Title: Anonymous.
Author: Navigate Me.
Rating: T.
Warning: AU-ish, swearing, and innuendos. Rating might go up too.
Summary: Izaya and Shizuo have two major things in common: they both hate one another, and end up falling for an anonymous student they met over Raira's dating site. But what will they do in order to find out who they are? What'll happen when they find out who their anonymous really is?

This is dedicated to my friend whose birthday was in September. She doesn't mind homosexuality, but says she isn't really into the whole yaoi scene. Hopefully, I can change that ;D

And this fic is for you Shizaya fans out there~! c:

A/N: I accidentally replaced chapter one, which was Izaya's POV with this. Because I forgot to save my Izaya chap, I have to rewrite it. This story will go into hiatus for a while until then. I am very very very sorry you guys! I know this sounds dumb, but I kinda cried because I worked so hard D':

So please, forgive me! I'll try my hardest to fix things DDD:

I hate violence.

I really do.

But sometimes, there are times where I want to smash someone's face against a wall. Times where I want to hit them in the face with a vending machine. Times where I just plain want to hurt someone.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't go around inflicting pain onto random people because I get some sick kick out of it.

Hell no.

But when I do end up hurting someone, it's because they deserve it. Whether they are bullies at school picking on other students, creepers I pass by trying to mug or rape someone on the streets, or just plain anyone who hurts innocent people, well…

I'll tell you this.





Although most people would hate having this monstrous strength I possess, I'm actually glad to have it.


Because if anyone else were to have it, someone morally corrupted, who knows what they would do with it? Who knows what would happen if anyone else was born with my strength instead of me?

At least with me, I don't abuse it. I put it to good use.

And by good use, I mean kick anyone's ass that either pisses me off, gets in my way, or brings pain to others.

God only knows what would happen if someone as sick-minded, corrupted, and sadistic as Izaya.

Orihara Izaya.

Now let me tell you a few things about the degenerate before I go any further.

Izaya, in my opinion, is the kind of guy you want to punch in the face. The type of person that you just want to grab, and throw in front of a moving train. Orihara Izaya is a skinny, dark haired flea, with eyes that, in the right light, give off a red and devilish glow.

He walks around the school and all of Ikebukuro and for some strange reason, nothing but chaos seems to follow him. And despite all of the trouble he's caused within a month of being here, girls are already willingly throwing themselves at him.

It's disgusting really.

Who in the right mind could ever be attracted to someone like him?

Just the other day, when my teacher was going through my desk for inspection, I was caught with porn stuffed in my desk.

It pissed me off! I tried to tell my teacher I didn't know how it all got there, which was true, and I was sent to the principal's office.

And on the way to the office, I walked by Izaya.

He asked me, "Did you like the pictures I left for you?"

And as if reflex, I raised my fist to hit him. As I swung at his head, he dodged and I hit the window. With broken shards of glass in my hand, I plucked them all out and continued my walk to the office.

Dumb bastard got me sent home for the rest of the day yesterday!

I swear…

I can never get a break around here anymore with that flea around!

And stupid Shinra just had to introduce me to him.

Kishitani Shinra. The smartass who I usually mistake as an idiotic, overactive teenage boy. He is well… overactive, hyper, happy, and always smiling. We've been friends since we were kids and ever since, he's had some strange, and I do mean strange, obsession with my inhuman strength.

But anyways, despite being one of the brightest people to ever attend Raira, introducing me to Izaya is like throwing gasoline into a burning house.

Real fucking stupid.

At first, I was ok with the douche bag. I thought hey, why not make friends with him? He's new and it must suck to not know anyone.

So being the friendly person I am, or can be at least, I walked from the soccer field towards him and Shinra.

And that's where at began to crumble.

5 minutes or so after meeting him, we practically tried to kill one another. Out of nowhere, he took out his knife and cut my chest and he was left unscathed.

It just pissed me off even more.

I wasn't pissed off because he left such a fucking deep cut. Pfft, that was nothing. If I haven't mentioned already, I have an extremely high tolerance towards pain and well… I could get hit by a bus and not give a flying fuck.

Well anyways, class has just ended for the day and luckily, I wasn't expelled for the rest of the week after that little 'prank' the flea pulled off. Ugh, I swear he's the only person I'd enjoy hurting without a reason.

Oh wait—I take it back. I do have a reason. Or should I say reasons.

But I'll save you the trouble and time by summing it up in 7 words.

He. Purposely. And. Constantly. Pisses. Me. Off.


Turning my head towards the door, I see a certain glasses wearing brunette.

Smiling, Shinra walks over to me.

"Hi." I greet the happy teen.

I watch, still in my seat, as Shinra looks around the class room. After cocking his head from left to right, he says rather curiously, "Ne, Shizuo. Why are you still here? School's over."

Quickly, I do the same and notice there's only the teacher, a group of 4 or so of my female classmates, and a few boys left.

"Oh, uh, nothing. I just kinda got caught up thinking." I say.

He gives me a skeptical look before grabbing my arm and pulling me out of my seat. Quickly, I grab my school bag and try to keep up with his steps. Walking down the hallway, with him still pulling on my arm, he abruptly stops. Trying my hardest not to bump into him, I brake on my heels.

"What the hell!"

"Sorry! Just thought we should go visit Dotachiin." Shinra says as he releases my arm to rub the back of his neck.

"'Dotachiin?'" I ask curiously. With one hand holding my school bag, I stuff my other into the pocket of my school pants. "You mean Kyohei?"


"Why do you call him 'Dotachiin?' Doesn't it piss him off when you do?" I ask as we make our way down the hall towards the exit.

As we pass by a few girls, I can feel their eyes glued to my body like I'm a piece of meat. Ignoring a group of second years ogling me, I smile at the group of juniors walking past uus. Some of them blush surprised, and the other few smile back.

Now walking past them, I can hear them whispering rather loudly amongst one another.

"Did you see that? Shizuo just smiled at us!"

"He's so hot!"

"Oh I know right?"

I can't help but feel a little nice being called attractive. Well… 'Hot'. But still, it's always nice to hear stuff like that, you know?

Although, I can't say I find myself 'hot.'

It's weird. I look at myself in the mirror and I just see me. Normal, amber eyed, dyed blonde hair me. Whereas the girls here see me as much more.

Turning the corner towards the school's doors, I notice Shinra still going straight. Confused, I stop, turn back, and follow him. "Where are you going? I thought we were going to visit Kyohei!"

"I'll catch up with you! I forgot I had to help tutor some of the first years with their homework!" He says.

"Then what do I do?"

"Uhm... I know! Come into the class, and take this quiz on the computer in the class room!"


A few minutes went by and he explained to me what he was talking about. Apparently the school is holding some dating site for the students in the school. Since there's a festival coming up, the thought they'd try to play Cupid and match us up with random students.

At first I thought it was stupid then… wait, I'm not going anywhere with this. I still think this is stupid.

But since it's Shinra, he annoyed me into it.

Sitting at the teacher's desk after Shinra asked permission for me to use it, even though I really wish he didn't, it asks me what I would like my user name to be.

A user name?


"Shinra!" I call from the teacher's desk. After pointing at a few things on a student's paper, he talks for a bit and makes his way over to me.

"Are you done already?"

"I need help with a name."

"You mean you still haven't thought of one yet?"

"I haven't, can you think of one for me?"

Walking over behind the desk and standing next to me, he starts typing.

"Yuki?" I ask him curiously.

"Yepp! And look, it hasn't been taken yet!"

"You've got to be kidding, that's such a girly name!" I tell him.

When you think of the name 'Yuki,' the first thing that comes to mind is not an image of me. No. What does come into mind is a picture of that girl Namie from the class next door or a picture of a pretty boy.

And if you haven't noticed, I'm not Namie nor am I a pretty boy.

"Who cares? Besides, if you don't want people to know it's you, this is the perfect name for you to use!"

... He has a point.

Sighing I give up. "Fine."

"K, when you're done, we'll both go over to the hospital. I'm pretty sure I'll be done helping everyone but until then, I still have to tutor." He says as he walks back. Looking at the students at the desk, there are around 12 of them. A good number of them are boys and 3 or so are girls.

Now onto the quiz.

The quiz is like any other quiz out there. It asks me about the things I like and dislike, things I like to do, and all that stuff. When the questions would switch from multiple choice to questions that actually ask me to type, I feel like groaning.

Everything would just be easier if it were all just multiple choice!

But then again… if it was just multiple choice all the way, who knows who I'd be stuck with?

Now with only 4 questions left, I check the time. I've only been on the computer for 10 minutes.

To be honest, I've kind of just sped through the entire thing. The only things that took me long were the parts that needed me to type. They were the only ones I put thought into really.

'What year are you in?

A) Freshmen/First year.
B) Sophomore/Second year.
C) Junior/Third year.
D) Senior/Forth year.

Would you like to meet someone in:

A) The same grade/year as me.
B) Doesn't matter.
C) Someone younger.
D) Someone older.'

Although I believe in the saying 'age is just a number,' I don't really think that quote applies to me. Sure it may work for others, just not me.

'Your gender?

A) Boy.
B) Girl.

Which gender appeals to you?

A) Male.
B) Female.
C) Both/Doesn't matter.'

At first, I thought of clicking the thing that says 'female.' But after thinking about it, I never really had a sexual preference before. If I like someone, it would be for who they are on the inside. For their personality and who they are as a person, not because they are a boy or girl, right? So gender shouldn't really be the final decision, right? Right?

Fuck it, I might as well.

After clicking C, the screen takes me to a page with my matches and apparently, I have none.

Reading the black font, it tells me I'll have to wait a while. It says not many people are signed up and I should check for matches later.

Oh well.

Sitting there for 5 minutes, I wait impatiently for Shinra to finish tutoring. A minute soon starts to feel like a month and I can't fucking take it.

Grabbing my bag, I click the little thing in the corner that says 'sign out', and I turn off the computer. Walking around the desk, I make my way to the door. As I reach for the door knob, I hear Shinra calling after me. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to check up on Kyohei, I finished that stupid quiz and I'm getting bored waiting for you."

"But I thought we were going together! Best friends since preschool—"

"Stop whining. Just text me when you get to the hospital ok? Besides, Kyohei's probably lonely having to stay in the hospital all by himself—"

"Gee, I wonder who put him there in the first place—"

"Do you want to die?" I growl at him before he bows and apologizes.

Seriously, it wasn't my fault he was put there. It was his fault for trying to stop me and Izaya from fighting. Although… I can't help but respect him for it.

He took a desk to the stomach like a man.

And a desk thrown by me at that.

As I turn the corner towards the school door's that exit into the front yard, I see a certain little flea and Namie walking.

Pretending that I don't notice him, I stuff my hand into my pocket as the other holds my school bag.

"Ne, did you see the new comedy out, Namie-chan?"

God I hate his voice.

"You mean the one staring Hanejima Yuuhei?"

At that, I shift my eyes in their direction but keep my head straight ahead.

"No I haven't." Namie said. "Why? Is it good?"

"To be honest, it really sucked. Hanejima Yuuhei is nothing but a talentless hack who has no right to call himself an actor."

Feeling my anger raise to an extreme level, I swing my fist at him as I past him. Unfortunately, he dodged and my other hand hit the window once again.

Damnit! Oh well, now I can say I've punch a window with both hands. Although it's not like that's something to actually be proud of.

As I turn to face him, I watch as he sticks his tongue out at me mockingly.

Angrily, I run after him and so starts this little game of cat and mouse. Ugh. If only this mouse didn't run like a fucking race horse and had the reflex of a fictional ninja, this game would've ended weeks ago.

Now running after him on the streets of Ikebukuro, I yell after him.


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