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Lasanden suppressed a groan from the onslaught of pain that welcomed him into consciousness, you would think that spider venom would lessen the pain. He pulled himself into a sitting position and realised that someone was sitting in a chair across the room. A boy stared back at him with in an awe like state.

"How are you feeling...Commander?" He quickly added blushing furiously. Lasanden smiled at this youth who was so obviously trying to win his affections.

"Much better, thank you." He responded. "Might I ask your name?"

"Rendol Viveldofion, My Lord." He answered shakily.

"Mae Govannen, Rendol. I am Lasanden Thranduilion." There was a pause. "Why don't you sit closer?" Lasanden invited. Rendol's face flushed with pleasure as he moved his chair next to the bed.

"Where is my father?" Lasanden asked.

Rendol smiled. "My naneth persuaded him to go lie down in the other room." Lasanden rather thought that the "Persuasion" part of that conversation had been rather heated.

"I wish I had seen that." Rendol laughed and then sobered.

"May I ask a question, My Lord?" Lasanden nodded.

The boy took a deep breath, his back pin straight against the chair. "I was wondering if I would be a candidate for entering the novice training." Lasanden relaxed. He was more than used to youths asking him about entering warrior training.

"Of course we would be happy to have you if that's the life you want. Of course it is a big decision and should be thought over seriously. A warrior's life is not an easy one." The boy seemed to consider Lasanden's words.

"It is what I want," The boy admitted. "But my parents do not agree with me. It's maddening how difficult they are being." Lasanden sympathized with the boy but could not really relate because as the king's son he was born with the duty to defend the realm and its people. His mother especially found it difficult to send Lasanden and Lasland into battle. Thranduil had been raised to send his son's into danger while Mirineth cringed at the thought of either of them losing a single hair on their heads.

Lasanden was brought out of his thought process by the sound of someone knocking harshly on the door. Rendol jumped up from his chair, out the room and towards the door. Lasanden had a pretty good idea of who was at the door.

Thranduil had sent a message to the palace a couple of days ago on their whereabouts and had been expecting their escort. Lasanden heard many voices and suddenly the door to his room burst open and Hithron ran in and sunk to his side.

"You're injured!" He said shocked, running his hands over Lasanden assuring himself that his charge was alright.

"Stop "Mother Henning" me!" Lasanden finally said exasperated. Hithron scowled at him.

"Watch your mouth, youngling." he said, not completely over his worry for Lasanden. The door opened again Thranduil came in supported by Lasland who smiled at his big brother.

"Back on your rear end again, brother?" Thranduil ignored him and turned to his eldest.

"Are you ready to go home Lasanden?"

Thranduil checked once more that Lasanden was secure and sleeping peacefully in the litter. Thranduil placed a hand on Lasanden's forehead, and smiled. Lasanden had been very grumpy when he realised that Thranduil had slipped something in his drink. Thranduil walked back to the family that had housed them. "I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you." He said bowing his head slightly. They intern bowed.

"A blessing to you and your son, My Lord" Beleniel said. Thranduil took her hand and gently placed a kiss on her finger tips, the youth, Rendol stepped forward.

"My Lord I was wondering if you could give this to Lord Lasanden." He said hesitantly extending a letter. Thranduil smiled.

"Of course." Thranduil tucked the letter in his belt and mounted his horse with little visible difficulty. He raised a hand in fair well and rode next to Lasland and the snoozing Lasanden.

"When Lasland was your age, he had snuck a garden snake into the palace and the butler was chasing him so he hid it in my bed. Later that night I had a snake sliding in my leggings and I jumped up hit my head on the frame of the bed and was found in the morning by a frantic servant who woke the whole house up with a course of screams." Even from his seat near the fire Lasland chuckled at the memory. Legal lifted his head from Lasanden's shoulder and smiled.

"You're a trouble maker, Lasland."Legolas piped. Lasanden snorted, which made Lasland smile broader. Legolas played with Lasanden's rune of protection, and then sighed, leaning against his broad chest.

"Tired little one?" Legolas nodded, the sound of Lasanden's deep voice soothed them further. Mirineth looked up from her knitting and smiled.

I was thinking," She began. "This family needs some quality time together. I was thinking..."

"That's it."Lasanden said rising with the sleepy Legolas. "I'm taking Legolas to bed." Thranduil smiled broadly and Mirineth raised an eyebrow at him. Thranduil sighed.

"There's something extremely satisfying in having ones children safely at home." Mirineth nodded her head in agreement.


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