"This is ridiculous."

Shaun miserably grumbled to himself as the younger man tugged them across the street in bold strides, his hand purposefully tightening around the other's in silent protest as they rounded the corner and began to unsuccessfully look for available restaurants—it was completely like the demanding dolt to drag them across every curb, never mind that it was actually Shaun who bitched about how each of the diners were weird or stinky or just plain dumb, and the agitated male was getting quite annoyed at Desmond's stomach obnoxiously growling. Truly, they were already late to Professor Vidic's European history class, damn it! Lord knew what the hell that creeper would do when they walked in, smelling of some disgusting grease and spilled drinks.

Just the thought made Shaun halt in his tracks.

"Gods, Desmond! We've already been traversing for a whole hour, looking for this nonexistent utopia of an eat-in of yours!" he hastily snapped, furrowing his brow even harder when said being looked more confused than argumentative. "Pick a place, now!"

A frown. "Hey, hey—calm it, would you? I'm just trying to pick a place you like too, Shaun."

Quickly, Shaun smothered the blush that threatened to betray his side of the story and scowled. "Well, it better be quick!"

"All right, all right. Look, why don't we just go one more block? If you don't like anything there, we can—"


Desmond paused in the middle of his sentence and stared, forcing Shaun to grind his teeth in irritation, as he gripped the other man's hand even harder and began to take off down the road. "C'mon, Shaun! I think I found something."

"Wh-What? D-Don't—where are we going?"