It's been about three months since Humphrey, Garth, Lilly, and Kate had gotten back from their adventure. Garth and Lilly married followed by Kate and Humphrey the day after. Now, Humphrey was crouching low in the grass. Looking straight at a group of caribou. Humphrey kept his tail under his belly. He was crouched as low as he could get, but still able to move. Quietly, the grey wolf moved through the grass. This wasn't a serious attempt for dinner. In fact, dinner-time wasn't even close. This was early morning. He knew that if he failed this time, it wouldn't matter. They would be back later in the day. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. He thought to himself, "Alright, Humphrey... You've done this before, you know what to do."

Humphrey found a boulder, not far from the grass. He grabbed a bunch of grass and ripped it out of the ground. He looked at the caribou to make sure they didn't see him, and dove for the rock, taking cover behind it. He peered around the side of the boulder, and looked at the group. None had seen him. He laid down on the ground, as quietly as possible. The grass he had gathered was in his hand. Something he liked to do ever since he did it to get in the back of the truck with Lilly. He put the grass on his back, and used his tail to hold some on his rear. He checked himself over. Although he could see himself, he knew that he was completely covered in grass and that the caribou couldn't see him. He smiled and peeked through a space between the grass. None of the caribou were looking in his direction. Perfect. He slowly moved forward, getting closer and closer to them. He stopped a safe distance away from the closest caribou. He smiled to himself and thought, "This is going to be fun."

Humphrey leaped at the caribou, letting the grass fall off him. The caribou heard the noise of the falling grass and immediately jumped to the side and ran off. Humphrey fell to the ground. He sat there a second, surprised he missed. He quickly realised, they were getting away. He got up and started running. He chased the caribou. They ran into a canyon between two big cliffs. This area was familiar to Humphrey, he knew some shortcuts, so he could easily get in front of the caribou. He ran up a boulder, and jumped to the top of the cliff on the right. He ran and jumped to a tree branch, followed by a jump from there to the cliff on the other side of the canyon. He ran along the side, looking down at the caribou. "I love it when they run." Humphrey thought. Humphrey chuckled to himself. It was fun using his new skills to catch up to the caribou. Humphrey kept running, moving in front of the caribou. He was ahead of them. He looked down and chose a target. A big, juicy caribou near the back of the group. He waited a second and jumped from the cliff. He used his teeth to grab a tree branch about halfway down and used it to swing himself into the air, causing him to do a double back-flip. He balanced himself in the air and looked to the ground. He was flying down, right at a caribou.

He yelled out loud, "You're mine!" Then immediately regretted it. The caribbou heard him and jumped to the side. Humphrey's eyes went wide and he thought, "Uh-oh."

He knew what to do for this. He bent his legs at the same time he hit the ground. The instant he hit the ground, he rolled to the side. Good, just the way he planned on landing. The roll caused him to balance out the pain throughout his body. That was good, less pain through the body is better than massive pain in his legs. He kept rolling, left and right, dodging the caribbou that were trampling around him. He dodged the last one and looked at the group. He chuckled and spoke to himself, "Funnest morning ever."

"Hey, Humphrey!"

Humphrey turned to the voice. The red eastern wolf, Garth, was running toward him. Humphrey ran up to the him and said, "Something wrong?"

Garth ran a bit passed him and turned around, walking backwards as he said, "You didn't get the news?"

"What news?"

"It's Kate and Lilly. I'm on my way to see them right now. If I were you, I'd get my butt over there as soon as possible."

"What's wrong?"

"Their waters broke. Time for us to be fathers."

Humphrey smiled before taking off after Garth.

The End

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"The New Generation: Alex Trey Stella"