Power and Black Magic

Rin was at her computer again, surfing Youtube as usual. She was scrolling through new videos when she noticed that Ray William Johnson had uploaded a little something titled 'Meth Rage'. Not a huge fan of his, but still bored out of her wits, she clicked the link.

The first viral video in the series of three made her question the current state of the world, but a comment by good ol' RWJ on the second one made her freeze. It was a bit of an inappropriate comment (she wasn't surprised, considering it was Ray William Johnson), but a single word he spoke (much to her dismay) caught her interest.


She'd been in a relationship with Len Kagamine, her twin brother, for about a month now, but that didn't change the fact that she'd been at the peak of interest in the subject for a while now and had been pushing it to the back of her head. However, with a large sigh, she made up her mind to indulge in her curiosity and typed the word in the Youtube search bar.

On the first page, a few videos came up that she was willing to bet a year's worth of oranges was going to be for 'older viewers only,' so she picked one that didn't seem too bad called 'La Cena Incest.' After watching about 30 seconds of some weird lady cooking food, she clicked on a link that caught her eye, labeled 'Incest is gross.' Even before clicking, her mind was already flooding with dozens upon dozens of arguments against the title's claim, but she tried to keep herself calm and open-minded as she watched the video.

Luckily, the video was merely a few people screwing around and joking about it, so the young girl couldn't take it seriously enough to flame her arguments in the comments. However, after seeing quite a few 'mature' titled videos containing that special word, her mind set out to search a new branch of the topic.

In the Google search bar, Rin quickly typed the question: "Why do people always associate incest with sex?"

One of the first links on the page was one titled 'Incest and Conspiracy, page 1,' and Rin decided to explore a bit more. Skimming the brief summary, her mouth fell open in pure shock and confusion as her eyes paused on a single line.


Therefore, incest is often associated with power and black magic.

Her eyes read the sentence once more, and then a loud 'bang!' sounded as her forehead made impact with the desk; the moment was far too much for a simple facepalm.

Less audible 'thump!'s sounded from the stairs outside the room, followed by the swish of air of the door being opened quickly.

"Rin! Are you alright?" Len asked frantically at the threshold of the door, looking anxious, running over to see if his twin was alright. The young girl raised her arm, giving him a thumb's up as a response, saying nothing.

"What happened?" he questioned with an intrigued attitude.

"Eugh… not much… just found out that people not only assume our relationship is all for sexual reasons, but also somehow manage to assume it's because we're freakin witches…"

The blond-haired boy's jaw dropped, and his facial features were incredibly identical to his sister's just a few moments before. "Wha.." he trailed off, into a confused silence, not being able to find the words to express his utter confusion.

Rin apparently didn't feel the need to give him the chance, either. She quietly pushed herself away from the desk and stood up, slowly making her way over to the bed and slipping underneath the covers as if she was suddenly extremely tired. "'Night. I give up on life for tonight. I'll see you in the morning."

Completely baffled, but finding no way to receive any kind of explanation until the next morning, Len exhaled a drawn-out sigh, and then softly made his way under the covers. He silently scooted close to his girlfriend, as well as twin sister, and cuddled next to her warmth as he prepared for the odd, disturbing dreams that would haunt him that night.

(A/N: This chapter is based on a true story.)

~This chapter has been Beta-Read by bunnypopcorn~