Truth be told, I own nothing.

This will be a series of seven minishots.

Written for Firefly Conlon, as a promise I had made.


When they got to the castle, Mary ran around until she climbed a tree in the middle of the courtyard. Well, she tried to. She couldn't cling to the tree the way she used to as a squirrel, so she just kept slipping.

Arthur found the sight endearing, and couldn't help but smile as he watched her try and try again. She just looked so… cute.

Around dinnertime, he had to convince her to go inside. At the table, he had to feed her, as she wouldn't let go. To be honest, he didn't want her to. For some reason, he found it enjoyable.


The day after she was transformed, Mary was following Arthur around the castle. Actually, chasing Arthur down would probably be a more accurate statement.

It all started when she tried to flirt with him…

"Yah!" she yelled as she pounced on him, causing them both of them to tumble.

When he got back up, Arthur ran, screaming as though terrified. Mary began to chase him, wondering why humans had such an odd courtship ritual.

Eventually, she had him cornered. She ran up to him and hugged him, saying, "You know that I always catch you. Why run?"

She then scampered off, leaving a stammering Arthur alone in his study.

Day 3

He was finding it harder to keep her off his mind. He was very confused by this, and kept getting distracted in his lessons. Inwardly, he didn't mind, even if he didn't know why.

Day 4

Merlin looked on from his tower study as Mary chased Arthur around the courtyard.

"Some things never change," Archimedes said from his perch beside him.

"Oh?" Merlin replied, "Why don't you look again,

The owl looked out the window, and saw Arthur turn around and hold his arms out. Mary ran into his waiting arms, and yelped in surprise. Then, they were both hugging. Around dinnertime, they walked to the hall, hand in hand.

Day 5

Mary found herself glaring. Girls had come to take Arthur from her. So, there she sat, it their tree in the courtyard, dropping acorns on the heads of girls foolish enough to try to take Arthur from her. Later in the day, when the vultures, as she dubbed those girls, had left, he joined her in their tree and clasped her hand in his. Together they sat, watching the beautiful sunset.

Day 6

Arthur thought to himself that Merlin seemed to always be right. Love truly was the most befuddling thing. He had realized that he loved Mary, but, he wasn't sure how to broach the subject with her. He knew that she liked him, but he wasn't sure what to do.

'Oh well,' he thought as she pounced on him, 'she obviously knows already.'

Day 7

It had now been seven days since she had been transformed, and two days since Merlin had explained the concept of marriage to her. By now, she was getting impatient. It had already been seven days, and he still had yet to propose.

Suddenly, she had and idea. She'd drop a subtle hint. She hurried off to see him.

Mary walked up to him in his study, smiling sweetly.

"Hi, Mary!" he said cheerfully, not knowing that she wasn't here for idle chit-chat.

Just then, she pounced on him, pinning him to the ground, and shouted, "PROPOSE TO ME, NOW!"

"Okay," Arthur replied, mildly confused, "Mary, will you marry me?"

"This is all so sudden," Mary said, "But YES! Yes, I'll marry you!"

They got married the next day, and lived happily ever after. But, you already knew that.

The End