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Chapter 1 Disappointment

It was a relatively quiet afternoon at the Shinjuku subway system, the crowd was bustling but not packed with people and if any of them noticed the young man slouched against the wall and apparently talking to himself, none of them paid him any mind (except perhaps to walk faster).

"This place is crawling with humans. Are you gonna do it here?"

"Yeah, you're about to see the result of all the research and experiments I've been conducting. I've been testing the Death Note on known criminals around this part of town and I've learned a lot about the Death Note... For instance if I write down the time and conditions I can add a name afterwards and it will still happen.

"Ooh, even I didn't know that one."

Light continued his vigil, waiting for the arrival of a certain FBI agent.

He checked his watch…

And waited…

It's time…

And waited…

He should be here by now…

Ryuk watched as Light scanning the crowd again…

He seems worried. This is a first. Kukuku.


"Something wrong?"

Light ignored Ryuk, and gracefully removed himself from his lurking place (no sense sticking around, something had gone wrong, he'd been stood up, a first in any case…) and began to stroll on home, composed as always… (that his bangs fell over his face concealing the obvious psychotic anger helped too…)

It should have worked. His experiments had demonstrated that he could control the victims conditions of death to this degree. It should have worked! He had bet it all on this plan working. But it hadn't… that meant he was in deep shit.

Calm. Stay Calm.

"Light-o, Oi, Light-o!"

Ryuk was bursting to know what was going on, but after receiving only a red-tinged glare for all his pestering efforts, decided it would be best not to push his only supplier of apples too hard when he was having one of his moods. At times, his human could be utterly terrifying… (to Ryuk it was adorably hilarious—like watching a kitten that's under the impression that it's King of the Jungle. Even so, Light would make a better Death God then the losers he usually hung out with.) Still he continued to hover too close as Light rigidly made his way home. Once there Light placed his shoes in the hall closet, ignored his little sister, trudged up the stairs, softly shut the door, clicked the lock shut… and proceeded to have a hissy fit.


"Oi, Light-o. What happened?"

Light had to calm himself down again before going over to his desk. He gently and carefully removed the notebook from its hiding place… and then furiously slammed it down on his desk.

"Woah, careful! You want to blow up your room?"

Silently, he flipped the notebook open to the appropriate page, showing how he would have controlled Raye, and used him to kill all the other agents in Japan. Ryuk was impressed, despite himself, at the level of detail in the instructions.

"Yes, that would have been funny to watch," Ryuk began, slightly mocking, slightly disappointed,

"Too bad it didn't work."

"It. SHOULD. HAVE. WORKED!" Light ground out.

"But even if he didn't do what you wrote in the book, he would have died anyway, right? So what's the big deal?"

"What's the big deal, Ryuk? The big deal is that only Raye died! Out of all of the investigators… and it would be of a heart attack. It le's them zero in on the people who Raye was investigating, namely me. It's like I just announced to everyone that I AM KIRA!"

"Speaking of which, Light, I don't mean to tell you you're business, but you might want to keep it down, or your sister might hear. Kukukuku." It's not that Ryuk cared, not in the slightest… it's just that while Light's nervous breakdown had been funny at first, it was beginning to get grating, and besides the sooner Light got over this, the sooner they could be playing Mario Kart.


Let's just say that lessons in humility do not mix well with a God Complex and that Kira's judgments were much more severe that night...


"Raye Penber-san hasn't reported in for the last three days?" The shadowed figure asked into the webcam.

"No, sir. It would seem both he and his fiancée have gone missing."

Did Kira manage to find them? That means Kira took his bait… but if so, it was dreadfully disappointing that Kira would make such a rudimentary mistake. Plus, it didn't really match his profile, which deeply troubled L. It would have made more sense for Kira to try and find the identities of all the agents before making a move like this. Perhaps Kira wasn't as smart as he thought… (which was utterly unacceptable not to mention impossible because it meant his profile was completely off base. He knew… HE KNEW who it was. The only one it could be. He just didn't have the proof, and truth be told he was enjoying the game of unraveling the puzzle that was Light Yagami. He was the only one it really could be. The only one living in the Kanto region of Japan that so perfectly matched his carefully constructed profile, indeed one of the few people in the world outside Wammy's House smart enough to pull something like this off. The personnel file was balanced awkwardly in L's lap as he gazed at Light's picture. Only 17 years old the number one student in the country, popular, handsome, intelligent…. (L put the file aside) and Kira, the worst Mass Murderer in history, as well if the recent report was to be believed the one behind the deaths of one of his agents Raye Penber and Naomi Misora, a formerly valued shield. However, if it was the work of Kira as the FBI had presumed it was odd that they hadn't found their bodies yet. According to the report Watari had sent him there was no sign of a struggle at their house… Well whether this was the work of Kira or not, wasn't truly relevant to the current case. He had other issues to contend with such as the fact that the FBI had leaked Raye's disappearance and the circumstances surrounding it to the NPA and the local police. Meaning he had to contend with their mistrust. It was expected and honestly he was counting on it in order to make his next move. Plus this current situation did give him the excuse he needed to zero in on his subject. L felt it was high time that he introduced himself...

L absently watched the officers that chose to remain, reflected in the glass of the hotel's window. They were currently bickering over the busy work he had given them. They were all idiots compared to him and seemingly lacking in common sense as well, but really, L was expecting that by now… Chief Souichiro Yagami (his main suspect's father the main obstacle in bringing up his current theory) sat opposite Shuichi Aizawa and Hirozaku Ukita, Kanzo Mogi was off to one side working efficiently by himself, and Miyuki Sanami was busy doing both her work and Touta Matsuda's as Matsuda became distracted by something shiny.

"Everyone," L addressed the assembled taskforce "I want to focus our investigation on only the people that Raye Penber was tailing…"