"Order now and you can get this absolutely free!" Infomercial dude one said as he pulled out an object from the desk.

The other man looked at it, acting terribly, and then went back to the camera. "Why, what could that be?"

Infomercial dude one looked at the strange object and shrugged a bit. "You know, I actually have no fucking idea. BUT I GUESS WE'RE SELLING IT TO YOU! Order now and you'll also get this, a-"

Iron Man flew in quickly and blasted the two away. He stepped up to the desk and placed several DVDs and Blueray disks on the counter. "I am Iron Man, and screw that shit. If you really want to buy something, buy my movie that came out recently, now on Blueray and DVD. If you don't...well I don't know, I'll find you and blast your ass, how's that sound?" Iron Man held out his hand to the camera. "Do...it..." He blasted it and that annoying yet funny message appeared on TV screens everywhere when a show suddenly gets halted.