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The outsider... Ch:3

Continuing to glance around at her surroundings, she finally attempted to roll onto her side her muscles aching, and pain erupted from her back from the slight movement, lifting her left hand up she gave it a look over observing what looked to be a bad sunburn as if she had too much sun for some reason or another, her silver hair felt loose meaning it was free from its pigtail.

'Ugh why am I hurting all over?' she internally questioned, while slowly managing to push herself up into a sitting position on the bed, the sheet that covered her fell away revealing she was wearing nothing at all, at which she quickly grabbed the sheet up wrapping it around herself.

Glancing around the room wildly looking for any signs her gi was nearby however she didn't find it at all, instead sitting on a stand near the bed on the left was a red silk Chinese shirt along with a pair of black silk pants.

Keeping the sheet wrapped around her swinging her legs off the bed, which was accompanied by the rattling of a chain, pausing she looked to her right ankle with confusion observing what appeared to be iron restraint, she followed the chain with her amethyst eyes observing it was connected to the nearby wall to her right.

Leaning over she grabbed up the red silk shirt with her left hand, then began to put it on, buttoning its gold buttons, a gold trim ran up to the collar. 'Beats being completely naked.' she told her self adjusting the shirt so it covered the essentials.

She then moved off the bed, eventually taking hold of the chain with both her hands, pulling as hard as she could, however it seemed firmly in place, and her current strength wasn't enough to dislodge it from said wall.

Dropping the chain back to the floor, frustration clearly evident in her features, she sat down on the floor lifting her right ankle up with her left hand she studied the manacle. 'C'mon think.. there has to be a way to get this off.' she thought to herself, while shifting her gaze to the rest of the room looking for anything resembling wire, eventually her eye's fell on a bundle of wire hung on the wall near the door.

Standing back up she then made her way over, however found the chain wasn't long enough leaving her at least four arms lengths away from the bundled wire. "Dammit.. its too far out of reach." she growled through gritted teeth.

Head bowed in defeat she slowly made her way back over to the bed sitting down in a lotus position, closing her eyes she began to meditate while she waited for her captor or captor's to show up, which also served to heal her injuries since her father had trained her in the basics of ki regeneration.

After some time had passed, the locking mechanism to the iron door sounded out loudly for the silver-haired girl, opening her right eye observing the door swing open with a loud creaking sound that almost sounded as if nails being dragged across a chalkboard, she was then greeted by the sight of the diminutive elder from earlier who had blocked her escape pogoing into the room, the familiar blue-haired guards from earlier one of whom she had used as a stepping stone to escape the village were just outside the doorway.

"I trust you slept well child?" Cologne's queried looking to the silver-haired child expectantly, at which the silver-haired girl opened her left eye, shifting herself further back on the bed to lean against the wall, the chain rattling as it was drug further onto the bed.

Opening her eyes Ranma considered on how best to answer. "As well as can be expected Ol' Lady." she deadpanned, before fixing the elder with a slight glare. "Just what did you do to me huh? When I woke up I felt like I had gone through one of pop's more intense training regime's."

"You brought that on yourself child.. I offered you a peaceful alternative however you decided to to struggle instead." Cologne pointed out, to which the silver-haired girl gave her a look of confusion.

Ranma shook her head at the elder. "Wasn't much of a struggle.. I was just trying to leave.. you knocked me into that ridge twice.. that is all I remember." she admitted.

'Maybe that last blow was a little too much.' Cologne considered. "So you don't remember anything past getting knocked into that ridge twice?" she probed.

Shaking her head the silver-haired girl looked to the elder. "Like I said.. all I remember was escaping the horde of angry kids my age.. running deep into the forest where I came to a dead end, then you were there I tried to evade.. you knocked me into the ridge twice and everything else is a blank." she explained truthfully.

The aging elder rolled the young child's explanation over in her mind, before deciding on another path of questioning. "I witnessed your duel with my Great Granddaughter.. I must admit I was rather surprised you defeated her so quickly.. none of the children in this village have managed such a feat.. so my question for you is how long have you been training in martial arts?"

"Eight years.. I been training since I was five years old.. me and my old man have been traveling for some time.. at least until we came to Jusenkyo valley.. which lead us to your village." Ranma explained, observing one of the guards at the door was giving her a sour look, at which she quickly looked away.

Cologne listened intently to the girl's explanation, her eye's gaining a slight glint after hearing Jusenkyo being brought up. "I take it you and your father have been to Jusenkyo?" she questioned quite sure of the answer she would receive.

"Yea.. stupid old man can't read a word of Chinese.. anyways long story short we were training at the springs where eventually we fell in.. when we came out I had transformed into this form you see here.. and my pops.. well he turns into a giant panda." Ranma explained, a scowl overtaking her features at the memory.

Cologne felt a slight sympathy for the girl, before posing a new question. "Which spring did you yourself fall into exactly?"

"I think the guide had said the spring was called Nyannīchuan." Ranma responded, feeling slightly at ease since the elder seemed rather nice at the moment.

'So spring of drowned girl.. but that doesn't make sense.. that spring would not explain the magic this girl was using earlier.. just what am I dealing with?' Cologne internally queried to herself, her train of thought being interrupted by the girl in question.

"Can I have some hot water please?" Ranma requested, her amethyst gaze falling back on the Amazon who still had a sour expression and seemed intent on glaring at her, she then stuck her tongue out at said Amazon, which seemed to cause the blue-haired Amazon to look away from her.

Cologne quickly bonked the silver-haired girl over the head with her staff. "That is quite enough child." she said sternly, turning her attention to the twins. "Lotion could you please bring some hot water for our young guest here." she ordered in Mandarin, before beginning a pogo to the door, just as one of the twins ran off to what the silver-haired girl assumed was the living area of the structure she was currently being held in.

Rubbing the top of her head where she had been struck. "Are you going to get me some hot water? And when may I leave.. is my Pops here?" Ranma barraged one question after another, causing the elder to pause in her pogo.

Cologne regarded the silver-haired girl. "Yes Lotion will bring you some hot water.. as for your father.. he seems to have abandoned you child.. and as for what to do with you well that is very much still up for debate." she replied before continuing her pogo towards the door, her every movement followed by the silver-haired girl's eyes until she vanished out of view.

Meanwhile at the sight that still bore the signs of battle from where Cologne and Ranma had fought, clouds still rolling in overhead, the sun had already went down giving way to the night, a lone figure dressed in a plain white hooded robe, a black belt tied around the waist, wrapped around its right hand was a rosary, standing just above the crater Ranma had created when she slammed down into it with the force of what would appear to be that of a freight train.

Leaping down inside the hole the figure hunkered down onto its haunches, placing a hand to the floor of the crater a lime green glow seemed to light up the surrounding area.

The figure continued to scan the crater waving its hand over the sides of said crater, the figure then produced a small translucent screen like tablet, depictions of various symbol's crossed its screen. 'So the disturbance was that of a spore.. but a Godling in Midgard is unheard of.. but still why is he or she in my backyard?' the figure thought, considering all the possibilities involving the implications of the data crossing the screen.

Back with Ranma...

Three hours later still locked in the store room a now male Ranma wearing the shirt from earlier along with the black pants from earlier , stood unchained in the middle of the room, seeming to practicing his martial arts flowing slowly from one kata to the next, his thoughts directed at his father as well as the elder's words about him being abandoned, the only lighting of the room created via the moonlight through a barred window that sat just above the bed he hadn't noticed earlier just behind him.

He paused in his kata as his sapphire gaze fell to the two travel packs that sat just at the base of the stairs leading to the only thing barring his path of escape which was a door made of iron.

'He will come back for me.. he wouldn't just leave his technique scrolls and stuff here.' he thought to himself with certainty, before surging back into a fast paced battle against several invisible foes that seemed to surround him.

Meanwhile outside of the door, was a room that was most likely the living area to the structure Ranma was currently being held in, it was sparsely furnished, each wall was a large bookshelf that was filled with all manner of items from scrolls, old tomes as well as items that could be used in concocting potions, on the eastern wall sat a wood table, with two chairs that were currently occupied by the blue haired Amazonian twins who seemed busying themselves with a card game of sorts.

In the North eastern corner of the room sat a potbelly stove, as well as next to it sat a small table used food preparation, neatly hung on the wall were instruments of cooking. The rooms lighting was from a chandelier that was crudely made from bones of unknown origins, which held a trio of candles, hung directly in the center of the room.

In the middle of the room directly under the chandelier was a small dining table, with fur mats sat at all four sides of it, its surface largely empty with exception of a large tome which was currently being read by Cologne who was sitting at said table.

The elder poured over the tomes contents flipping through one page after another in an attempt to figure out just what she was dealing with.

A few more minutes had passed when a someone had knocked on the door, the twins paused in they're game, Soap setting her cards down as she stood up from her chair, approaching the door. "Who is there and what do you want?" she queried.

"I came to see Great Elder Cologne is she busy?" the voice replied from the other side of the door, at which Soap looked to the elder in question who gave a simple nod, then she opened the door to reveal a figure completely hidden under a white hooded cloak with various inscriptions on both the front, and back of it, her face shadowed.

"If I had known you were going to pay me a visit priestess I would have prepared some tea." Cologne called, her gaze directed to the door as she watched the priestess enter the room, Soap closing the door retaking her place at the table to continue the game she and her sister were playing.

The woman lowering her hood revealing a rather beautiful raven-haired woman with emerald eyes, she gave a warm smile to the aging elder. "I am sorry to have dropped in on you unannounced Elder." she paused briefly looking over to the twins, lifting her left hand she pointed at them in a lowering motion. "Sleep." she commanded, at which the two twins fell asleep immediately.

"I came to speak with you about a disturbance in the area.. related to elemental magic you wouldn't know anything about it would you?" the priestess questioned, her emerald gaze centered on the white haired elder.

"Yes.. as of matter of fact I have the culprit locked in my store room.. but when I questioned him he didn't seem to even remember anything from our battle.. I am thinking he was possessed by a spirit.. but I am having trouble finding what I am looking for." Cologne replied. Turning her gaze to the book to flip yet another page.

Looking to the tomb the elder had been studying observing on the left page was several symbols. "Did the child have any kind of markings on his face?" she probed.

"Yes.. on his forehead was a six-point-star, and a star burst on each cheek." Cologne calmly replied, flipping through yet another page, before going into detail on how she had met the child in question.

A thoughtful expression crossed the raven-haired woman's features. 'Can't be the Brat she wouldn't waste her time to fight an aging elder.. much less possess some child.. but then no can't be her either.. the Brat locked her away.. didn't she.. she wouldn't have released her surely not..' she internally trailed a look of deep concern crossing her features since either individual was very bad news for anyone crossing they're path.

"If I ventured a guess I would say Athena you may have some idea what I am dealing with?" Cologne queried, looking up to the woman in question.

The raven-haired woman revealed to be Athena gave a slight nod. "I can't be too sure until I see the child for myself.. but I think I know what you are dealing with.. May I see the child please?" she queried.

"Of course!" Cologne stated, since refusing the woman in question wasn't a good idea.. none would dare question their deities motives, specially not the same one that extends one's life.

The raven-haired woman then turned her attention to the storeroom door, as she crossed the distance, the door seemingly opening on its own as she approached. On the other side of the door Ranma paused in his training, his gaze directed at the iron door that opened with a rather loud screeching sound as if the hinges needed some oil.

"Ah about time Ol' Lady.. is there anyway I can get something to eat or somethin'? Ranma called out only to be taken aback by a unfamiliar woman who entered the room, the door shutting behind her.

Athena gazed at the raven-haired martial artist pouring over his features. 'This.. this is a mortal there must be some mistake?' she considered, while crossing the distance until she was standing before him.

"U'm.. where's the old lady at?" Ranma queried, his sapphire gaze locking with the older woman's emerald gaze.

The raven-haired woman continued to scrutinize the raven-haired child seeming to ignore his query. 'Definitely a mortal child.. but then Cologne did say the child was on the defensive when he supposedly underwent a transformation. Also was a girl at the time.' she noted to herself, scanning the room a moment observing a wooden cup filled with water on a table to the left of the bed.

"U'h.. Hello are you just going to ignore me?" Ranma questioned, while observing the woman seem to gesture with her right hand to his left, at which before he could say anything else he felt water saturate his now her hair, the change taking a mere instant.

The raven-haired woman seemed to gain a thoughtful expression observing the transformation, an empty wooden cup hovered mid-hair before falling to hit the silver-haired girl over the head before clattering to the floor.

Rubbing the top of her head where she had been struck Ranma looked to the raven-haired woman with a look of confusion, her mouth opened the shut.. she then scanned the room observing that she was indeed alone with this woman before posing yet another question. "U'm how did you do that?"

"You tell me?" Athena questioned, while observing the silver-haired girl's aura. 'Could be the curse.. but then she definitely has an affinity to magic.. but its so minuscule she couldn't even cast a mundane spell.. this can't be the same person who Cologne described earlier!?' rolling this over in her head a moment.

Seemingly not annoyed by her transformation to girl Ranma considered the woman's question briefly, gaining a confident smirk, then raising her right hand snapping her fingers. "You used telekinesis right so cool.. you know my Pops told me some people can do that.. but I never believed him until now!" she exclaimed with absolute confidence.

Athena looked skeptically to the silver-haired child. 'He seriously believes I used Telekinesis.. I guess plan b is in order.. if wrong I guess I can always resurrect.' she noted, before reaching into the fold of her cloak with her left hand retrieving a golden dagger, its hilt made of white marble with various rubies set into it, the sleeve of her cloak fell back revealing a golden bracelet with rubies set into it that adorned her delicate wrist.

Looking to the raven-haired woman with slight dread at what was coming. "U'm what is that for?" Ranma queried, taking a few steps back from the rooms only other occupant who's emerald gaze seemed to bore right through her.

Without warning with the single flick of the wrist she sent the dagger hurling towards its target, the silver-haired girl in a mere instant seemed to raise her right hand, the dagger halting, then seeming to hover in place its tip just barely touching her palm, her amethyst now mid-night black gaze narrowed on the raven-haired deity standing before her, on her features were the markings from before.. but they like her eye's was black, an aura of darkness seeming to encompass her person.

"You shouldn't throw things at people Na-chan.. someone could get hurt." she growled out, glaring daggers at the raven-haired woman, the dagger seemingly to hang stationary before her palm.

Athena gaining a slightly surprised expression, then scowled at the silver-haired girl. "So you are the one causing problems.. when did the Brat let you out of your prison Chaos.. And also why are you possessing this mortal child?" she heatedly questioned.

"I dunno what you are talking about Na-chan I ain't possessing anyone.. this is my body just as much as it belongs to this mortal." Chaos snapped back, just as the dagger started to spin, before seeming to gain a slight sparkle before transforming into a raspberry Popsicle, at which she took hold of its handle between her left index finger and thumb lapping at her newly formed treat.

Athena crossed her arms over her chest. "Well you still haven't answered me when did the Brat let you out? And don't tell me it was for good behavior cause from the way I hear it she locked you up and threw away the key."

"I dunno why Oneesan let me out.. I don't know why I am in this mortal body either." Chaos answered pausing a moment to lap at her treat. "What I do know Na-chan is.. I went from one prison to another.. I up until yesterday had no control of this body what so ever.. all I could do was observe.. I could feel, taste and smell.. well that wasn't all too bad.. but what did make it bad was the very fact I was imprisoned in an icky icky boy!.. Ugh.. thank my lucky stars Ranma fell in Nyannīchuan.. at least now I look more like me!" she exclaimed the last, her gaze falling to the two nearby travel packs at which point she blanched. "Ugh and you wouldn't believe what that Mortal that calls himself our father puts us through.." she then continued going into a full on rant.

Athena listened as the silver-haired girl drone on an on about her hosts guardian, seeming to sit in an invisible chair hovering in midair while waiting for her to finish. Several minutes later Chaos was still going on about all the terrible things Genma had been doing to her mistress..and how helpless she was to stop it.

"Anyways Na-chan it just sucks.. I swear that man is a real genuine Devil!. and some of the people we have dealt with during our travels are not much better at all." Chaos complained, looking to the raven-haired war goddess who was currently nodding off. "Say Na-chan are you even listening to me?"

Athena snapped awake responding. "U'h yes.. I am..say Chaos-chan.. I gotta ask where do we go from here.. you know I can't just leave you here in this mortal village right?" she pointed out.

"Yea I get you Na-chan.. I guess I will go see what Oneesan is up to." the silver-haired girl muttered, as she walked over hoisting up her mistress's pack putting its straps on her shoulder's, then grabbed up Genma's pack with her right hand, raising her left hand to the ceiling Popsicle still in hand, she turned to the raven-haired goddess giving a slight smile, just as a miniature vortex surrounded her person, the sacks of rice and anything loose had begun to be pushed to the walls, the straw bed being blown into shambles.

Athena now standing just crossed her arms over her chest, as she watched the silver-haired girl's attempt at a transportation spell which looked to be going nowhere, but then she vanished briefly only to reappear back in the same spot, the miniature vortex dissipating leaving a very confused silver-haired goddess.

"Having trouble there Chaos-chan.. did you forget how to cast a simple transportation spell after all that time you spent imprisoned?" she jabbed with a slight grin.

Chaos gave the war goddess a sour expression. "No I didn't.. I did everything correctly.. something isn't right." she stated, giving her surroundings a once over seeming to be looking for someone or something.

'She isn't here.. I know I did it correctly.. but Oneesan isn't here.. and this isn't Niflheim..this can't be right.' she internally noted, she then with a gesture with her free hand formed a small sphere of blue light. "Run diagnostic program beta-twelve." she commanded.

Athena waiting patiently watching as the blue orb sprang to life seeming revolve around the silver-haired goddess, going from her head down to her feet, before continuing back up just in front of her, a greenish light then emanated from the sphere as it continued directly up as if on an invisible track that only lead up towards the ceiling.

A moment later a translucent screen appeared, along with a translucent keyboard out of thin air just in front of the silver-haired goddess, dropping Genma's pack onto the floor. she then started to operate said keyboard with her right hand, her delicate fingers gliding from one key to the next.

The screen came to life as various data flowed across its screen, an image of herself appearing on the right side of the screen along with an image of the male version of her mistress, on the left was a series of stats and information.

Accessing file's...

Name: Saotome Ranma


Gender: F

Location: Unknown

Information: (Classified)



Name: Chaos

Age: Unknown

Gender: F

Location: Midgard



Classification: N/A

License Status: N/A

Admin Note:

Known Abilities: Healing, Resurrection, whirlwind/blink (Transport).

Other Abilities: Unknown

Fighting ability: Exceptional

It is advised that low ranking Deities, and fighting wings avoid at all cost, all high ranking deities and fighting wings approach with caution. -Lind

Edit: Do not approach alone. -Ansuz

Preferred weapon if applicable:

A scythe she has dubbed (Harvester Of Souls)

Yggdrasil system access: Revoked -Kami-sama

Nidhogg system access: Restricted -Daimakaichō Hild (limited access)

The silver-haired goddess poured over the information, every so often lapping at her treat, while with her right hand she started inputting yet another command, which started an analysis of the information from her diagnostic scan, at which the screen seemed to freeze, then flicker twice before the screen went blank.

Athena now standing behind the silver-haired goddess looking over her shoulder. "U'm looks like your system crashed.. have you bothered to update it recently?" she offered.

"The program is up to date Na-chan.. it updates every time my Oneesan updates hers." Chaos stated, gaining a contemplative expression. 'For the system to crash like that.. means one of three things.. either my program is outdated or possibly Nidhogg isn't responding or is in lock down mode which would mean in all three cases something has happened to Oneesan.' she inwardly observed.

Taking a slight breath Chaos dismissed her translucent computer, turning her attention to the raven-haired war goddess, as she reached down picking up Genma's pack. "It can't be helped.. I must go see him.. Na-chan you may accompany me if you wish."

"Go see who?" Athena questioned, as she watched the silver-haired goddess then slide one of the straps to Genma's pack over her left shoulder, then in her right hand formed a scythe with glowing gold rune inscription's set into the blade, a black liquid dripping off from it onto the floor as if blood, she then pressed a glowing green button, at which the handle extended out, at the bottom was a crystal skull that glowed an eery green.

Giving a slight grin Chaos then spoke to the raven-haired goddess. "Its a secret." she stated with a cheeky grin, while waving the scythe in a circular motion, a pentagram surrounding her person, green inscriptions lighting up on its ring, then a black stone arch pushed up through the floor splintering the wood, inside was voided mid-night, the frame of the arch had various inscriptions on it as well, a crystal skull crowned the top of the arch glowing a deep crimson in color, flames dancing in its eye sockets, its teeth that of what most likely was genuine gold.

Athena then watched the silver-haired girl enter the voided entrance, the gate seemingly starting to shrink. "Ah the heck with this I can't let her do what she wants with that mortal even if he is serving as her prison." she said aloud, just as she rushed forward, in her right hand a bronze shaft appeared crowned by a ethereal spearhead, leaping into the voided arch right before it vanished, the wood in the floor slowly returning to the way it once was, the pentagram vanishing just as fast as the arch just had.

The Voided Path...

Upon entering Athena gazed to her surroundings, a path lit by candles every two feet that lead into the distance, to the sides of this path was nothing but voided shadow, she continued to scan her surroundings as if looking for someone.. well she of course she was she had followed Chaos in, but now she was missing, growling to herself, she chose a direction and started to walk when a voice called out to her.

"Not that way Na-chan.. this place isn't friendly to those sided with Heaven.. but then it has an equal dislike for the forces of Hell as well.. if you stay with me you won't get hurt." Chaos called out from farther up the path she was walking, at which the raven-haired goddess moved to catch up.

Athena clutched her weapon tightly eventually catching up to the silver-haired goddess, at which she slowed her pace. "This isn't Bifrost.. where are we?"

"We are here.. but then we are also nowhere.. You should feel honored very few can travel this path Na-chan myself my Oneesan.. him.. and well yourself so long as you stay on the path and at my side 'that is'." the silver-haired goddess emphasized at the end, continuing her forward momentum, the raven-haired goddess keeping in step heeding Chaos's words.

The raven-haired goddess considered what all she had just learned, looking to the voided shadow to her left she made out several eerily glowing green eye' that looked like those of many large serpents, though they seemed to be following they were also keeping they're distance, looking to her right the scene was the same.

'All of them are looking at me as if a tasty treat waiting to be gobbled up.. but I can sense great fear from them.. not for me.. but of her.' she thought, sparing a glance to the silver-haired goddess. "Say you said the creatures here have a great dislike for the forces of both Heaven.. and Hell.. does the Brat also require you to walk by her side?"

"My Oneesan doesn't need me.. the creatures here actually give a wide birth when she walks this path.." Chaos casually explained, continuing her forward momentum, leaning her scythe over her shoulder, its tip pointed to the ground they walked on nearly dragging, the black liquid leaving a trail behind them that seemed to vanish after a few seconds.

Athena looked to the weapon the silver-haired goddess held in her delicate hand, to her it seemed rather comical since the weapon was larger than its owner. "Say can you make it stop oozing that stuff it kinda creeps me out?" she queried, instead of a reply the blade quickly became dry right before her very eyes.

"Say Chaos.. it is obvious you have quite a bit of power at the moment.. why did you allow the mortal to survive?" she questioned in curiosity.

Chaos didn't pause in her step, but looked over her shoulder briefly at the raven-haired war goddess. "Something inside of me wouldn't allow it.. it fought me tooth and nail for control of this body.. that and my mana reserves were severely depleted.. it was because of that she survived and defeated me.. next time she will not be so lucky if she attempts to attack my Mistress again."

"I shouldn't need to remind you that you are not permitted to inflict harm on the mortals of this world for any reason.. even if it was in self defense.. you had the power to retreat. With that said I would like to know who this Mistress.. are you referring to is it this mortal child you currently occupy?" Athena queried, seeming sure of the answer she would receive.

Chaos gave an affirming nod, replying. "Yes.. though I am not certain of why my Oneesan put me inside this mortal..but I will protect and serve her with everything I have.. I have to our fate is couldn't understand a being such as myself.. while there are some limits to what I can do.. I am not confined to the precious rules you and the rest of Heaven or even Hell so cherish."

"Have you thought about contacting the Brat to figure out her motives?" Athena with a change of subject probed, looking to the silver-haired goddess as she walked.

Chaos once again gave a nod. "Yes.. but Oneesan is silent.. she does not answer and I am unable to go to her.. so I am going to him.. only he can give me what I seek." she stated, her gaze centered ahead as she walked.

'If only Obi-chan was here.. I wouldn't need to go to him.. but sadly I don't have a way to contact her.. not that she would give me time of day unless on a whim..but then we are a lot alike.' She mused, observing what looked like another arched gateway not too far ahead, its center shined with divine light.

Together the two goddess's crossed the distance to the gated archway eventually entering, at which said gateway vanished from sight, the various shadowy serpents seemed to disperse since their hopes of a tasty meal had been dashed.

Bifrost (The Rainbow Bridge)

Upon exiting the portal Athena had to close her eye due to just how bright it was, slowly opening them she took in the beauty of her surrounds, walking over to the edge she looked off at the ocean that surrounded the whole of Asgard, Chaos joining her giving the area a cursory glance observing birds in flight just above the water.

"You know this is a view I don't see very often.. I usually just open a portal to the city.. you could have just asked instead of taking the long way you know?" Athena pointed out, turning her gaze to the silver-haired Goddess who gave a slim knowing smile.

Chaos then turned from the scene in front of her and started walking toward the city, Athena soon at her side as they approached the city's main gate. "I enjoy the long way sometimes Na-chan.. you should do this more often.. you never know what you might have missed or took for granted.. and unlike myself at least you can comprehend everything around you."

"Wait you don't understand the call of the ocean.. nor the beauty of your surroundings?" Athena questioned making sure she had heard right.

Chaos gave a simple nod, her scythe vanishing from sight. "I take the long way so that I can maybe one day appreciate it for myself.. but I have trouble comprehending it.. Oneesan said she was going to teach me.. but then the war happened.. and I was imprisoned." she explained.

'So even the Brat can comprehend beauty.. but she is a demon.. I thought the only thing she understood was war.. chaos and the beauty in the destruction she and her armies wrought.' Athena thought, seeming to learn something new about one of Asgard's many adversaries.

A few minutes later the two Goddess's reached the gates, twelve raven-haired Valkyries stood at both sides of the gate, each Valkyrie seemed to gaze at the silver-haired goddess, clutching their halberds tightly, their clothes consisting of white-n-gray body suit, one of them unlike the rest had light blue hair.

"What is the meaning of this Athena Goddess of wisdom and war.. why have you brought the Demon-Goddess's Evil Angel before us?" the blue-haired Valkyrie called out, her gaze narrowing on the silver-haired goddess.

Before Athena could speak Chaos spoke up. "I have come on my own.. I am here to see Him.. I am unarmed and come in peace.. Now stand aside and open the gates.. I will not tell you again Lind." she threatened at the end.

The blue-haired Valkyrie looked to the silver-haired goddess with deep hatred in her eye's, weighing her options she grimaced before calling out with distaste. "Open the gates!"

She knew deep down they couldn't stop this woman at least not without a great deal of trouble.. they couldn't stop her the first time she and the Demon-Goddess's armies smashed the gates, and laid waste to much of Asgard.. which took sometime to rebuild after the war finally came to an end in Heavens favor.

'Many died and many more suffered during that long and terrible war.. all thanks to that Demon-Goddess.. raising an infinite army of the dead.. but then the legions of the damned.. was far worse in comparison since they were not only being healed.. but also resurrected by that Evil Angel making them nearly invincible.' she reminisced, pain etched in her features at the memory.

Chaos, and Athena then started to walk past, when they abruptly stopped when the blue haired Valkyrie called out to them. "Stop right there you two!"

"Oh so you think you can stop me from entering Asgard after all Lind?" Chaos questioned, her scythe appearing in her hand, she quickly extended its handle, looking over her shoulder with a slight grin crossing her lips.

Lind shook her head, leaning her halberd against her right shoulder, stating in a hostile tone. "I am not interested in a fight with you Evil Angel.. I am simply going to accompany you.. to make sure you stay out of trouble."

"Can't we all just get along?" Athena queried of the two Goddess's who seemed somewhat hostile to one another, leaning her spear over her left shoulder, Chaos leaning her scythe over her right shoulder, the tip of its blade nearly touching the ground behind her.

Chaos continued to gaze at Lind over her shoulder. "Fine I will allow you to accompany me.. but I have a name you know.. its not that petty nickname you and your kind gave me.. my name is Chaos.. C-H-A-O-S remember it!" she exclaimed hotly.

"Whatever you say lets be off." Lind growled out through gritted teeth, gesturing with her halberd for Chaos to lead on, at which both the silver-haired goddess, along with the raven-haired goddess started walking into the city, she herself following closely behind them.

As the continued further into the city, the massive gates to the city closed behind them, both god's, and goddess's watching the trio that was heading up the path seemingly paved in silver.

"Athena.. you realize the implication of you accompanying that woman into our city don't you?" Lind queried as they walked, the raven-haired goddess nodded. "Its a bit more complicated than that but yes I will accept whatever punishment I am given however I couldn't just leave her on Midgard to do as she pleased.. and she was going here regardless if I was going to let her or not." she calmly explained.

Lind let a tired sigh escape her lips. "I see.. and you Chaos.. are you even sure he will wish to see you? Specially after what you have done?" she queried.

"I did what I felt was right.. I am a neutral being I don't care about the politics of Heaven.. nor do I care for those of Hell.. my Oneesan is the only one I care about.. I would follow her into the maw of Oblivion itself." The silver-haired goddess responded.

Lind growled through gritted teeth. "Will you even listen to yourself.. you are a hypocrite saying you are a neutral being.. yet you aided your sister in her attempt to take Heaven over... Your sister is Evil incarnate.. and the Leader of Hell itself.. how can you be neutral while siding with Hell's infernal legions?" she questioned.

"I couldn't make you understand anything.. He has you snowed.. he tells you to jump you ask how high.. and never once question his motives.. Oneesan and him are no different from one another with the exception that my Oneesan is driven by justice itself and wants him to pay for his crimes.. but I can't expect you to see the forest through the trees you will remain in the dark until you finally wake up. Course that is assuming you even want to wake up from this illusionary house of cards he has created." Chaos explained nonchalantly, her scythe vanishing from sight once more, raising her left hand lapping at her treat.

Lind shook her head at the silver-haired goddess. "Kami-sama is nothing like that Demon-Goddess sister of yours.. he doesn't lie.. he doesn't cheat beg steal or borrow.. Goddess of Justice.. Goddess of War.. Goddess of Wisdom.. Goddess of Balance.. these things she was once charged with.. I admit I once aspired to be like her.. she was once one of the most beautiful and beloved Goddess's in all creation she was Kami-sama's favorite.. but somewhere along the line she became warped and misguided.. her blood tainted by demonic influence... No it is not I who is Snowed it is you! You are blinded by your loyalty to your own flesh and blood." she countered heatedly.

"Okay break it up you two.. you are causing a scene." Athena commanded having become tired of the two deities bickering with one another, while also observing several deities looking they're way. Chaos and Lind both grit their teeth, as they continued their forward momentum now at each others side, while she herself brought up the rear, their destination soon coming into sight off in the distance.

"Baka!" they both muttered in unison as they continued they're forward momentum, Athena continued to follow them, reaching up with her free hand pinching the bridge of her nose...


Currently in the Almighty's office was what one would expect of a busy leader.. paperwork neatly placed in paper trays, scrolls neatly placed in shelves, a nervous Tyr himself behind his desk, touching keys on a translucent keyboard, while various images crossed the display, on the opposite side of his desk sat two chairs one of which was occupied by what looked to be a pale-skinned little girl, a aura the color consistent with a black light surrounding her, her eye's that of mid-night, her hair was also black done up in twin pigtails, hair ties made of shadow held them in place, her clothing consisting of a black hooded robe, the hood currently down.

"You seem to be having some trouble there Mr. Almighty?" the little girl called with a smirk, as she watched the almighty.

Tyr turned his gaze briefly to the small child, before going back to what he was doing. "Its fine.. Obi-chan.. Say don't you have anything better to do than to come here and bother me?" he queried.

To anyone who observed this child would consider her rather cute looking from afar, but closer inspection would reveal she isn't of the norm, and to the trained eye she was obviously an avatar, but in either case if they knew what was good for them they would run away in fear, but not the Almighty himself since while he was nervous around the child.. he knew better than to give her what she wanted and that was to show fear for her presence.

"I am just bored." she paused a moment in her hand creating a dart spotting a calender, she then with precision tossed the dart where spiked on a date that would be ten earth days from the present day. "C'mon I need some excitement.. lets play Ragnarok at that date.. We can Let Loki out.. along with the Titans.. even Chaos-chan and Hild-chan.. Heck maybe we can even get the mortals of Midgard to join the party.. what do you say Mr. Almighty? I mean besides.. if you can't get a past fate.. then its all going to end anyways." she offered.

Tyr paused in what he was doing, turning his head giving the child a firm gaze as he straightened his posture. "You would like that wouldn't you Obi-chan.. No I think not Oblivion can wait.. she is a patient child after all." he replied with a smirk of his own.

With a smirk. "Well it just seems inevitable.. Hild-chan wants nothing to do with you.. she won't even answer your calls, her lieutenants give you the run around.. she's the only one capable of siring the past fate.. so currently its check-mate.. lets just start the party and get it over with C'mon you know your only stalling the inevitable." Obi-chan called, before cackling like some wicked witch.

"You are wrong.. there is another who can sire the past fate." He calmly replied, as he went back to surfing through Yggdrasil's version of the internet while pondering 'Though she has somehow dropped off the grid currently since I found her.. but I am sure it is just a glitch in the system. He assured himself.

Obi-chan stopped laughing, narrowing on the Almighty. "What.. that isn't possible?!.. I can see everything you see.. and then some you are bluffing!" she exclaimed.

"Ah just maybe for once you are wrong..which means you have a weakness after all and now I know I can exploit it." Tyr called confidently his nervousness seeming to vanish.

The raven-haired child shook her head violently, anger crossing her features. "I have no weakness's at all.. You are clearly going off false information.. or you are bluffing in an attempt to trick me up.. well let me tell you something buster.. I created everything in existence.. without me you wouldn't be sitting here in this office I have the power to unmake you and everything you have created!" she threatened, pausing a moment before continuing.

"All things will eventually fall to me.. it is inevitable.. only reason I let this farce continue is because I allow it as a form of entertainment.. so don't you dare forget that Mr. Almighty!" she exclaimed with a voice dripping venom.

At that moment the phone on Tyr's desk had begun to ring, at which he quickly picked it up. "I thought I said not to disturb me?"

"I know my Lord.. but you have three visitors and one of which is very persistent that she speak with you." the voice on the other end of the line said.

Tyr contemplated on just who would be needing to see him, he then in the background heard.

"Give me that." came Lind's voice, she seemed to clear her throat. "I am sorry to disturb you my Lord..Chaos is here to see you shall I send her away?"

Tyr let out a tired sigh, before speaking. "Yes do send her in along with Athena.. no one else just them two.. as for you go back to what you were doing before."

In the other room Lind hung up the phone. "It would appear he will see you after all Chaos-chan.. don't cause trouble or we will be having words got it?" she threatened.

Sticking her tongue out at the blue-haired Valkyrie. "Maybe I will now that you said that." she mischievously stated.

"Also Athena it would appear he wants you in there as well." Lind relayed, before turning to leave them to it.

Athena quickly put her spear away, looking to Chaos. "Well this is what you came for lets go."

With that both Athena and Chaos crossed the distance to the door which would allow them entrance into Kami-sama's office, opening said door and entering, the door closing behind them.

Chaos gave the room a cursory glance while dropping her mistress's and Genma's packs on the white marble floor, her mid-night gaze falling on the raven-haired girl. "Obi-chan!" she exclaimed before pouncing onto the small child hugging her fiercely.

"Let go.. I can't breath..." Obi-chan gasped, as she attempted to pry out of the silver-haired goddess's grip. Athena walked further into the room, coming to a stop before Tyr's desk at which she knelt down, bowing her head.

"My Lord I am honored that you would invite me into your presence." she humbly stated, at which Tyr gestured for her to stand.

It was then that Chaos pushing off the raven-haired girl shouting "Kami-sama!" before leaping over giving Tyr a fierce hug as well, her lips a mere inch from his ear whispering. "That was a dirty trick you pulled getting Oneesan to lock me up.. but it is not my nature to hold a grudge so I will forgive you this time."

"You didn't give me much choice in the matter." Tyr whispered back, before considering the implications of the silver-haired goddess before him.

"I must say I am surprised you are out.. from what I heard She locked you up in a lunar vault never to see the light of day did she have a change of heart and send you to speak to me rather than come in person?" Tyr queried since he was somewhat curious since he had yet to speak to said woman.

Chaos shook her head breaking the hug, at which she walked over to stand next to Athena. "No Oneesan didn't send me here.. I came on my own she won't even answer my calls. Anyways I found myself imprisoned in this mortal body.. not only that I am having to use sweets to replenish my mana.. Nidhogg isn't responding or is in lock down so no energy from there.. and I can't use Yggdrasil to replenish cause you have revoked my access."

"Given the circumstances of back then can you blame him for revoking your access to Yggdrasil.. your loyalty to your sister meant you are a liability if she ever was to let you out." Athena calmly stated, her gaze settling on the raven-haired girl who had the same eyes as Chaos.

Tyr considered this new information. 'Nidhogg not responding or in lock down..most troubling information.. but then anytime I spoke with Hagall she told me Hildr wasn't taking my calls or busy.. and informants say things are business as usual.. but given there silence and lack of military efforts it all makes sense now.' he thought analyzing Chaos with his eye's

The raven-haired child gazed over Chaos's appearance. "Say Chaos-chan.. did you attempt to transport to Hild-chan?" she probed.

"Yes Obi-chan.. but for some reason I ended up teliporting to the same place I was once before." Chaos replied, looking to the raven-haired child.

Tyr upon hearing this information quickly typed something up on his terminal, at which a surveillance video from Jusenkyo popped up, at which his chosen being after plunging into the spring of drowned girl popped out as a silver-haired girl with amethyst eye's, a box then appeared at which several images flashed across the screen before stopping on one image of a silver-haired woman with her hair fashioned into a wild bob, twin pigtails held in place by gold beads, short bangs hung over her eyes, two long bangs that fell down past her shoulder's framing her face, a violet colored six pointed star on her forehead and star bursts on her cheeks, one hand raised with her lips puckered as if blowing a kiss to whomever took the photo.

'A Match.. no wonder Ranma had a hundred percent compatibility with me.. How did I not see this sooner..Chaos being imprisoned in my chosen confirms that Hildr had imprisoned her within herself.. and at some point has now reincarnated.. but why.. ?' he inwardly queried since this was highly irregular since doing so would cause a major power vacuum within Niflheim's current leadership.

"Well looks like Mr. Almighty has it all figured out.. my turn." the raven-haired child called, at which she raised her right hand towards Chaos at which it started to glow an eerie green.

Chaos fell to her knee's, raising her hands holding her head letting out an earth shattering scream, appearing to start to convulse, before rolling onto her side seeming to writhe in agony, at which the entire room was enveloped in a bright light as if a flash bang had been set off inside the room, Athena having to shield her eyes with her right hand.

Eventually the light dissipated at which Athena observed two forms on the floor one looked to the silver-haired girl from before, the other looked to be her twin, both dressed in the same outfit being a red silk Chinese shirt, with black slacks.

Chaos slowly shook her head, as she slowly sat up. "That hurts Obi-chan.. you shouldn't force someone to create an avatar." she complained, giving the raven-haired child a slight glare.

"Oh don't be like that.. you know its better this way.. Besides.. Hild-chan in her current state probably doesn't know how to create an avatar body.. so you should be grateful!" the raven-haired girl stated, crossing her arms over her chest.

Athena looked to the silver-haired girl who was stirring with scrutiny, pointing at her with her left index finger. "If that is the Brat.. then who has been running Hell for the last twenty years?"

"That is a good question who has been running it Mr. All knowing?" the raven-haired child called, looking to Tyr for an answer since she herself for once was at a loss, though she would never admit it.

Bristling Tyr gave a slight glare to the raven-haired child. "I am all knowing when it comes to Midgard and Asgard thank you.. Hell is not my domain nor do I ever wish to visit that vile place." he said with disdain.

Raising her right hand rubbing the left side of her forehead, Ranma started to push herself up into a sitting position, her eyes directed at the floor, hearing voices in the room.

"Ugh.. I had this strangest dream.. some beautiful woman had walked into the room and told me to sleep." she groggily whispered, lifting her gaze from the floor she then observed the same woman from before who looked to have super model looks waving at her with a slightly cheesy expression.

"It was all true kiddo.. not a dream." Athena called to the silver-haired girl, at which Ranma then seemed to shift her gaze to the right observing a girl whom looked to be her twin with unnatural colored eye's.

Continuing to scan the room she observed a very unnatural looking child, she then observed an older gray haired man in the room dressed in white robes, the fingers on his left hand adorned by gold rings.

She then scanned the rest of the room observing that every thing looked to have cost a fortune, specially the way everyone in the room was dressed. "Don't tell me.. Pops sold me for a bowl of rice with pickles again didn't he?"

Everyone in the room looked to one another, before looking back to the silver-haired girl, Chaos taking the initiative. "Yes he did.. he even got some- ouch!" she cried as a book crashed into the back of her head, quickly rubbing where she had been struck.

Whirling around Chaos growled at Tyr. "What I was just joking with her lighten up!"

Ranma quickly backpedaled until her back was flat against the rooms exit, the raven-haired child following her now standing within arms length lowering onto her haunches.

"Are you afraid of me?" the raven-haired child spoke, reaching out with her right hand, Ranma attempted to back up further only to slam the back of her head against the door, at which the child placed the palm of her hand on the silver-haired girl's forehead.

Ranma, gulped straightening her posture. "N-no.. not afraid of you.." she said through chattering teeth and false bravado, observing the girl's eyes were as unnatural as the girl who looked to be her twin.

"Well you should be." the raven-haired child simply stated, at which she closed her eye's, her hand seeming to emit pink light, Ranma seeming to fall into a trance like state.

Athena watching the spectacle before her. "What are you doing?" she called out to the raven-haired child, at which said child didn't turn to face her instead spoke. "I am delving into her mind.. I found her.. Hild-chan's memories are fragmented in this poor child's mind."

"Well that is great isn't it.. we can just retrieve the Brat, and send little Ranma there on her way back to Midgard." Athena stated with optimism.

The raven-haired girl shook her head. "If only it were that easy.. even for a being such as myself this task is daunting at best.. No she is Hild-chan.. I could attempt to force her fragmented memories back together.. but with a high risk." she explained calmly.

"What risk?" Athena queried.

Tyr then spoke up for the raven-haired child. "It could result in her becoming a vegetable or at the very least a basket case." he explained, before picking up the phone off its hook, he then went about dialing its rotary, lifting the phone to his ear.

The raven-haired child retracted her hand, at which the silver-haired girl seemed to snap out of her trance giving the girl before her a slight glare. "Just who and what are you huh?" she queried.

"My name is Oblivion.. and what I am is far beyond your current comprehension." The raven-haired child nonchalantly explained, patting the silver-haired girl's right cheek.

Taking this in she then pointed at Chaos with her right index finger. "And who is she.. and why does she look like my cursed form?" she probed, looking to the raven-haired deity attempting to analyze her.

"You shouldn't point at people its rude.. but if you must know she is your little sister though I am sure this is a bit of a shock to you." Oblivion calmly explained.

Ranma then slowly stood, her body seeming to protest as if she had been in battle recently with a tough opponent. "Look I don't know what you are talking about little girl.. I don't have a sister I was born an only child." she adamantly stated.

"Awe Oneesan how cruel of you to not remember your own little sister!" Chaos cried, hurt evident in her features.

Athena tiredly sighed as she produced a lollipop holding it out to the crimson-haired goddess who took it quickly starting to lap at her newly received treat, her mood seeming to switch back to happy like the flipping of a light switch.

"Look I know you don't understand all of this or want to accept it.. but in a past life you were a deity and Chaos-chan was your little sister.. and still is your blood is the same it hasn't changed at all." she tried to explain, as the silver-haired girl was giving her a skeptical look.

Ranma rolled this new information around in her head a moment. "Look so what you are trying to tell me is that I was some type of deity and somehow have reincarnated.. and that me and her are somehow related.. Look doesn't that sound a bit far fetched even a little.. You people are crazy.. now quit playing games with me and send me home now!" she shouted.

"We are not crazy at all.. your the one in denial here Oneesan." Chaos stated, as she pushed herself up off the floor into a standing position.

Oblivion gave the silver-haired girl a firm emotionless gaze. "No one here is crazy child.. you have seen it haven't you the mist.. the castle.. the throne that sits at its center.. a child that looks much like yourself sitting on the throne, several miniatures of herself within the same room.. you witnessed the flames that licked the walls.. do not attempt to deny what you have witnessed for yourself." she stated.

"How did you know about that?" Ranma queried since she had never spoken to anyone not even her pop's about the dreams she had been having, nor did she get the chance to.

Oblivion gave a slim smile before saying. "I know everything about you child.. I know what you did in your past life.. I also know some of what you will eventually accomplish in this life.. you are an open book to me.. And I do look forward to the pages of your life unfolding. I do feel you will be quite the source of entertainment."

Meanwhile in Niflheim...

Niflheim(Niflheimr) "Mist home" is the darkest and coldest region in the world. Niflheim was the first of the nine worlds; Niflheim is placed in the northern region of Ginnungagap. In the lands of Niflheim there is located the eldest of the three wells, which is called Hvergelmir "bubbling boiling spring" protected by the huge dragon called Nidhug (Níðhöggr), though this dragon formed avatar also serves as Niflheim's equivalent to Asgard's super computer known as Yggdrasil.

It is said that all cold rivers come from Hvergelmir, and it is also said to be the source of the eleven rivers. Hvergelmir is the origin of all living and the place where every living will go back.

Elivagar "ice waves" are the rivers which existed in Niflheim at the beginning of the world. They were the streams floating out of Hvergelmir. The water from Elivagar flowed down the mountains to the plains of Ginnungagap, where it solidified to frost and ice, which gradually formed a very dense layer. That is the reason that it is very cold in the northern plains.

As the world tree Yggdrasil grew up into the sky, it stretched one of its three large roots far into Niflheim, and drew water from the spring Hvergelmir.

Created far to the south of the world was the land of fire ruled by a fire giant called Surt. This land is called Muspelheim which is a burning hot place, filled with lava, flames, sparks and soot. Muspelheim is the home of the fire Giants also known as fire demons.

A beautiful blonde haired woman with purple spiral symbols on her cheeks, dressed in a very beautifully crafted revealing pink Victorian dress with white frills, on her feet she wore white high heels, pink elbow length fingerless gloves adorned by gold spikes on the knuckles, her neck adorned by a black leather choker with gold spikes, in the middle was a gold hoop which one could attach a leash, her ears she wore gold dangle earrings with a red rubies hanging off a short two linked tiny gold chain.

Her long hair held back into a ponytail by a pink bow, that rested just above her shoulders, a nipping breeze caused her to shiver, and a few loose strands to blow with the breeze, she looked off into the distance from her position in the courtyard of a large house called Helheim that at one point was redesigned to what resembled a feudal style castle, though the mist was thick she could make out the tall spiked fence that surrounded it, skulls of some origin crowned the spikes, their sockets spewing fire, a large drawbridge currently raised just in front of a rather imposing iron gate.

Surrounding the castle was a mote of molten rock which caused the mist to have a slight crimson hew.

"Hagall-sama you have a phone call." came the voice of a very beautiful raven-haired woman, who's hair was held back straight by a white headband, on her cheeks were purple lightning bolt symbols, her outfit consisting of a black Cheongsam which was a Chinese style dress, adorned by white flowers, at the left of the color was a white serpent dragon symbol, she wore white pearl earrings, gold bangles on both her wrists, on her feet she wore white thigh high platform boots, with black laces that ran all the way up their fronts.

The blonde haired woman growled inwardly. "Tell whoever it is I am busy.. and if they are looking for Hild-sama tell them she is indisposed at the moment." she nonchalantly replied.

"I told him that already.. but the Almighty claims he has an urgent matter to discuss with you regarding Nidhogg." the raven-haired woman calmly explained.

Hagall immediately turned to face the raven-haired woman. "Why would the Almighty wish to talk to me about Nidhogg?" she queried aloud in a mere whisper. 'Does he know..this is not good.' she thought with concern since currently the system was in lock down which left them quite vulnerable to attack should anyone of their many enemies ever find out.

"I don't know.. Look I know it is not my place to tell you what to do Hagall-sama.. but I think you should consider taking this call.. otherwise word might get out about our current predicament." the raven-haired woman called, having actually heard the blonde-haired woman's whispered words.

'That is assuming the Almighty has found out.. and hasn't blabbed about Niflheim's current status.. we will be done for if anyone finds out Nidhogg is in lock-down.. and that Hild-sama has been M.I.A for the last twenty years!' she inwardly exclaimed, straightening her posture.

"I will take that call.. thank you Halval.. please go back to what you were doing.. I also want you to send word to the dread-guard to step up their patrols.. I also want word sent out to Hild-sama's death squads as well as the regular military to step up their training." she commanded, as she started to make her way deeper into Helheim.

'Though I hope it won't come to it in our current state.. we must be prepared for war if it should arise.' she thought, on her features a solemn expression.

Under normal circumstances upon Hildr's untimely death if it should ever occur Hagall would have become the new Daimakaichō (The Great Demon World Leader), though this had not become the case which simply meant Hildr was still around somewhere.. but was missing, and right before she went missing after a group of demons attempted a coup had placed Nidhogg in a state of lock-down to prevent anyone from accessing its systems.

Though this also meant Hagall and her motley crew of followers have been having to strong arm the rest of Niflheim while also hiding the fact Hildr had gone missing, and a dummy system created by the Demoness Hrungnir put in place to fool other lessor demons into thinking business was usual, this system capable of putting out just enough energy to keep said demons from knowing the wiser, though this system was sketchy at best, and could quite possibly prove disastrous for all involved in this cover up should the system fail.

Upon entrance to the house revealed a rather creepy interior, walking through a long hallway, vents set into the floor shot flames that licked up the sides of the frost covered walls, she eventually arrived in a great hall, the halls lighting consisted with three chandeliers created from human bones hung just above a long dining table via single chains of iron, all of which were covered in cobwebs, elegant crafted chairs made from the bones of humans and demons alike surrounded this table, underneath it was a large purple rug that was covered in frost.

The floor consistent with black marble, and resting atop this table was a purple silk tablecloth, atop of this was a single knife, along with three silver three pronged candle holders, with wax candles with unlit wicks, resting at the northern side of the room was a fire place which looked to have not seen use in a very long time, cobwebs thick within it, ash and soot rested at its bottom.

Further in the house was Hildr's personal bedroom, which was similarly decorated, the bed for which she would occasionally sleep on was covered in dusty purple silk sheets, with matching satin covers, which was surrounded by black satin see through lace curtains that also were dusty with cobwebs strewn all over them, at the foot of the bed was a white bear skin rug resting on a frost covered black marble floor.

Hagall then crossed through the great hall until entering yet another room that was larger than the first this was Hildr's throne room, the throne covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs was currently occupied by a shadowy apparition consistent of a small child which was left behind by Hildr herself which seemed to keep things in Niflheim somewhat functioning even though its energy output was slim at best, the rooms lighting was provided by a rather large chandelier which dwarfed its counterparts in the dining room was held up by four large iron chains connected to the rafters which were supported by gargoyle statues along the walls.

Eventually Hagall arrived in a medium sized room, its décor similar to any ceo of a major corporation, though it looked poorly maintained, a oaken wood desk, an angle carved into the middle of the desk with her wings spread wide, skulls carved in at both sides of her, behind the desk on the wall was a painting which portrayed an older version of Ranma's girl half dressed in a purple, gold and black and violet very revealing dress, standing on a battle field wielding what looked to be a Katana of custom design, an army of undead at her back wielding weapons ranging from swords, spears and bows, along the walls were several file cabinets, along with other trophies of a distant war, along with past accomplishments.

Atop the desk a green nineteen forties style lamp that provided the rooms lighting, stacks of paperwork that was covered in dust and cobwebs, a dusty and cobweb ridden golden rotary phone sat at the right side of the desk, its receiver off the hook. Hagall crossed the distance picking up the receiver bringing it to her ear.

"Hello Hagall speaking what can I do for you Kami-sama?" the blonde-haired demoness called in a falsetto cheerful tone since she loathed speaking to the man on the other end.

"Hagall it would appear you have been lying to me in the past when you told me Hild-sama wasn't wishing to speak to me.. also it would appear Nidhogg is in a state of lock-down.. don't try to deny either of these accusations.. the Daimakaichō is in my office, and I should also tell you that Chaos-chan is here as well and has confirmed my suspicions." the voice on the other end of the line flatly stated.

Nearly dropping the phone Hagall quickly composed herself. "What do you mean Chaos-chan is in your office.. wait did you say Hild-sama is there? Can I speak with her?" she queried not quite answering Tyr's question.

"Sure you can speak with her Hagall-chan.. once you are in my office that is." Tyr's voice called, right before hanging up, which allowed the dial-tone to take over.


"Kami-sama?" Hagall called into the receiver not getting a chance to realize what was happening below her feet a purple ring was in the process of surrounding her person, the floor vanishing from beneath her feet sending her plunging into it. "AHHHHHH!" she screamed, just as the purple ring vanished from sight, the marble floor going back to its original state.

Back with Ranma...

Crossing her arms over her chest Ranma straightened her posture, giving the raven-haired child known as Oblivion a half lidded expression. "Okay you must be a mind reader I give you that.. and I must admit whoever created your costume did an excellent job little girl those are some awesome special effects.. and I love your contacts.. heck she is wearing the same color." she called gesturing to Chaos with her right index finger, before continuing.

"Anyways I am not sure what you people want from me.. I mean there is no such thing as reincarnation..Pops told me its just hokey religious dogma.. This is my first and only life.. and while I admit there are some forms of magic out there this curse I am afflicted with is a prime example..but for the most part normal people can't use magic.. and Gods don't even exist.. they were just concocted as a way to keep people from making immoral decisions" she calmly replied, just as an unfamiliar scream from somewhere in the room erupted.

Turning her attention to her right the silver-haired girl observed a blonde-haired woman who sprung up out of the floor promptly hitting the ceiling of the room, before crashing back down onto the hard floor just mere inches from her supposed twin's feet, at which she brought both her hands up to her face rubbing her eye's.

'Some really good special effects.. or I been poisoned with some type of hallucinogenic drugs.. hal-lucin- where did that come from?' she inwardly questioned, watching as the blond-haired woman that looked to be in her early twenties slowly stood up dusting herself off, arching her back ever so slightly causing three separate loud popping sounds.

"Say if you wanted to speak to Hagall-sama in person all you had to do was ask.. this was totally not called for." the blonde-haired woman called to the Tyr, giving him a slight glare.

Bringing her hands down Ranma looked to the blonde-haired woman half expectant that she would indeed be there. 'Maybe I am dreaming.' she considered, walking past oblivion to the spot on the floor the blonde had come out of and started stamping on it with one foot. "Wow its solid.. that is some excellent trap door stuff you guys got here."

Hagall ceased looking to the Almighty, turning her attention downward and to the left hearing a very familiar voice, and observing a very familiar little girl. "Hild-sama you actually are here!" she exclaimed.

"My name is Saotome Ranma.. not Hild-sama you must have me confused with someone else lady. Ranma stated, crossing her arms over her chest as she scrutinized the woman before her. 'Her costume looks so real.. they must have paid these people extra or somethin'?' she inwardly observed, since her pops had sold her to a wandering band of actors at one point for a bundle of fish.

"What did you do to Hild-sama you wretch?" Hagall called through gritted teeth, turning her attention to Tyr, creating a single ball of fire in her right hand.

Chaos shook her head, snapping her right finger's as a miniature thunder cloud appeared over the blonde-haired demoness drenching her, putting out the fireball, then quickly dispersing as just as fast as it appeared.

"He did nothing to her so why don't you chill.. for her second in command you sure are dense.. she for some reason reincarnated and has no memory of us.. we figure you may have the answer to that.. so start talking." she commanded, while raising her right hand towards Hagall emitting heat which quickly dried her off along with her clothes, along with what water had poured onto the floor.

'Holy holy holy... that was awesome!.. man these special effects are so realistic I can't tell if they are the real thing or not!' Ranma inwardly exclaimed, not even listing to anything being said.

Hagall shifted her glare to the silver-haired goddess. "I am not dense thank you Chaos-chan we are in Asgard.. Demon's aren't typically allowed here so this is a bit strange for me so give me a break! That and Hild-sama being here could only mean he had something to do with the coup.. after all she vanished during said coup which we fought valiantly to stop and managed towards the end only to find our leader missing.. how else do you explain her being here?" she queried.

It was at this point the Almighty spoke up. "I can assure you my people were not involved in this so called coup d'etat you speak of.. at any rate according to Chaos-chan Nidhogg is either not responding or is in lock-down.. while I am certainly no ally to Hell nor a fan this cannot be allowed to continue that system must be reactivated." he calmly pointed out.

"Reactivating Nidhogg is easier said than done.. to reactivate it we need Hild-sama.. and if she has no memory of who she is.. and her body being that of a mortal that is an impossible task." Hagall replied, turning her attention back to the silver-haired child.

Oblivion then spoke up explaining. "That isn't as impossible as you make out.. the child there still has Hildr's memories.. they are just fragmented if you take her to Nidhogg I am sure she can do the rest."

"Obi-sama You are here too!? Hagall exclaimed in slight shock since anytime Oblivion's avatar was around it was certainly a bad situation.

Oblivion gave a mischievous smirk to the blonde-haired demoness. "Yes I am.. I was having a chat with Kami-sama here before everyone showed up ruining our precious moment." she responded causing the Almighty to seemingly shiver.

Then in an effort to go back to their initial conversation. "Anyways like I said you should be able to take little Ranma there to Nidhogg and she will do the rest.. the memories are there they are just fragmented in her mind."

"You think we can get this mortal child near Nidhogg without her sucking the blood out of her body and swallowing her whole?" Hagall queried not at all convinced.

Chaos then spoke up for Oblivion. "You think Nidhogg wouldn't know its master when she is in her presence.. she practically controls her." she calmly explained.

"I don't know.. I never brought a mortal down to Niflheim before.. specially when said mortal is Hild-sama.. I guess if you think it will work it will.. but don't blame me if she eats her and I become the new Daimakaichō." Hagall warned, crossing her arms over her chest.

Both Athena and the silver-haired girl listened to both the silver-haired goddess, and blond-haired demoness's conversation, eventually having enough Ranma spoke. "Enough about whatever this Nid-thing you speak of.. and again I am not Hild I am Ranma.. now look I am hungry and I would like something to eat.. so could I please having something to eat?" she demanded in a somewhat pleading voice.

"Well I guess I will leave everyone to it then.. I do look forward to your exploits in the future Ranma-chan." Oblivion said with a smirk just as she vanished in a poof of smoke that lingered briefly, then dissipated.

Athena looked to the silver-haired girl. "Can you wait a little while longer little one.. I am sure we can provide you with a feast after this business is concluded?" she offered.

"Ranma gave Athena a slight pout. "Oh okay.."

Lapping at her treat Chaos turned her attention to the Almighty. "Kami-sama may I please have my access to Yggdrasil back.. I could really use the extra energy?" she requested.

Considering the silver-haired goddess's request a moment. "Well Chaos-chan seeing as your sister is of no threat currently.. and if you swear to never use the system for her personal gain I will allow it.. but if you should break this promise you will never again be able to access Yggdrasil.. do we have an agreement?"

Holding her right hand up palm out, solemnly swearing. "I swear on the realm of Chaos.. and on my Oneesan to never break this promise my Lord."

"Then I here by reinstate your access to Yggdrasil." Tyr stated, before going on to think. 'Though I can't expect you to truly keep your promise not with Hildr's silver tongue..and your loyalty to her will always run deep no matter how much you cling to neutrality.'

"It is obvious to me she will not believe a word we say until she herself possesses the ability to use magic and wields it." Athena pointed out, looking directly at the silver-haired girl who didn't appear to be listening to anything she was currently saying.

Ranma thumbed at the raven-haired goddess. "Yea what she says.. I think you guys are just pulling some kind of elaborate joke on me.. that or I am dreaming.. either way you people ain't gonna fool me." she stated with finality.

"So you truly don't think I am Kami-sama? Tyr questioned, then gesturing to Chaos and Athena. "And these are not truly Goddess's?"

The silver-haired girl looked to the gray-haired gentleman wearing the fancy white robes. "Look everyone knows if you believe in that stuff that is.. that Goddess's cannot be seen by the mortal eye.. and Kami-sama is Omnipresent.. according to some if one was to even look upon him they would become blinded.. so no I don't believe a word of it.. your just some crazy actor claiming he is the Almighty."

Pausing a moment Ranma then pointed to her twin. "I admit she has quite the likeness to myself and an excellent actress.. but those eyes it is obvious she is wearing contacts.. and the blond woman there is an excellent stunt girl and actress specially how she flew up out of that trapdoor in the floor, and has that demonic feel to her.. which again further proves this is all nothing more than an elaborate trick.. Demon's can't exist in Heaven.. it goes against every religion I've ever heard of.. and don't get me started on that creepy girl that was here earlier she's a good actress and mind reader I give her that.. but that still does not mean any of this is real." she calmly pointed out.

It was at that point everyone In the room except Ranma started to laugh hysterically, Chaos speaking between laughter. "You are so clueless!"

"You know for a young child you sure put a lot of thought into those words didn't you?" Athena queried, since she was surprised at this child's wide vocabulary at such an early age.

Ranma looked to the raven-haired goddess with a half lidded expression. "What did you expect me to be some dumb kid?.. I read books you know when I am not practicing martial arts.. specially when Pops isn't watching me.. he really hates it when I am reading rather than practicing."

"No never expected that.. just I was expecting something else." Athena stated, as she scanned Ranma with her eye's. 'Well that definitely fits the rumor about Hildr.. she apparently likes to read..' she inwardly observed.

Hagall having enough spoke up. "I don't mean to ruin this wonderful conversation about what is real and what is not.. I am a very busy Demon and I have a schedule to keep or she is going to have my head so can we please get this moving?" she requested.

{Athena you happened upon my pet project.. and though I didn't expect that she would be the Daimakaichō herself I need you to look after her this must stay under wraps under no circumstances is the rest of Asgard or even Hell to know of her mortal existence; You will be working with Chrono's he will give you all the information you need to know.. do not leave Hagall alone with her.} Tyr mentally stated to the raven-haired goddess.

Athena looked to Tyr with a slight frown. {I understand my Lord your will will be done.. though I am concerned.. even though it was Chaos who wielded magics in Midgard, you can't possibly be serious about sending her back to Midgard and without her limiters are you?}

{I will let you use your own judgment after your business in Helheim is concluded, on another note though I know you can take care of yourself take Ansuz with you.. she and Chaos will help keep you and Ranma safe.} Tyr relayed mentally.

"Does your boss really instill such fear in her subordinates?" Ranma curiously questioned, looking to the blond-haired demon with her amethyst gaze.

Hagall gritted her teeth in annoyance. 'Of course you do!' she mentally groaned, instead of replying she simply changed the subject. "Look if we are going to do this.. she needs to look the part."

"I concur.. Do you want to or shall I give her a makeover?" Athena queried of the blond-haired demoness, who looked to the silver-haired girl in an appraising manner.

Hagall gave a simple nod. "I'll do it just make sure she doesn't move."

"Still." Athena called out, while gesturing to the silver-haired girl at which a dark purple ring with glowing rune words surrounded her person.

Hagall raising her hand towards the silver-haired girl her hands taking on a reddish glow.

Ranma attempted to move however she couldn't move an inch. "What the heck are you people doing to me?" she queried in confusion, then her features taking on one of concern observing her current clothing had started to dematerialize, as a miniature cyclone of wind surrounded her person though nothing appeared to get blown around in the room.

On her feet a pair of purple ankle boots, the strap was outlined in gold trim, two gold buttons at either side fastening them, on her legs black knee high stockings had materialized, then a short purple skirt with black trim appeared around her waist, along with a black belt with golden belt buckle, her torso a purple and black vest, the front fastened together right above her exposed abdomen, gold trim running up from the buttons on both sides of the vest up to her collar, completely encircling the neck , the vest sporting two long tail as if that of a tuxedo.

On her arms black warmers had materialized, along with on her hands a couple purple gloves, also sporting gold trim along with gold buttons, a black leather gold spiked choker materialized around her slender neck, her hair then seeming to move on its own until she now sported long twin pigtails that were held together by two large gold beads, to long bangs hung down to her waist each with its very own gold bead, short bangs hung just above her eyes, her ears gaining piercings as now she sported two dangling black feathered earrings, that were connected to golden ear wires, the cyclone encompassing her figure vanishing from sight.

"What do you think Chaos-chan did I get the look correct?" Hagall questioned as she scrutinized her work not sure if she had got it right or not.

Chaos looked her silver-haired twin over giving a nod of approval. "Definitively looks like one of Oneesan's avatars.. but she won't fool the higher ups if questions are raised so I wouldn't suggest the grand tour.. we should just go straight to Helheim soon as possible once we get to Niflheim." she noted.

"What the hell am I wearing..what the heck is this huh?" Ranma shouted at the blonde-haired demoness just now being able to examine herself since the circle had vanished from around her feet.

Hagall smirked at the clearly undignified expression on the silver-haired girl's face. "That is your outfit for the time being Brat.. after we are done with you you can take it off and put on those ugly clothes you had on earlier if you so wish.. for now just deal with it." she firmly stated.

"Should you be calling Oneesan a brat Hagall-sama?" Chaos queried, since she was pretty sure the blond-haired demoness would surely regret it sometime in the future.

Hagall just chuckled at the crimson-haired goddess's words. "No.. but I doubt she will remember it.. and even if she does she will probably laugh it off when that day finally arrives...'Sides she allows the Goddess Athena to call her a brat so no I am not worried."

Chaos then spun in a circle on her right heel a vortex surrounding her as she now sported a similar outfit, but all black with gold trim, her stockings white, along with her arm warmers, her earrings were also different as the gold ear wires were connected to three tiny silver chains, diamonds attached to the ends, her hair done up in the same fashion as her twin.

"If you say so Hagall-chan.." she casually replied, before turning her attention to her twin, a slight frown to her features. 'I hope you remember your my Oneesan..I hope it will be very soon.' she inwardly hoped, raising her free hand towards her older sister, a slight pink glow emanated from her palm, at which Ranma's markings appeared, becoming solid.

Gritting her teeth the silver-haired girl, gave the room a once over seeming to be searching for something, she then started walking towards the direction of Kami-sama's desk, then turned to her right reaching out with her right hand yanking back a cloth that was draped over a dusty mirror, she then scanned her appearance a slightly sour expression crossing her features, then a slightly deviant smirk crossed her lips.

'Oh jeez.. if pops could see me now.. bet he would have a heart attack!' she mused knowing her father wasn't big on girls hanging around her since they posed a distraction, not to mention all the talk about how weak they were and so forth, Kami-sama only knew when he would eventually start in on her about the curse she now possessed even though it was his fault in the first place, then her current attire, and her hair done up in pigtails, not to mention the purple markings now solid on her features, her ears being pierced would compound it worse.

The deviant smirk vanished quickly as a look of fear crossed her features. "If pops sees me like this I'll never hear the end of it..." she grumbled in a mere whisper that went unheard to everyone with exception of Kami-sama himself who seemed to wear a blank mask to his features.

'If only things had went a little differently you wouldn't be standing in my office as a reincarnated deity..I had the chance to do the right thing so long ago but I blew it.. I am sorry Hildr.. hopefully the past me won't make the same mistake that I had made when the time comes.' Tyr mentally lamented, gazing directly as the silver-haired girl who was scrutinizing her appearance in the mirror to his left.

Athena looked to the charge now given to her by her lord. "Alright we must be going now if you want something to eat Ranma-chan please come over here." she stated, at which the silver-haired girl then made her way over.

Chaos gave a respectful bow to Tyr, before walking to the door opening it, Hagall looked to Tyr with a slightly cold gaze, then turned and followed Chaos out the door.

Ranma turned to the man who had claimed to be the almighty, giving a bow of respect, as well at her side Athena also bowed respectfully before turning to leave the Almighty to whatever it was he had planned.

Tyr watched the group leave, then the door to his office softly shut, at which he went back to his terminal typing up various memo's which dealt mostly with the running of Asgard itself.

Outside of Tyr's office his secretary who was sitting behind her desk, who was a blonde-haired, blue eyed woman, with a white business dress looked up from her work, while also dipping a quill pen into some ink, gained a wide eyed expression observing a very familiar little girl with silver-hair and her twin, along with a familiar woman who was on Asgards top feared list with Daimakaichō Hild leading the charge, Chaos running in second, leaving Hagall in third place.. there were several other names that were on that list, but none of them seemed to be present at the moment.

'What is Hildr and Hagall her second in command doing here? And Chaos too!' she mentally exclaimed, before nervously attempting to sign a document, her eye's watching the group until they disappeared around a corner, at which point she felt great relief.

A walk through the divine city...

Athena's group currently followed one of the many roads in Asgard, Lind and three other valkeries had joined them walking with Hagall seeming to box her in, Chaos and Ranma following close to Athena, deities young and old seemed to watch the odd spectical since it was quite rare for a Demon to be in Asgard, some taking out small objects that looked like small speres which they held them as if a camera snapping a picture of the blonde Demoness, as well as the rest of the group.

"Mommy mommy who is she?" a small child queried pointing to the silver-haired girl whom seemed to be looking from one direction to another seemingly out of curiousity.

The mother of the child looked to the silver-haired girl gaining a slight scowl. "Noone you should worry yourself over.. keep close to me." she stated, quickly taking her childs hand.

"Hey is that the Daimakaichō?" came the whispered question of an older gentlemen who was minding a nearby shop, the older woman standing next to him gave a simple nod responding with. "That and looks like her sister Chaos is here as well.. and if my memery serves me correctly that blonde demoness is Hagall one of her top Lieutenants.. scary woman she is."

Lind with concern looked to the many deities who were looking there way. "Look I am not sure it is wise of us to be walking the Daimakaichō and her Lieutenant through the heart of the city like this.. it could cause a panic."

"Well I can't just leave with them just yet, we have to go collect Ansuz before we can leave, besides with you here Hagall is harmless.. and the Bra-t 'er Ranma-chan is rather harmless per the moment.. and well I am sure Chaos has no plans of causing problems for anyone. So lets just go with it for now." Athena calmly assured, since for the most part most the looks she had seen so far was more out of curiosity rather than fear or even panic, and the occasional angsty glance, but she was sure things would remain peaceful during they're trip.

'Ugh I think I am going to be sick...' the blond-haired demoness thought, as her eyes drifted from one scene to another.. the devinity of the city, along with the fresh air and sunlight seeming to cause her a slight bit of nausea.

Ranma observed the buildings she was walking past observing they looked nothing like anything she had ever seen before, though she had to admit it had some close resemblance to a futuristic scify manga, movie or even tv series she had once seen. 'Wow this is so cool.. bet they spent a fortune building this set.' she considered, turning her attention to the raven-haired goddess.

"Say where did you say we are again?" she queried, while staying in step with the raven-haired goddess.

"Asgard.. the home of the God's." Athena simply stated, looking down to her right at the silver-haired girl giving a soft smile before whispering. "Look do me a favor and don't ask to many questions here.. otherwise you will look like a tourist.. and that will cause questions to be raised."

Lind looked to the back of the silver-haired girl speaking in a stern whispered voice. "I concer with Athena.. you may think of yourself as not a reincarnation of the supreme ruler of Demon kind, but to everyone who currently is watching you thinks you are Daimakaichō Hild.. so please stop acting like a tourist and a child and walk with purpose, and a sense of self importance."

"I am a child for your information.. and you people take this acting buisiness too seriously.. but I will play along for now... but once all this is over I am going to take off all this girly crap then I am going back to where I truly belong.. Even though Pops can be a bit of a dick sometimes he is still family." Ranma obstanently whispered, as she straightened her posture, looking back at Hagall briefly then started to mimic the way she carried herself.

Hagall softly giggled at her reincarnated bosses antics, which also helped to take her attention enough so that she forgot all about her nausea from simply being in the divine city.

'I am going to have a headache at this rate.' Lind thought to herself, Chaos trailing behind her twin with not a care in the world, while also lapping at a newly formed treat which was a rainbow colored blow pop.

An old yet-

New aquaintance...

The groups trip was mostly uneventful with exception to passers by snapping a simple picture, or gossiping about the many possibilities what the group was up to, some even thinking it was a diplomatic meeting between the Daimakaichō and the Almighty.. since though it was a rare occasion it did happen every so often.

Eventually the group wondered into a garden that sported several fruit tree's, as well as rows upon rows of flowerbeds that sported a variety of different plant species, Lind and her detachment had left since they're services were no longer needed.

Tending one such tree was a beautiful petite raven-haired woman who stood at 5.8, her hair adorned with four white feathers these being two on each side, her eyes a dark blue, a dark blue diamond symbol was on her forehead, along with one blue dot on each of her cheeks, her dress consisting of a blue-n-white peasant dress, she wore gold jewlry that spirled up the length of her arm, as well as matching one's that spirled down from her knees over her white knee-high boots.

Nearby standing on its end was a staff made of silver, at its top three gold rings seemed to be rotating while also seeming to hover, crowning this staff was a white orb, with two five inch white angel wings spread wide to the sides of the orb.

The woman seemed to continue tending to the tree that stood before her, turning her head to the right ever so slightly. "Ah I have been expecting you Athena, I also sence you have brought guests."

"Wait you knew we were coming?" Athena queried being taken aback, at which the raven-haired woman turned around giving a nod, as her eyes shifted over the group centering on the silver-haired girl in particular.

"Yes my husband sent word that you would be coming here with an important guest.. though I had not expected you to be bringing her here as well." the raven-haired goddess explained, while gesturing to the blond-haired demoness.

Hagall then calmly replied. "Would you rather I not be here Anzus-san? If so that makes two of us."

Chuckling at the Demonsess's words Anzus shook her head. "No Hagall-chan its fine you won't be here long enough for it to become a problem I am sure."

She then walked over standing infront of the silver-haired girl placing her hands on Ranma's shoulders, analogizing her with her sapphire orbs.

'For a reincarnation she isn't much different with the exception her mana is as if trapped in a reservoir.. that is immense, trickling out of various fracture points. You definitely were a force to be reckoned with.. I now see why we made such good friends as well as rivals for one another.' she thought fondly, turning her attention to Athena.

"I am to assume my husband has let you in on the details of his project?" she requested.

Athena gave an affirming nod of her head. "Yes he has.. though I haven't received all the details I am still needing to speak with Chronos.. though I wasn't aware you knew about all this.. Are you comfortable with whatever the Almighty has in mind for her?" she responded, gesturing to Ranma.

"Yes.. I have faith in my Husband.. and I also know Ranma-chan here has a destiny that must be fulfilled for better or for worse.. it is all up to her to decide." Anzus replied cheerfully.

Hagall then spoke up. "Look I don't know what the big man is up to.. and I don't care my main concern is that Niddhog be restored so that I can restore order within Niflheim.. things have been rather hectic as of late.. rumors of Hild-sama's death have been circulating which is causing lower demons to become aware that something is amiss.. I figure with Chaos here to boost Ranma's power we can continue to trick the populus into believing business as usual.. also once the populous has seen one of Hild-sama's avatars even from afar will promptly put those rumors to rest."

"Such a deceitful plan.. however it is necessary as well as expected of one of Hildr's top Lieutenants." Anzus flatly stated, turning her attention to the silver-haired girl who was looking up at her as if wishing to pose a question. "Yes little one?" she queried with a warm smile.

Ranma felt warm inside looking to the raven-haired goddess. "U'm not to try and rush things.. but I was promised food.. are you going to make me something?"

Giggling lightly Anzus shook her head. "No sorry Ranma-chan but I believe your question should be made to someone else." she said while gesturing to the raven-haired war goddess with her eye's.

"I see.. U'm Athena-sama right? Can we go get somethin' to eat now? I am starvin'?" Ranma queried of the raven-haired war goddess.

Athena gave a simple smile, speaking up. "Yes we will be leaving Asgard shortly.. there is a restaurant that is said to have the best cuisine in all the cosmos.. its located between worlds in a neutral plain of existence we shouldn't have any problems there.. also having you dine there may help with Hagall's distasteful, but necessary plan as well."

Hagall gained a thoughtful expression, her eye's gaining a bit of a sparkle to them. 'If correct.. I am betting she means Perse's.. Hild-sama always spoke of that place with high regard.. this will be the first time I have ever got to go. How lucky in some ways Hild-sama isn't in a position to stop me from going for once... I am so excited I truly do hope I am right!' she mentally exclaimed, crossing her fingers.

'Even for an act I really like what she said.. I can't wait to eat wherever it is we are going since they are actors its gotta be somewhere nice.. I guess they will also expect me to pretend to be this Hild-person.. though without a script I will be completely they all expect me to fail at the role.. well I'll show them I can do this even with a minor handicap.' Ranma thought to herself, making it a personal challenge, her features taking on an expression of determination.

Chaos looked to her twin with a contemplative expression. 'I can see the gears turning.. what is Oneesan plotting?'

A few more minutes went by before Ansuz left the gardens with the rest of the group eventually crossing bifrost and leaving Asgard behind. -To be continued...