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"Could you hand me the apples, sweetling." Mirineth crooned. Legolas passed his mother the plump red apples one at a time. "What else do you think we need?" She asked. Legolas stood on the stool leaning over the almost full basket.

It looks like an autumn tree Legolas thought happily. The basket was filled with red apples, fresh bread, wild mushrooms, roasted venison, a skin of wine and cider, with five goblets carefully wrapped in a cloth. Legolas however did notice something missing from the arrangement.

"We need sweets." He exclaimed, completely shocked that his mother would forget something so important. Mirineth laughed, fondly stroking the blond head of her youngest son, her baby.

"Cook" She called gently. "The young prince demands we have some sweats for our picnic." The head cook walked into the store room of the kitchen and smiled.

"As the young prince wishes, my lady" He fetched some honey cakes and placed them in the basket. The honey smell made Legolas' mouth water, and the cook smiled and broke off a chunk of the sweet cake and handed it to him. Legolas quickly stuffed it into his mouth and flung his arms around the cook's leg smearing honey all over his apron.

"Legolas" His mother gently scolded. She looked up to the cook "I'm sorry cook." The cook waved his hand in dismissal, making the queen smile. All the servants in the palace had a tendency to spoil all the princes, especially the youngest. "Please store this for later." She told the cook. He nodded and took the basket for later.

"Come Legolas." She called. "Let's go meet Ada."

Thranduil raised his hand and the man from Esgaroth stopped talking. "My judgment remains the same." Thranduil said "The Woodland realm will support Esgaroth if any harm should come to them, but I will not send warriors to guard your town." The messenger knew when it was unwise to argue the point, being the master of Esgaroth's son; he had a great deal of experience with politics. "I will walk you out." Thranduil said, as he led the man out of the great hall, towards richly carved stone doors of his stronghold.

Just as he tuned to wish the man a safe journey, his youngest son ran up the stairs leading from the palace kitchen. "Ada" He crowed. Thranduil kneeled down opening his arms; the elfling flew into them with a cry of delight. Thranduil turned back to the man who he found smiling broadly.

"I wish you a safe journey." Thranduil told him. The man bowed.

"My Lord, I will be happy to report to the council that you are indeed a great king and a kind father."Thranduil nodded in thanks, and turned back to Legolas.

"What were you doing in the kitchen?" Thranduil asked.

"Nana and I were making sure we had all the food for our picnic." Thranduil smiled. When his wife had announced that she wanted a family picnic, Legolas had been planning it ever since.

Indeed Thranduil had been excited about the idea himself. This week was special because his middle son Lasland who served in the eastern patrol had his leave this week. Even more exciting was that Lasanden- his eldest son- who served as Thranduil's troop commander had sent a message a few days ago that he would be home today.

Lasland walked through the palace doors; he was in a simple tunic and leggings and was dripping sweat, he had inevitably just gotten back from training. Mirineth who had come up the stairs after Legolas smiled at him.

"I hope you're going to bath before our outing." She said. Lasland laughed as he grabbed Legolas from Thranduil's arms swinging him around. The elfling squealed in delight.

"I don't know" Lasland said. "There is a river by our picnic area. I could just take a quick dip." Legolas looked horrified.

"You can't swim!" He exclaimed in his high pitched voice. "Nana says the river is too full." All of them laughed and Legolas looked dismayed. "What? That is what she told me." Thranduil tried to stifle his mirth, though his young son was correct. The forest river was unusually full, due to the snow in the mountains melting early this year in a gush.

"Do you want to come with me while I get ready?" Lasland asked Legolas. He nodded his fair head and the two made their way towards the royal families living quarters. Thranduil and Mirineth watched them for a moment before Thranduil suggested they take a walk.

The guards saluted Thranduil as they passed but he had eyes only for Mirineth. She had her dark hair up and its dark brown colour matched her bright green dress perfectly. The two made their way to a small pond and sat under a shaded tree on the stone bench placed under it.

Mirineth leaned against Thranduil's strong chest closing her eyes in content. Her mind drifted to her children as it always did, and she found both Legolas and Lasland happy and content but there was something about Lasanden that made her immediately uneasy.

She tensed in Thranduil's arms and he turned his face to her in surprise from her sudden unease when they heard horses galloping towards them.

They looked to the tree line and to their great relief saw Lasanden gallop into view looking completely unharmed. With a cry of delight she pulled out of Thranduil's arms, towards her eldest. Lasanden slid from his mount and into his mothers waiting arms.

Mirineth knew immediately that something was wrong. Once she touched Lasanden her bond with him had enhanced and she felt her son's pain and sorrow. Mirineth looked deep into his blue eyes offering what comfort she could to the unknown hurt.

Off to the side she heard Thranduil Conversing with Lomad, Lasanden's bodyguard. He had his head bent close to Lomad frowning at the news he was being given. Thranduil came over and took Lasanden into a tight embrace and to Mirineth's great surprise Lasanden rested his head on his father's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry, ion nin." He said gently, placing his hand on Lasanden's fair head. Mirineth was suddenly worried. What could have happened? Suddenly she noticed that one horses had a cloak wrapped bundle draped over it. She brought her hand to her throat in horror; someone was missing from this arrangement.

Arlofth, Lasanden's friend since he was Legolas' age was not among the group, or I suppose he was there.

"No" She whispered as tears stung her eyes. She remembered the kindness, friendship and most of all love to her eldest child this late warrior had shown. Which was now gone.

Thranduil had pulled away from Lasanden at the sound of his wife's voice and put his arm around her shoulder. Lasanden cleared his throat trying to compose himself as the commander he was.

"I must see to Arlofth's family." He said determinedly, Thranduil nodded.

"Take your time, ion nin. We will wait for you." Lomad touched his shoulder as Lasanden passed leading the rider less horse. Lasanden gave a ghost of a smile to his keeper before setting off down the path that would take him to Arlofth's cottage.

Mirineth wished she could take all his pain away, just like she did for Legolas when he had a scraped knee, but this kind of hurt could only be cured with time and love.

Lasland grabbed a towel from the rack and dried his hair, while Legolas watched on from his perch at the foot of the bed. Legolas looked around the room curiously, he loved being in both his brother's rooms, but especially Lasland's. Lasanden's room usually had everything tucked away, but Lasland had all sorts of knick knacks lying about.

Lasland didn't bother drying his hair; instead he brushed it out and neatly braided it. He went over to his wardrobe, pulled out a silver tunic and leggings embroidered with black designs. He dropped the towel around his waist and pulled on the leggings.

"Lasland" Legolas asked. Lasland pulled the tunic over his head and gave his full attention to his little brother. "I was wondering why do Lasanden and I have light hair and you have dark hair." Lasland smiled at the innocent question and thought of an answer that would suffice his little brother.

"Well..." He began. "When the Valar granted Naneth and Adar Lasanden they sent his fëa to them through the moon, when they sent me I went through the night sky and you, went through the sun." He finished, ruffling Legolas' hair.

Legolas smiled at Lasland taking in his newfound information. Lasland's head turned at the sound of someone walking down the hall. He knew it wasn't his parent's because he had heard them come in earlier. He poked his head out the door to see Lasanden slowly making his way down the hallway, his shoulder's were hunched and his step was slow.

Lasland walked out and threw his arms around his brother putting him in a headlock. "Why so blue, brother, I would have thought you would be happy to take some of your rare free time and have some fun." Lasanden didn't respond, he easily threw his arm around and grasped Lasland's wrist twisting it with his not inconsiderable strength.

Lasland gasped in pain as Lasanden pulled him into an identical headlock. "I could break your neck right now." He stated with no interest. He experimentally twisted his brother's neck, not enough to do any harm but enough to make Lasland aware of how helpless we was in the situation. "But I won't." With that he shoved Lasland away.

"Lasanden" Legolas shouted as he ran from the room and into his brother's arms. Lasanden scoped the elfling up and held Legolas to him a moment longer than usual inhaling the sweet childish scent of his hair. Lasland noticed the tense face of his older brother, and how tired he looked.

Legolas patted Lasanden's cheek to get his attention and smiled at him. "Did you know you're a moon baby?" Lasanden gave a small undignified snort.

"A what?"

"Lasland told me that when the Valar sent you to nana and ada he sent you through the moon. That's why you have moon hair." Indeed while Legolas had rich golden hair, Lasanden possessed such light hair, it was almost silver.

The door to their parent's room opened and the royal's smiled at the sight of their three sons. Mirineth took Legolas from Lasanden's arms and gently stroked his plump cheek.

"I think it's time for a certain elflings bath." Legolas frowned.

"What about our picnic" He cried in horror.

"I'm sorry sweetling but our picnic has to be moved to tomorrow." Mirineth soothed.

"Why" The young one asked, Lasland had also been wondering why the event was delayed. Thranduil looked at Lasanden before answering.

"A warrior's spirit has gone to the Hall's of Mandos, and we must honour him today." Legolas didn't fully understand really understand but he didn't want to appear foolish in front of his brothers.

"Who" He asked, no one in particular, Mirineth opened her mouth to answer but hesitated looking at her eldest. Lasanden drew in a deep breath and looked at the sweet trusting face of his little brother.

"A very good friend of mine, Legolas" Lasanden said barley above a whisper. Legolas indicated that he should be put down and once released he ran over and wrapped his arms around Lasanden's leg.

"It will be alright." Legolas crooned. "You will see your friend again one day." Mirineth smiled at her baby repeating her exact words when Legolas had found a baby bird and the poor creature had been too weak to go on.

Lasanden felt tears sting his eyes as this sweet child comforted a full pledged ranking warrior.

"Thank you Legolas" Lasanden said.

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