Hello everyone! Okay, so Just Breathe is officially finished. Even though my story has mountains of flaws and is miles away from perfection, I finished it, and I love it, so I won't be complaining.

I cannot tell you guys enough just how much I adore all of you. Every single one of you. I walked into this story hoping to get say...2 reviews per chapter, and I walk out with about 16! That is, above and beyond, the most incredible accomplishment for me. I finally understand that when actors and singers and authors say they love their fans, they actually mean it. Because I love you guys so freaking much.

I was going to give out numerous shout-outs, but I realized that it would take me an hour to say all of the people who made me smile. So if you have an account, and I sent you a message thanking you for your review(s), then this shout out is for you!But seriously, certain people who I message ALL THE TIME (you know who you are!) this is a double shout out for you!

I will give two people a shout out:

ANONYMOUS: I could never send you a message thanking you for your reviews that literally made me squeal. But I can now. Thank you nineteen times in a row, each time for each chapter. You are such a fabulous person for giving a hear-felt opinion on every chapter, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

A Few Sentences Short Of A Paragraph- Yeah, I had trouble writing that haha, and had to space it because it wouldn't let me put your pen name or whatever. But I want to thank you for helping me out with my new story by giving me that "idea" (I am using PR by the way. Public Relations is what you meant, right? If so, I'm using it!) And for always taking your time to praise me while giving me criticism at the same time. I took what you said into consideration, and hopefully it paid off. Hopefully we'll keep talking during my next story!

One thing I must say. Who read WILLOW by Julia Hoban? That book is just...I don't have words. The most painful, depressing, beautiful, hopeful, emotional book I have ever read. Don't let the 3rd person throw you off. I don't usually prefer it, because I like being able to get into the character's head, but somehow the 3rd person allowed me to connect with Willow in a way I rarely ever connect with a character. And Guy? He is as good as Eli. Shocking, right? But I am IN LOVE.

If you have read Willow, feel free to tell me how much you enjoyed it (how could you not) And if you haven't, well go do it! =) Odds are if you like the genre I write, then you'll like Willow as well. Ever read Julie Anne Peters? (By The Time You Read This I'll Be Dead and Luna) You'll LOVE Julia Hoban. It's her first book, and I hope it's not her last.

Okay, onto the good stuff. MY NEW STORY! I already wrote part of the first chapter, but it well...I'm not quite sure about it yet. But I think it will be better than Just Breathe, just because I have a great grip on it and am truly going to work hard to make it as real as possible. It will be long, probably longer than this story, but you guys don't mind, right?


Dealing with death is hard. Dealing with suicide is even worse. But for Clare Edward's, she doesn't deal at all. Following her mother's actions, she shuts out the fact that her beautiful older sister Darcy has killed herself, and even more so to the reason behind it. Keeping old friends away and resisting new ones from ever coming in, Clare might as well be in her own little world. And in a way, she is.

Her anger for such a tragic loss is aimed at every person who passes by, but the main target is the victim herself. Darcy becomes all flaws in Clare's mind; stupid, self-fish, weak, not able to handle what life throws at her. But is that really what Clare thinks? Because somewhere deep inside of her, she feels the reason behind Darcy's suicide itching at her skin. And maybe, with the help of Alli, a perky girl whose only need is to make the people around her feel better, and Adam, whose old self-destructive habits and suicidal thoughts remind Clare of her own sister, and Eli, with his nagging question and refusal to back down at her bitter hatred, Clare will be able to free herself from the past that holds her back from ever moving on.

What do you guys think? I remember the exact moment I came up with this idea. I was in the car with my dad, and it was the day after a rain-storm, where the whole world is damp and dead. During that time I had not yet finished reading "By The Time You Read This I'll Be Dead", and as always, my mind wondered to it. I thought of Daelyn, planning her suicide, counting down until DOD (day of determination) and how she just figured that her family would move on after a time period of painful grieving. But my question was, what does happen to the family? How do you get over something like that? Look back on past events, all those times you could sense something was wrong but was too afraid to ask, and wonder, what if I had said something? What if I knocked on your door when I heard you crying? What if I didn't let you push me away without telling me what was wrong? What if you weren't dead?

And bam. I had my story idea. What If is the hardest question in the world to answer, becasue there is no answer that doesn't punch you in the stomach. But it is something we ask ourselves everyday. Even in the most simplest situations. What if I hadn't forgotton my purse in social studies? What if I did my hair a little better? What if I looked over that one question on the review sheet before taking the test?

It's really a question not worth answering, yet we find ourselves repeating it over and over again. That's kind of the theme of this story. Clare finds herself so lost in all these flashbacks and what ifs that she loses touch with the most important aspect of all. Reality.

Tell me in your reviews what you think of my new idea. Eli is a main character, but this story is really about Clare, and even her family. Her mother and Clare both block everything out, Clare by refusing to truly let anyone in, and her mother by drowning herself in something that there's never enough time for; work. While as Clare's father is desperately trying to get something, anything, out of the family he has left, causes a clash in the family. Darcy won't be mentioned much upon the Edward's family, but I want it to be like you can feel the situation's presence in everything they do.

LONG AUTHOR'S NOTE. I know! And I'm sorry! But this was important. Once again, you guys mean so much to me, and I hope you all read my next story, but if you don't, I still thank you for all you've done with this one.

P.S.- I won't be writing an epilogue for Just Breathe, only for the fact that I feel like the door for this story is completely shut. Anything else I write for it will just be for the sake of assurance, something I don't think a story has to have. But I do appreciate your requests for it.

P.S. P.S.- If you would like to, could you read KaitlynxNicole's story, Accidently In Lust? It's not out yet but will be coming soon! She is awesome and you won't be disappointed!

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