Phone Calls

By EJ Lee

I do not own Vampirates or any other names that come up in the story

Chapter 1

(A phone call between Grace and Connor)

Connor: Hi

Grace: Hey whats up. Haven't heard from you in a while.

Connor: Yah we've been busy lately. We are on land leave now

Grace: Umm There's something important I have to tell y….

Connor : (Breaks in rudely) Umm I think what I have to tell you is more important.

Grace made a face at the phone.

Grace: Okay you go first.

Connor: The Tiger is planning to take out all Vampirates even the good ones like Lorcan and the others.

Grace: WHHHAT! (acts suprized)

Connor: you need to come with me or else you will be in danger to.

To be continued…