Note: I do not own Ranma ½ or A.M.G. Or any of the characters in this story except the ones I added to make this story interesting. In this story Ranma gains some very unique abilities and has to learn to use them.

Cross-over: Ranma1/2/Ah My Goddess.

Author note: I was recently working on a chapter for this story, and well due to an error with Open office my entire story was corrupted and I lost some of my story components and have decided to use this incident as a way to rebuild the story.. and perhaps make it better than it was before, also I will be crossing it over since that is how it truly was meant to be in the first place.

This story will contain mostly Ranma1/2 related content, but will have some Ah My Goddess content as well though this doesn't take place to further down the road in the story and will be done here and there so don't expect to see more of one anime/manga over the other.. the main character that will be followed is Ranma.

The three Norn's may become involved eventually, but when is up to the plot engine and when it decides to give up its secrets.

Also a warning before hand.. this story will contain O.O.C. content.. much of both A.M.G. and Ranma1/2 will be moved around and threaded together and many events may happen or may not happen.. or haven't happened yet.

With that said.. I hope you will enjoy this revamp of my first story, reviews are welcome, but not needed.

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The Lady

of Sakura Mountain.



Asgard one of the nine worlds and is the home of the gods was a peaceful and serene place, and home to an enormous ash tree called Yggdrasil, Its branches extend far into the heavens, and the tree is supported by three roots that extend far away into other locations.

A great divine city with many roads created of various materials which included Silver, Gold, and white marble and much more surrounded Yggdrasil, towards the south stood a medieval style castle built from similar materials as the rest of the architecture. This castle was the main ruling center for the Almighty, Valkyries stood guard at its various entrances.

The city was bustling with life as various deities went about their daily lives, and various jobs they were entrusted with. One such Deity was hard at work in his chambers which were located deep inside the castle.

This deity was none other than Tyr who was dressed in voluminous robes, though due to the lighting in the room his figure was shadowed, a light seemed to pierce the darkness as an ultraviolet blue which emanated from a console that crackled to life. Tyr reached for a mug that sat on his desk which was a rather large fine oak desk, the contents sending steam wafting into the air, he picked up the cup preparing to drink.

"Oh Blessed it be that coffee was invented." he commented to himself, as he quickly sipped from his cup, before placing the mug back down onto the desks surface which was littered with mountains of paperwork, and with fluent movements he places his hands on the keyboard and started jotting in various commands, the screen came to life as various scenes played on its screen.

The rest of the office consisted of several filing cabinets each with holy crests on them, and on the wall was a picture of a two young girls the label on the picture read: My dearest daughter's Belldandy & Skuld, and various other photo's lined the walls of his office as well.

Sitting in a chair not far from Tyr sat a man who was dressed in white robes, he sported a long white beared, and in his left hand he held a hourglass, looking as if the silence was killing him he then decided to break the silence. "My Lord have you found what you are looking for yet?"

"I think I have.. found just the right person for the job.. she's the balanced being I have been looking for..She is located in what the mortals call the 1990's in a country called China." Tyr explained, as he continued to gaze to the screen.

The time keeper got up from his position to gaze over Tyr's shoulder.

Tyr continued to study the image speaking lightly. "Her age is twelve, she is mortal because she has yet to ascend to goddess-hood or demon-hood for that matter. her mother is one of our Goddess's from the Japanese war branch which has been on stand by since the feudal era."

"I see with these readings no wonder you find her interesting. Will we be keeping this information between the two of us my Lord?" the time-keeper questioned, since he wanted to make absolutely clear of what Tyr wanted.

Tyr didn't turn from the screen however answered. "Yes.. we will keep this our little secret.. for if our people or even the forces of Niflheim were to find out of this experiment life could become extremely difficult.. you will move in the shadows Chronos .. steer this girl onto the path of destiny.. and once she is as ready as can be you will send her back."

"Back.. but how far back?" Chronos questioned, his senses tingling with fear as to what his Lord was about to task him with.

Tyr reached over picking up his mug, drinking of its contents, before giving a reply. "All the way back.. to the beginning of all creation."