There may be spoilers so you should watch the movie before reading this.


After the moonlight howl, Kate and Humphrey started their walk down the mountain. Humphrey struck a conversation, "It's nice that alphas and omegas can be together now, isn't it?"

"It sure is." Kate answered. She rubbed her head under his chin, making Humphrey wag his tail and smile. He thought back to the fun adventure they had getting back home.

"What adventures do you think are going to happen next?"

"I don't know. Maybe we can just hop on the train and see where it takes us." Kate really wondered where they would head for next.

"That sounds fun. You're starting to think like an omega now." Humphrey winked at her.

"Maybe I can teach you how to hunt like an alpha." Kate smiled, picturing Humphrey doing the tricks she learned at alpha school. She had left for training when they were still young. When she returned, Humphrey was amazed at her beauty and shortly got to see the amazing skills she had learned. The two finished talking when they got to the bottom of Howling Rock and met Lilly and Garth, who were both waiting for them.

"Hey, Kate. What took you so long?" Lilly asked her sister.

"Humphrey and I were just talking. We were thinking about going on adventure soon." Kate explained.

Lilly asked another question, "Oh, that sounds fun! Can I come?"

Kate and Humphrey looked at each other and smiled before Humphrey said, "Of course. The more, the merrier."

"If Lilly is going, then so am I." Garth stepped forward.

Lilly nudged her head under Garth's chin for a second. Kate smiled, happy her sister was in love also. Then she asked "So, we'll leave sometime tomorrow?"

"Sounds great to me." Garth, Lilly and Humphrey all said at the same time.

Garth asked, "Where are we meeting?"

The group agreed on meeting at Kate and Lilly's cave first thing in the morning and all went home to go to sleep.