Title: Keeping Warm

Summary: It's cold, terribly, terribly cold, up north. But Madeleine knows the perfect way to keep herself and her sister warm. AU, Genderbend. Fem!Canada & Fem!America

Disclaimer: Hetalia is not mine, nor is the movie Blade (was it the third one? "Trinity..." something or the other).


Well… why not?

Her eyes sparkle with intensity behind fogged up glasses. "I love you so much, Maddie," she whispers, wrapping bare, goose-bump ridden arms around her slender sister's waist.

She buries her face in her hair, breathing deeply in the sweet scent of strawberry créme. The hair begins to tickle her nose, so she moves deeper, eventually finding the bare skin beneath. The arms around her shoulders shift, and she focuses solely on that one hand as it moves south; she stops it eventually, though, knowing its course of action immediately as it brushes forward over her bare hip. She shivers as the cold air hits the naked skin on the back of her thighs.

"Maddie," she moans, tightening the embrace.

"Y-yes, Ally?" her sister replies, her words caressing the sensitive skin on her neck.

She mumbles the next words into her sister's shoulder as she shivers again.

"What?" her sister inquires, pulling her face away.

"It is really f-fucking cold..."

"I-I know, tha-that's why you sh-sh-shouldn't wear short skirts and t-tank tops in winter."


"I wou-would've been cold ei-ei-ei-" she sneezes, groans and continues, "either w-way."



Ally whimpers, huddling into her sister's arms and jacket. Maddie's hand is on the move again. "N-no, dammit, it's my phone, b-bitch." She slaps away the hand again, sniffling pathetically.

"But I really, really, really wanna p-play Tetris!" Maddie whines, sobbing melodramatically into her sister's (stunningly warm) shoulder.

"You c-can play it on the bus! Right now, I'm worried about NOT getting frostbite."

"If the goddamn thing ever comes!"

They both groan and huddle closer.

"Hey, girls, snow day today!" their ever cheery mother chirps from the front porch.

"After we're out here for goddamn near an hour! Oh, fuck me."

"Fuck me sideways."


I couldn't resist. Practically wrote itself.