Normally I like to write just the first chapter and mold my story based on the reader's reactions to it, but this time I figured that I just forgot to care this time...

I haven't written a story for CSI EVER so this should be a bit of a toughy. I've only written Anime/original fics before, so it will be a bit...strange for me...yeah.

What you guys can expect is that there will be a lot of action! Who can write a CSI without mysteries and action? I do lay back on the gore sometimes, if I myself can't stomach it, I doubt many other could. REMEMBER that although this is a Ryan x OC story, I won't just be jumping into romance! Note that action comes before romance in the dictionary! Don't get me wrong, I love writing romance, but I have another story to do that with, but CSI isn't getting all it's fans just on the romance...or is it? Maybe it's all the cuties out there XD.

So I do remind you that there are quite the amount of OC's and like many other CSI stories this one doesn't always follow the episodes, but it may have the same time line to important events. I'm also an amateur to science, but will try to do my homework on everything. If something doesn't make sense, please tell me before more people read and laugh at me. I'm still in high school, and do not have anything close to a degree in forensic science.

Due to the fact that these characters are of age, there will definitely be drugs, drinking, and possible sex scenes. I don't like to have too many too soon, but as the story progresses I can guarantee that the previously mentioned will happen. I will also give you a heads up on what to expect for those of you un-decided whether to read or not.

Sex Scenes: I understand that some have no issue with reading heavy smut, I for one enjoy it on a special day or two, however some of you are turned away from it. That's fine. A lot of sex scenes (aka lemons) or half sex scenes (aka limes) in this story won't be heavily detailed. One because I find no advantage to it unless it affects the story line, and two because I simply don't have the energy to do so.

Drinking and Drugs: All the characters are of age, and will most likely have a drink or two. I for one don't like drinking, and therefore I probably won't touch this subject too much. Drugs are the same. I don't do them, so i will be asking people I know about it, but other than that I've got no clue what it's like.


(PS: could someone tell me the true copyright of CSI Miami?)

Murder's Intention


"Murder's Intention"-copyright- Sokuryokudo Kyoutendouchi

"CSI Miami"-copyright- Aliance Atlantis + CBS Television

Opening Theme

"Hallelujah" - Paramore

Season One


"Recollections of the Past"

I hate cops.

They're what got me into this problem. They are the ones responsible for such a loss to the world.

Yet they don't seem to care.

And why would they? They never seem to care about anything, even when it comes to murder. Do they not realize that I'm lying here, bleeding from head to toe, because some asshole thought he could be slick with a woman? Not just any woman either, no, she'd been hand picked and 'ripened' for months. He was waiting the day for her to drop her guard so he could have his way.

Cops sicken me.

Even as I lay in the middle of a crime scene, the yellow tape swinging in the breeze, they all take their time. Chatting away the day as my life slips bit by bit.

One of them come over to me, trying to help me into a comfortable position, but it only caused me more pain as he forced the bullet deeper into my gut. I would've cried, kicked, screamed, anything if I could've. He looked down at me with a depressed gaze in his eyes, pity loomed over him. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't struggle against him as he sat me against a nearby tree. He lifted my head around, gently, possibly checking for all of my injuries.

"You'll be alright kid." He said softly, before turning and calling for assistance.

You fools, I'm not concerned about myself! It not me who's bleeding to death! It's her!

My eyes fleeted to the utmost left corner, and from my position I could see a female lying motionless. Blood poured from her body at a slowing rate, which only caused me to worry more. The man left my side, ignoring the dying woman and looking for something to help me. My insides churned with spite.

Droplets began to fall from the heavens, washing the grime from my face. I licked my lips, lapping up the savourous water. It meant life, something I wanted both of us to cling to. I wanted the woman to smile and wake up, to say this was just a bad dream and shake it off, but that wasn't happening any time soon. The black bag that some cops covered her with told me she was long gone.

Another man approached me, this one had no shame in showing me his pity. I frowned, attempting to seem menacing at the very least, but it contorted with pain. He crouched down in front of me, looking at my wound.

"I need First Aid!" He shouted, and immediately all te little rats began to scurry. It was as if they had forgotten me, thought I was already dead. A woman came up to me, the man backing off to allow the paramedics to handle me. As I laid on a stretcher, they wheeled me beside the half open bag. I could see the dead woman's face, but she didn't have the look of pain, rather the look of peace. It caused tears to rush down my face, I was thankful that she wasn't in pain.

"Young Lady, I'm sorry for your loss, was she close to you?" The female paramedic asked me. I gulped down numerous swears and statements that were obvious. How ignorant can someone be? Only a cop or someone of the law, with their big shiny badges and their fancy shmancy guns with a waist line too big for their uniform could possibly be so ignorant.

I really hate cops.


My head lifted from the file I was reading at the call of my name.

Horatio had strode into my small corner office, his hands on his hips as he push his jacket back a bit. It was, of course, the signature move he'd created for himself. That edge made him seem a bit tougher, yet easier to approach. All the same, it meant one thing for me.

A field trip.

Quite literally, it meant I had sufficed in Lab work and had earned my granting to the field back from what ever I did wrong.

"There's a hit and run twenty minutes south of the HQ. I want you to come with me and detail the scene." Horatio spoke quickly before he began to turn and leave. I of course had been expected to follow. "Oooo, sounds like a tough one." I daunted, to which Horatio simply ignored as he walked out, myself not far behind him.

Ending Theme

"Water" - Brad Paisley

Ok, so it was very short, but I am writing the next piece as you read! So hopefully I'll get something out soon!

"Bai Bai"