, physically and mentally.

Back in Lima, Burt was driving around in search of Kurt while Puck and Finn did the same and Puck repeatedly called the soprano. "Babe, where are you?" Puck asked Kurt's answering machine. "C'mon. Everyone's worried sick. Pick up the phone. Or just…Just come back. Please."

"Hang up. Burt should be calling soon," Finn muttered sadly. Puck did as told and a second later, Burt called and Puck put him on speakerphone so Finn could hear.

"Did you find him?" Puck asked nervously.

"No but Mercedes said she'd call everyone then call you if they've seen him. I'm gonna go home and wait. Try the neighboring towns. Last time he went missing, he told me he just kept driving into the next town without noticing," Burt told him.

"Okay. We'll swing by, get my car, and split up," Puck told him and Finn. Finn nodded and turned around to drive home. Puck jumped into his car and gave Finn an order to drive north while he drove south. The entire time, he went over every moment spent with Kurt and tried to see if he missed something. A moment that Kurt's behavior changed, maybe? He kept trying to find the moment Kurt fell in love with him but he couldn't find it. He always assumed that Kurt just acted that way with all his close friends, since he treated Mercedes the same way. Then again, Kurt always claimed he loved Mercedes, though he said it was like a sister so maybe that was a bad example.

"Damn, baby. How much have you been hurting?" Puck muttered, looking at the picture of Kurt, his sister, and his mother taped to the dashboard thoughtfully. "How much are you hurting now?" He drove to the town Kurt was in and pulled into the same gas station as him. taking the picture with him, he went in to prepay. "Twenty on pump six, please."

"Okay. You from here?" the teenager asked curiously, looking Puck up and down perversely.

"No. Lima," Puck replied dryly, retrieving a bottle of soda and a cup of coffee as well.

"You're the second person from Lima to come in tonight. He was cute too," he replied with a flirtatious smile. Puck nodded without any really interest behind it and pulled out his wallet. Then he froze.

"Wait a minute. A boy from Lima was in here? When?" he asked.

"I don't know. Two hours?" the boy replied with a shrug, taking the money Puck extracted. Puck held up the photo and he nodded. "Yeah, that's him. He your brother?"

"Boyfriend. Where'd he go?" Puck asked impatiently. The teen looked disappointed but gave him directions to the hotel and his change back. "Thank you very much." Puck grabbed his soda and coffee and ran outside. He quickly filled his truck with gas and climbed back into the front seat. He paid the speed limit no regard as he sped to the hotel and parked next to Kurt's beloved car.

He ran into the main office and showed the photo to the woman half-asleep at the check-in counter. He gave her his untouched coffee and she looked at Kurt for a moment before saying, "Oh, yeah. Him. Sweet kid. Looked like he'd been crying."

"We had a little, uh, lover's quarrel, I guess you could say. He ran off," Puck replied. "It was a really dumb fight and I really need to talk to him. His family's worried and so am I. Will you please tell me which room is his?"

"Room 32B. Here's the spare," she replied, sliding the card key across the counter to him. "I hope everything's all right." He thanked her and ran out. He wondered why it was so easy for everyone to believe he and Kurt were an item. Maybe because Kurt was just so obviously gay and Puck obviously cared for him a lot. He didn't knock. He just unlocked the door and went inside. He locked it again and walked inside. Kurt was asleep with tear tracks down his cheeks. He knelt beside the bed and stroked his forehead.

"Oh, baby. You scared everyone half to death," Puck whispered. He texted Finn saying, Found K. Is fine. B back 2morrow.

Dad H wants u 2 back now, Finn replied. Puck ignored him and lied on the bed next to Kurt. He shook him gently and the boy blinked his eyes open sleepily. He turned off their cell phones then pulled him close.

"Are you okay?" he asked caringly. "Injured?" Kurt shook his head and Puck saw his eyes filled with tears. "Oh, baby, I was so worried. Everyone was so worried."

"You must hate me," Kurt bemoaned. "I'm so sorry. I tried not to. I didn't want to. I'm so sorry." He curled into a pathetic little ball and began to sob. "I'm so sorry. Don't hate me. Please, don't stop being my friend. Please. I never wanted you to know. Please."

"Oh, sweetheart," Puck sighed, pulling Kurt around so he was against him instead of his pillow. "I don't hate you. I won't stop being your friend. I'm sorry you've been hurting like this." He stroked his hair gently in an effort to soothe him but Kurt just sobbed harder and tried to bat his hand away. "I'll make it up to you. I'm so sorry."

"Why are you sorry? I'm the moron. I just can't stop falling in love with straight, unavailable men," Kurt whispered. "I hate myself, Puck. I shouldn't have told you." He curled into Puck's side and cried even harder.

"Hey. It's okay. You're not a moron. Look. You're tired. Not thinking right. Let's talk in the morning," Puck suggested. Kurt nodded and turned away. "No, no, no. Face me. I can't make you feel better if you move away. I'm gonna cuddle you."

"That hurts!" Kurt exclaimed sadly. "Every time you touch me it hurts. I wanna be your boyfriend, Puck, but I can't and it hurts." He sniffled and Puck stroked his hair gently.

"Listen, we'll talk relationships later. You have to sleep now." Kurt shook his head. "Fine. You wanna talk? Let's talk. Let's talk about that night we spent together. The one where you sucked me off with that amazing mouth of yours." Kurt blushed and nodded. "Tell me what that was."

"That was me using your needs so I could have one night to feel like your boyfriend," Kurt muttered. "I just wanted to touch you and feel like I had the right to." He looked down sadly then looked up with hope in his eyes and said, "That could be what we are. I could pleasure you whenever you want and get what I want simultaneously. Friends with benefits, right? Please? It'd be good for both of us."

"That would last for a while, babe, but not forever." Kurt sighed and looked down, muttering something about taking what he could get. "You deserve better than that. Now listen. I want you to think back. Try and remember what I said when I came. You heard you just didn't focus enough on it." Kurt lied there with a thoughtful expression on his face. Finally, Puck leaned in and whispered, "I'll give you the first half. Oh, baby! Yes! Shit!"

"What was it?" Kurt muttered. He let his mind go back to that night and he started to go over every second. His eyes widened when he remembered and he looked at Puck questioningly. He nodded. "My name?"

"Yes, babe," Puck replied with a smile. "Your name. I wasn't imagining someone else. It was you. I only wore that blindfold because I thought you'd hate it if I was thinking of you. I thought you wanted me to think of someone else. But no. I never was. I wanted you. I struggled against those goddamn cuffs because I wanted to touch my boy. And, you know, you are my boy. Fuck those who say otherwise." Kurt grinned and Puck gently kissed him. "Still sad?"

"I feel like I could dance," Kurt replied happily. He climbed on top of Puck and leaned in to kiss him. Puck wrapped his arms around him and rolled so Kurt was underneath him. He kissed him harder and harder. They panted and clutched at each other desperately when they did have to break apart. Puck let out a lustful growl and pulled Kurt's shirt off. "Wow."

"I have no self control when it comes to you, baby," Puck muttered, grinding their groins together. Kurt bucked underneath him and Puck ground against him harder. "Love you so damn much. I want you. We don't have anything though. Huh. Okay." He jumped off him and ran into the bathroom. He grabbed the bottle of hotel lotion and hurried back to the still panting teen on the bed. "Still hot for me?"

"Oh, God," Kurt mumbled when he noticed the lotion. "We're going to…?" Puck grinned and climbed back on top of him.

"If you wanna," he replied before giving him a swift peck on the lips. "If not, we'll just blow each other."

"I wanna. My virginity belongs to you," Kurt replied confidently. A pleasant shudder went through Puck and he nodded before they kissed again. "I love you." Puck pulled Kurt's pants off then stood up and started to strip. Kurt watched unabashedly. "You're so gorgeous, Noah."

"Oi," Puck breathed, kicking off his pants. "We'll leave my boxers on for now. Just to make sure I don't go straight to it. We should be slow, huh?"

"Not too slow though," Kurt told him with an agreeing nod. "I don't want to wait to feel you deep inside me, fucking me as hard as you can. You're so big and wonderful. I can't help but worry you won't fit." Puck groaned and practically smashed their lips together. Kurt moaned.

"You little tease. I'm so fucking turned on by you," Puck mumbled. He ground his groin against Kurt's and Kurt threw his head back and groaned. "I gotta have you." Kurt nodded eagerly and leaned up to kiss Puck's jaw. Puck, however, pushed him down so he couldn't kiss anymore. "No, baby. You explored last time. It's my turn."

"But Noah –" Kurt started to protest. Puck put a finger to his lips and shook his head.

"I will tie you up," he threatened. "Do you want a taste of your own medicine, baby? Wanna know what it's like to have the one you love and want desperately touching you and not be able to do a damn thing to them?" Kurt shook his head. "Then behave." Kurt nodded. "Good boy." Kurt rolled his eyes and Noah grinned at him.

"I suppose one day it'd be interesting but today I don't want to," Kurt told him. "Today, I just wanna be yours. I love you." Puck leaned in and they kissed again.

"Love you too," he replied before he kissed Kurt's jaw and started down. He lavished Kurt's neck and shoulders with attention then moved on to his chest and stomach. He stroked his strong thighs and licked the head of Kurt's erection. "You taste so damn good."

"No-ah," Kurt gasped brokenly, gripping the sheets underneath him and panting for air. "Please, no teasing. I want you, Noah."

"I have to prepare you first," Puck reminded him before moving to take Kurt's entire shaft into his mouth. He covered his three fingers in the lotion and slid one inside Kurt. He arched off the bed and moaned loudly at the intrusion. "Like that?"

"It's strange," Kurt panted. "But in a good way."

"This one might not be so pleasant," Puck warned. He slid another finger inside him and Kurt hissed. Puck scissored his fingers and watched Kurt grimace unpleasantly.

"It feels weird," Kurt gasped sincerely. "Not unpleasant but not great either."

"Tell me if I need to stop," Puck told him before sliding an third finger inside. Kurt cried out and practically came off the bed. Puck used his free had to hold him down.

"No. Too much. It hurts." Puck shook his head and began to movie his fingers in and out of the smaller boy. Kurt shook his head then cried out in pleasure when Puck found something inside him that felt absolutely amazing. "Again! Please, again!"

"Anything you want, babe," Puck replied. He stroked that spot again and Kurt nearly came with the pleasure. "Hold on. Don't come. Whatever you do, don't come. Not until it's my dick hitting that spot."

"I'll try." Puck removed his fingers and covered his hard member in lotion before spreading Kurt's legs nice and wide and kissing his precious soprano gently. "In me. Please."

"I'm going to fuck you into the mattress," Puck promised before kissing him again, this time harder, and Kurt moaned against his lips. While he had him distracted, Puck positioned himself and slid inside. Kurt gasped and he resisted the urge to moan at how tight the smaller boy was when he saw how it hurt him. "Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine," Kurt replied. "It hurts. But I'll be fine. Just give me a minute." Puck nodded and kissed his forehead. "God, I forgot for a minute how big you are."

"Baby," Puck cooed. "Flattery will get you nowhere. Especially if I'm supposed to hold still." Kurt smiled softly and stroked his cheek lovingly.

"I think it'd be okay to move a bit," he assured him. Puck slowly began to move inside him, searching again for that spot to make him crazy. Kurt looked right at Puck and saw the pleasure and worry in his eyes. It made him feel very warm knowing that Puck was feeling so good but not able to fully enjoy it with him in pain. He reached up and ran his hand over the bristles on Puck's head. "It's okay to…Ah!"

Puck had found it and dear God did it feel good! Kurt wrapped his legs around Puck to urge him deeper and wrapped his arms around him. Puck put one hand on the bed and the other in Kurt's hair and began to move harder into him, making sure to hit that spot but deviating between hard and gentle to control how much pleasure he gave Kurt. Finally, Kurt was desperate to come and he jerked up to make Puck hit his prostate harder. Puck felt him clenching and heard him moaning loudly and couldn't be slow anymore. He sped up and reached the hand that was previously bracing him on the bed between them to pump his lover's painful hardness.

Kurt's fingers dug into his back and shoulders and he began to thrash uncontrollable. "Yes!" he cried out. "Noah! Please! I wanna come but I need you –" He gasped instead of finishing his sentence.

"Together," Puck grunted. Kurt nodded and they smashed their lips together. Kurt scratched at Puck's skin so hard he drew blood as the jock grunted and groaned against his lips and came hard inside him. Kurt's come splatter their bellies and chests as he joined Puck in release only a millisecond after him. They trembled and clutched each other in the aftermath and Puck rolled them so Kurt was on top of him and he wasn't crushing him anymore. He muttered something in the Hebrew language he thought he had forgotten when he was able to speak again and Kurt grinned at him. "Dear God that was fucking amazing. Why did we wait so long?"

"Because we took forever to fall in love," Kurt replied with a laugh. "But we should've had sex the minute we knew what it was, I agree." Puck laughed and stroked Kurt's hair. "Hey, let me up." He reluctantly did so and Kurt left the bed. He returned with a warm washcloth and cleaned Puck up carefully. Puck eagerly returned the favor, serving to arouse the other boy once again.

"Ha. Horny little shit, aren't ya?" Puck teased. Kurt blushed self-consciously but Puck just grinned and began to pump the soprano to hardness again. "All right, baby. I'm more than ready for another go."

"Oh, for love of Marc Jacobs," Kurt sighed contently. Puck roared with laughter then frowned as the weirdest thing appeared in his mind. "What? Something wrong?"

"Yeah." He saw Kurt panic for a brief moment so he kissed him reassuringly and said, "My mom's going to kill me for dating an atheist."


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