A/N: I wanted to pay tribute to the late L Lawliet, and this was the best I could do. I hope you like it!

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Listen to me children,

To this tale I have to tell.

About a man you never knew,

A man whose name was L.

His life was like a tragic play

As he tried to change this world.

He fell too far, got in too deep,

As the final act unfurled.

There was only one he called his friend

But he betrayed him in the end.

And so, this traitorous boy named Light

Stabbed his back, ended his life.

He left the world a little colder

When he left the world behind.

He lived.

He died.

Nobody cried.

And justice still was blind.

This tale has not a happy end,

I'll tell you this so you won't look

For any sweetness to this story,

His life was one unfinished book.

His deeds are now a song unsung

His name now left unspoken.

His noble life cut sadly short,

His heart and spirit broken.

He fought for you.

He died for you,

Inside a living, breathing Hell.

So, neither you, nor anyone would have to,

So never forget L.

He trusted in his murderer

And was lead straight to his death.

And moments from his victory,

He breathed his final breath.

He'll be forgotten by the world

He'll die away into the mist.

Once he died, he faded through

Into death's black abyss.

But you and I shall praise him

Remember the tale I tell.

He fought for you.

He died for you.

So never forget L.

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