Neko-chan: I decided to start writing some oneshots. My other vocaloid fanfic isn't getting too many views, and the story is just starting to seem kinda pointless. But I still want to write, and I decided I'd start my first ever Oneshot series.

Warning: Series will contain a LOT of twincest.

First chapter contains a sort of rant on those who say it's wrong.

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Rins POV

I walked into the living room to see him sitting on the floor. His blue eyes and blonde hair that looked oh so similar to mine… but I could only wish to have the same charm as they did when the features were worn by him. Even now, while slouched lazily on the floor with his back against the sofa, he still managed to have a sort of aura about him that just made your knees melt.

It was undeniable that I had fallen in love with him, however wrong you believe it is. Though, wrong or not, it cannot be changed. Feelings of love, if true, can never truly be broken. Yes, I will never, nor will I want to, change the fact that I love him.


Len Kagamine.

My twin brother.

I can already see some of you flinching in disgust, but how can I not love him? He is too perfect. He is kind, at times he can be a goof, but it's too cute to dislike, he's caring, considerate, oh I could go on for hours, but many of you would still never agree too it; never understand. Simply because we share the same blood, share some of the same looks, you think that loving each other is wrong. Do looks and genes and such really matter that much? What about them make it wrong for these feelings to blossom?

I apologize, for I have been ranting, and may have offended some. However, I do not take back my words.

He turned to me, the commercials on the TV barely reflecting in the corners of his eyes while he glanced at me. "Yo, what's up, sis?"

"Not much," I replied, walking over and sitting down on the floor next to him, the same place we always sit. "Whatchya watching?"

He turned to face the TV. "I don't know, the show I was watching just ended. I was waiting to see what would come on next."

"Oh, cool." I sat a few inches away from him with my back pushed against the bottom of the sofa. We sat in silence, watching the commercials go by. Making sure the center of my gaze was focused on the television, I allowed my concentration to focus on my peripheral vision. Len's eye's were slightly drooped, and his mouth formed an unenthusiastic frown, obviously bored with the lack of excitement in the commercials. His hair created a frame around his face amazingly, showing his perfection even with the expression he currently wore.

I turned my attention back to the television. The commercial for the same mini oven was still going on, and I frowned. "Are you sure this isn't paid programming?"

Len shrugged, but reached behind him on the sofa's arm and grabbed the remote, pressing the 'Info' button. A semi-detailed summary popped up of the currently airing show, along with the blunt title 'Paid Programing'. "Well this sucks. What do you want to watch?"

I shrugged, feeling indifferent about what we watched, considering most of my attention would probably be paid to him rather than the show. "News?" I picked at random, choosing something unentertaining purposely, assuming he would sigh and pick something himself, but to my surprise, he didn't. His thumb pushed down on the buttons, making it switch to the channel he desired, and he then sat the remote down on the floor and rested his hands in his lap. I stared at him, confused. Len noticed, and turned to me, "What? I thought this is what you wanted to watch?"

"Oh! Um… yes… I suppose it was…" I responded, turning my head back to the TV once again.

"…the 4-year old girl was last seen in Springfield, California, if anyone has any information, please contact the number listed below…

In other news, we have Jeff Robins here today, here to discuss and interview people involved with a topic that has been growing in popularity for a while now: Incest."

My entire body tensed up, and I could feel the change in atmosphere around Len as well. I was careful to make sure I remembered that.

"Mr. Robins, what is it you find so intriguing about Incest? Don't you think it is wrong?"

"Of course not! The reason why so many people find it wrong is the thing that got me so interested in the first place. At first, it was just my friend who had an incestuous relationship with his twin sister in high school. I never really thought much of it, same way I would with any other relationship any of my friends got into. But then some people started hearing about them 'in all, and to put it in simple terms, it wasn't pretty."

I saw the other, stereotypical short-blond hair red dressed news woman nod in agreement, but that didn't keep me from noticing the crawling feeling going through my veins, carving each word said into my memory.

"Everyone who was their friends left them, all but me and a few of the girl's friends, but it didn't help much. Hell, even the teachers treated them differently. One of 'em even threatened to call the cops… And then I got to thinkin'… why is incest illegeal in the first place?"

"Well, some people do consider that a sin, and it'd be impossible for them to have any children anyway without it being deformed."

"Now that first part is what I don't get. What about it is a sin? They were two people who loved each other, just like anyone else. Only thing different was that they looked similar, shared some blood, and came from the same place. Didn't affect how they loved each other though. Those two had more of a realistic and heart-felt love than any I've seen before. But just cause of the fact that they look the same, everyone drove 'em to sucide."

I felt my eyes widen, and a shiver run down my back. My eyes darted to Len, but the only thing that gave him away was the cold stare that now ran through his eyes and the clench in his fist. My mind couldn't register what to do with the information, so it went back to watching the man, now in tears as he continued.

"Those two were the happiest people I'd known. Never would've thought of suicide in their life. Couldn't help who they fell in love with… Can never help that… but they were hated for it… despised… threatened… abused… and abandoned… I miss those two, ya know? They didn't deserve to be treated like that… even with the 'deformation' thing people always threw at them… It's not IMPOSSIBLE to have a kid… it just raises the chances a little. They were healthy as can be, and all of the mothers out there who smoke or drink have a better chance of having a deformed baby then those two…"

The news lady was looking at Mr. Robins sympathetically, gently patting his knee.

"I'm sorry that happened to you…To continue with the topic, we've brought in a pair of siblings who, too, have experienced the hardships of dealing with-"

The TV shut off, turning the room that was once lit with the glow of the TV into a pitch black maze, the only light shining in being the half-full moon outside. My head turned, facing Len, eyes still widened in shock.


"Do you think it's wrong?" Through the darkness, I could barely see him, his eyes hiding behind a small barrier created by his bangs.

I blinked, confused, "Huh?"

"Do you think it's wrong?" He asked again, his voice a bit more intense as his fingers popped from his fists tightening once more.

"Do I think what's wrong," I asked quietly, already knowing the answer, but feeling a need to lie anyway. Anything to prolong the conversation. I don't know if I can handle talking to him about this.

Like I said, I love him, and I refuse to stop even if I could, but I know that the chances of the feeling being mutual are so, so slim… In a world where this kind of thing is a taboo… a sin… of course I don't expect him to return the feelings… and I've gotten along fine just like that… but I don't know if I can talk about it so easily…

"Do you think it's wrong to love your sibling, no, your twin?" he said, whipping his head up to face me. His eyes do longer hid behind the barrier of his hair, and instead stood out, staring holes into my eyes as they demanded an answer.

"I…I…" I stumbled for words. Had he found out about how I feel for him? Does he hate me now? Is that why he's questioning me? "I…" A calmness washed over my mind, all panic going away. I will never be ashamed of these feelings, so I shall never deny them if I am asked. Especially by him. If the time has come for him to find out, then so be it, and let him do with the information what he wants.

"No, I do not think it's wrong to love your twin," I said calmly, my eyes meeting his dead on. "Nor have I ever, nor will I ever, because I have experienced it first hand."

I had expected a large reaction. A gag. A flinch away. Cursing. But he sat there, his eyes still glued to mine.

"You wouldn't think it was wrong?"


"Even if I loved you?"

My heart skipped a beat as the air around me seemed to hang in place, as if the entire world was holding it's breath for my answer. The one moment seemed to drag painfully on as I pulled up the will to say it, and then I chuckled a bit. "How could I, when I myself love you?"

Arms wrapped around me, and I was pulled forward against his chest. The man I loved held me in his arms as my head rested on his shoulder. "I'm so glad… I love you too," he whispered into my ear.

I pulled away and faced him for another moment, before gently pressing my lips against his, feeling the tears of relief slowly fall from both of our eyes, savoring the moment, sin or not.

We continued to kiss for another all too short moment before pulling away, and staring into each others sky blue eyes. The wind blew gently outside the window, as he pulled me into his warm embrace once more.

The man I love.

Len Kagamine.

My twin.