Title: Anonymous.
Author: Navigate Me.
Rating: T.
Warning: AU-ish, swearing, and innuendos. Rating might go up too.
Summary: Izaya and Shizuo have two major things in common: they both hate one another, and end up falling for an anonymous student they met over Raira's dating site. But what will they do in order to find out who they are? What'll happen when they find out who their anonymous really is?

The two bodies squirmed against one another, completely out of synch and out of the other's rhythm. They perspired a little due to the warmth emitting from the body next to theirs, and insanely warm jackets that were beginning to become a nuisance. As hot and erotic as some people would have taken that situation to be from the sound of it, it was anything but hot and erotic. Instead of kinky, steamy sex, Shizuo and Izaya had followed Shinra's orders to see his teacher.

The man had been busy when they went to see him, and were directed to the councillor's office, which left them in their current predicament; sitting on the awkwardly small couch, in the awkwardly small room, not daring to choose between the other two seating choices—The dirty floor that would leave a mark on their ridiculously white clothing, or behind the councillor's desk where the teacher would be seated in any minute. Standing would have been a good choice… If there was enough room to stand. The walls were not lined with various books and binders that eliminated whatever space was left.

Just trying to get onto the couch was a challenge! Either the councillor needed to get rid of a few things, or move his or her office into a room, not a closet like the one it currently was.

So, as they were both seated on the small, old, black couch that popped both their personal bubbles, much to their dismay, they tried to distract themselves. It had done the trick… for a few minutes.

One began to look through the news on his phone, which was effective for the most part until it had become boring. He had already read all of it that morning while he was eating breakfast. The other had decided to look at the books on the shelf closest to him until he became bored as well.

It was then that both were reminded of how uncomfortable they were, and the lack of distance between one another. Just sitting there, so close to the blonde, made Izaya feel incredibly awkward for reasons unknown. He assumed it was the close proximity. Resting his chin in his hand as his arm rested on the couch's arm, he turned his head to look at the teen next to him.

Shizuo wasn't ugly. That much was obvious. Even Izaya had to admit it. Shizuo was very handsome. But, at the same time, the Heiwajima wasn't quite Izaya's cup of tea, and didn't have the intelligence to ever be.

He's all muscle and no brains, he thought to himself. Then teen snorted at the thought of Shizuo trying to do long division.

Shizuo turned his head. There was a growing scowl on his face that seemed to worsen the longer he stared at the raven. With an annoyed tone in his low bass, he asked, "What?"

"Oh, nothing." Izaya gave a small shrug which he noticed annoyed Shizuo to no end, the latter's jaw clenching.

The blonde gave him one last look before the pocket of his white jacket began to vibrate, catching his attention as well as Izaya's. Going back to ignoring Izaya's existence, with great difficulty, what with the smaller teen's side pressed up against his, Shizuo pulled his cell phone out. It was a text from Kasuka asking him how he was doing.

Izaya could not see the text, and but even if he did, he would not have cared. The text seemed to brighten up the blonde, and he pondered who the message might have been from for a brief moment. He quickly gave up a mere second after. He had better things to think about.

Suddenly, the door swung open, hitting the side of the couch Izaya sat on. He jumped closer to Shizuo, the doorknob barely missing his head. What in the world?, Izaya thought. His train of thought was broken when he received a hard shove from the blonde.

"Don't touch me, flea."

"You should feel honoured, Shizu-chan.~" Izaya teased. He watched the nickname take its toll on Shizuo, and in his peripheral, caught his large, bandaged hands clench angrily. Izaya's amused expression shifted into one of confusion instantly. Bandages? Since when?

There was not a trace of concern or anything like it in Izaya, just a slightly piqued curiosity. Hmm

"Okay, boys," Began the raven's teacher from behind the sturdy, wooden desk. His voice grabbed both teenage boys' attention, and then he proceeded to fold his hands on the table. "I know you two don't like each other, but—"

"But Shizu-chan just loves me.~" Izaya interrupted. His teacher decided to ignore it, and continue as if he had not said a word. Unfortunately, Shizuo could not let it go, and the teacher could see the blonde's temper rising.

"… You must put your differences aside to make today successful. So, will you two please behave yourselves today?"

There was a moment of silence. Izaya turned to look at Shizuo mockingly, and Shizuo turned to look at Izaya menacingly. Tension filled the room and mingled with the air. The teacher sighed, shaking his head. "I didn't want to resort to this, but, if either of you don't, you will be suspended."

"What? For how long?" Shizuo asked, whipping his head towards the teacher.

"I am not sure. It was all the principal has told me so far. All I know is that bad behaviour from either of you equals suspension. So, please, don't cause any trouble, okay, you two?"

"… Yes, sensei." Said both teens in unison.

The setting of the classroom looked as if it was an actual cafe. The desks had been moved, and were replaced with circle tables with elegant center pieces that varied from each table. Some had cute, pink ornaments, while some had a simple looking vase with flowers, which also gave the room a modest look as well. There were also matching seats, and next to the door was a counter that went along one of the walls. There pastries and various sweets were displayed for all to see. There were cupcakes, cakes, candies, tarts, crepes, things smothered in what appeared to be chocolate...

If one took away everyone in the room, and the annoying, girly atmosphere, and left only the sweets, Shizuo would have been in heaven. When Izaya's teacher had first told him to behave, he thought nothing of it. Sure, he would behave. But he said nothing about acting like he actually wanted to be there. However, when Shinra had promised to save him a little bit of everything they were serving—That was when Shizuo buckled down, and swallowed his pride.

It's for the sweets, he chanted mentally. It's for the sweets. But I wish I could at least be with my class instead of Shinra's. Being with a different class feels kinda weird.

He looked at his phone for the time. 10:02 AM. Another few hours until I head to the roof to meet Kanra-san.

Standing next to the door, he waited behind a white podium with his little notepad and pen. He had been given the job of not only being a waiter/host, but he was also told to lead people to tables and have whoever shows up seated. It seemed easy enough, and all he had to do was smile, take them to an empty table that looked clean enough, ask them what they wanted, and bring it to them.

It was a fast job that he tried to accomplish as quickly as possible so he could go back to standing by the door, doodling in his small note pad, texting, and do anything that didn't involve unnecessary talking.

It could have been worse. I could be stuck at the back at that kissing booth like Izaya.

For a split second, Shizuo let his eyes wander off towards the back of the room. There, two kissing booths stood next to one another. Izaya was stationed behind one of them, with Namie at the other one looking as bored as ever. The class had decided that there should be two booths, one with a girl and one with a boy to appeal to all orientations.

According to Shinra, when no girls raised their hands, Izaya had volunteered Namie and without getting a word in herself, she was chosen. It was an amusing situation, but if Shizuo were her, he would have smashed Izaya's head into the closest wall. A boy made his way towards Namie's booth, and, with a swift turn of her head, he was ignored. She had begun talking to Izaya, and the teen walked away, head hanging dejectedly. The scene made Shizuo wince, Poor guy.

"E-Excuse me."

Shizuo turned attention away from the boy, who had slowly made his way towards the door, to the group of girls standing in front of the podium.

"Oh, sorry. Uh, are you four waiting to be seated?" He asked casually, offering a smile he thought looked awkward. Fortunately, the girls found it cute, and returned it with happy smiles of their own.

"Y-Yepp!" Stuttered one of the girls.

"Okay, uh," He looked away to scan the room for any empty tables. There was one right next to the window near the front.

"Just follow me." Said the blonde as he made his way to said table, pen, notepad, and menus in hand. The girls followed closely behind, giggling and whispering amongst each other as if Shizuo had lost his sense of hearing. He could him them loud and clearly, although he was starting to wish he couldn't.

When they reached the empty table, the girls took their seats, and flipped through the menus Shizuo handed them. Ignoring one girl's flirtatious looks, he quickly took their orders, and turned on his heel to go get them their food.

"Here." Shizuo said as he placed the white note on the counter. Shinra took the slip and began to place their orders on a circular, sleek, silver tray.

"So, how's your job going?" Asked the cheery brunette as he cut a piece of cake. He was dressed in a white dress shirt, a white apron that wrapped around his waist revealing a black vest, black pants, and matching black shoes. Shizuo envied him. The only obnoxiously pink thing on him was his bow tie.

"Not as bad as I thought it'd be." He replied truthfully. No one had done anything to piss him off, so that alone was good. Not to mention Izaya hadn't spoken a word to him since they left the councillor's office.

"See? What'd I tell you? It's not that bad! Besides, since you're doing such a good job, here!" The smaller boy held out a white and pink cupcake. "Go on, eat it."

Shizuo took it graciously, and finished the small pastry in two bites. His taste buds jumped happily at the sweet flavor, and he sighed in satisfaction. "Thanks, Shinra."

"No problem, Shizuo-kun!" He handed the tray to the blonde, who then made his way to the table of girls awaiting their orders and a chance to flirt with him.



"I'm bored." Izaya whined immaturely. He shot her a pout that was anything but effective. She crossed her arms and leaned back into her chair after straightening out her magenta and white dress.

"Good for you. I am, too."

Reaching for his cellphone on the table before him, Izaya checked for the time. 10:02 AM.

Oh? Only 10? Hmm. I wonder if Yuki-san remembered our little meeting later.

After putting his phone into the back pocket of his white pants, Izaya looked around the frighteningly pink and white room with sore eyes. It felt like he was looking at the sun, and all the pink and white was starting to make him feel dizzy. Never had he seen so much pink in his life. And the white was just blinding. The wallpaper that covered the walls gave him a headache. The striped wallpaper with only bits of black was a terrible idea, and he cursed whoever decided it was a good idea.

I wish I was in the Home Ec. room instead. At least there I'd have something to do and my poor head feels like it's going to blow up. He groaned.

In the next room over, the majority of the girls in his class were busy baking and making sweets. Because all of them knew how to bake, with the exception of the 'lovely' young woman next to Izaya at the moment, while all the boys in the class were absolutely clueless, it was decided all the boys work as waiters/hosts and whatnot. They could have done something easier and much more amusing. Like a haunted house or something. At least then he'd be entertained and get a few laughs watching students scream in fear.

So, there he was, bored out of his mind, sitting next to Namie, who was as bored out of her mind as he was with his. Suddenly, a boy got up from his seat and began walking towards Namie. Izaya's eyes drifted to the girl next to him, and she began to speak.

"So, Izaya, how are you?" She asked, her face desperate. She was as reluctant about kissing strangers as Izaya was, if not more. "Izaya?"

"I'm very good, Namie-chan. How are you?" He said.

Namie looked thankful.

"Well, I'm doing very well; I'm just a little hungry. I skipped breakfast thing morning because I woke up a little late and..." The boy saw that he had been denied, and turned around to walk away with an air of rejection. Izaya wanted to feel sorry, and he did. He felt sorry the boy had to pay for a kiss. It must suck to be that lonely, he thought all but sympathetically.

"Thanks." Namie said stoically.

"You are very welcome, Namie-chan." Izaya said in his casual, amused tone that sometimes made the girl's skin crawl.

A/N: Why is it in third person? I don't really know. I'll be rewriting previous chapters, and sorry for the mistakes!