Back at the ball-

After Naruto, Shay, and Gaara's hasty departure from the party Makimai and his wife and daughters began making a scene. Trying to rile up the shinobi, and noble families that had been invited to the party that Kakashi had so painstakingly put together so that he could introduce Shay to everyone as a Hatake and announce her engagement to Naruto- thus securing her future in the village without much resistance.

But Makimai- That horrible, evil, little troll and his bitches were trying their damnedest to ruin everything!

Kakashi had known this from the moment that they had arrived at the party. They had flitted about the room from person to person in their usual fashion, spreading rumors about Shay and Naruto and voicing how the two should be killed before they managed to breed. Because they were under the strange impression that any child Naruto had would be half demon because of the Kyubbi- and thus would inevitably destroy them all.

It was nothing but the mad rantings of lunatics.

But if they were allowed to continue then some of the nobles might begin to believe them. Which meant that he needed to do something to silence them and quick. Luckily he had prepared something ahead of time for just such an occasion. Reaching into his dress jacket, he slid his hand ever so subtly towards the sash around his waist and pulled the small vial of fast acting poison that he had often used during his days as an Anbu and made his way over to the table across the way where all the food and drinks came from and found several glasses of wine that would mask the taste of the substance.

And poured just enough of the poison into each glass to kill the Makimai and his entire family.

He would allow no one to undo his work to protect Shay! She was one of his clan now dammit, and by hook or crook he would keep her safe from harm so long as he lived. He owed her that much. And he owed Naruto that much as well.

Once he was done pouring the poison into the wine in each glass, he picked them up and took a second to swirl the liquid around so that the poison would mix into it better and then set the glasses down and looked around for a moment for a way to get the wine to them without implicating himself as their soon to be killer, and found a waiter with an empty tray coming his way.

Here goes nothing- He thought as he reached out and pulled the man to a stop and whispered for him to take Makimai and his family the drinks, and simply say that a 'friend' sent the wine. The man looked at him for a moment, understanding very well who Kakashi was and just what he was probably up too since he had several members of his own family that were shinobi- and nodded and collected the glasses and went on his way knowing that the Hatake would watch him like a hawk until the noble and his family lay dead.


"Naruto looked angry when he left..." Hinata said almost to herself, not expecting her friends to hear her.

"Well, how would you expect him to react when his pregnant wife-to-be was physically attacked in a room full of shinobi who are supposed to be his friends?" Kiba said in an angry tone that Hinata recognized as his 'self-loathing' tone.

"But- We would have helped if not for Makimai's position as a noble." Hinata argued as a hand came down on her shoulder, drawing her attention to the person just behind her. It was her cousin, Neji, who's hand rested so gently on her skin as he said in a dark tone,

"We know that. But look at things from Naruto's point of view, Hinata. He grew up alone. He may or may not understand our position where Makimai is concerned. But the one thing that he is very aware of now is that he has a family. A clan. Shay will be his wife and she now carries his child- It's a very strange yet not entirely unwelcome experience to him. Which was why he left so angry. He feels betrayed by us for not trying to help Shayera when she was attacked. It's just a good thing that Shay didn't need our help or we really would have been in trouble."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Kiba and Hinata both asked curiously when Shino cut in.

"Gaara was about to defend her. And Naruto, Kakashi and Lady Tsunade were all starting to make their way over to Shay. If not for the fact that there were so many political figures in the room right now- one or even all of them may have reached Shay's side before she could be attacked. But since she was- Kakashi will likely punish them for laying their hands on his sister."

"What do you think he'll do?" Nej asked Shino who then replied,

"If I were him, and given the circumstances plus the fact that their trying to rally a lynch mob to assassinate both Naruto and Shay... I'd say he's planning to kill them." No sooner than the words had left his mouth, he pointed to the unfortunate family who had been foolish enough to cross the last Hatake as their wine glasses slipped from numb fingers and each of them let out a horrible wail and doubled over in pain as blood started running down their faces from their eyes, and noses before they each started to vomit up blood.

Causing several ladies in the room to scream in horror as each of the Makimai family fell over dead.