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Lenalee sat in front of the empty coffin and stared forward like a doll. Tears streamed down both cheeks and stained her velvet dress but she didn't care. What value did a piece of fabric hold? Lavi, who was next to her, put and arm around her shoulder and she slumped against him. He whispered something soothing into her ear but she didn't hear it. A scene was playing in her head, over and over and over.


"Where's Allen? They called all of us exorcists here, right?" Lenalee asked as she looked around. Link had appeared in the cafeteria during dinner and ordered all personnel to go to Hebraska's area. Why was still unknown to all of them but Lenalee had run all the way there with Lavi tote.

"Dunno," Lavi said and he grinned at Lenalee. "But Tim's here so he can't be far away!" Lenalee followed his pointed finger to where Allen's golden golem was buzzing around. She let out a breath that she hadn't known she was holding. If Timcampy was here then nothing bad had happened to Allen.

"Come here, Tim!" She called out and he zoomed towards her at top speed. Lenalee realized he was on a crash course with her face and she moved to the right so that Tim zipped by her ear and smacked Lavi in the face.

"Why you little-!" Lavi snarled and he grabbed both of Timcampy's cheeks and pulled them roughly.

"This is a serious occasion," Link said and both exorcists looked to see him step out of the shadows. "Please at least try to behave." Lavi frowned and let go of Timcampy. The little golem settled on top of Lenalee's head and glared at Link.

Lavi slumped onto the railing and looked down at Hebraska. Why had they been called here? Was something happening to the innocents? Lavi's hand brushed the comforting weight of the hammer against his leg and he recorded that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then had the heart been found?

Lavi herd a whirring noise and he looked up in time to see the elevator descending at an insane speed. Not many other people noticed it and everyone but Link, Bookman, and he jumped when it sped past. Lenalee rushed to his side and saw, much to her horror, Allen on the elevator with his innocents arm heavily bandaged. He was surrounded by seven members of Crow and Leverier stood at the front with a delighted look on his face.

"What…?" She muttered and she kept her eyes trained on Allen. What was happening?

The elevator stopped and there was dead silence in the cavernous room. She stared intently at Allen but he was looking at his feet. Next to her, Lavi stiffened and hardened his gaze. Something very bad was about to happen.

"Allen Walker," Leverier said with a grin. "Or should I call you the f-!"

"I'm Allen," Allen snapped and his friends were shocked at how haggard he sounded. They had last seen him at breakfast but he sounded like he had grown ninety years older since then.

"Very well, Mr. Walker. You are hereby charged of heresy. If you cooperate with us then you might avoid death." Leverier said and Lenalee covered her mouth with her hands. Lavi put his hands on the railing and his shoulders tensed as if he was about to jump over when he suddenly felt heavy.

"Please don't do anything rash, Bookman Jr." Link said and Lavi glared at him. The same seals that covered up Allen's innocents now encircled Lavi so he could not help his best friend. Lavi grit his teeth and looked back down to watch the scene unfold far below.

"One month ago you created a door to the arc that you sent both Kanda Yuu and Alma Karma through. Where did you send them?" Allen remained silent and he kept his head down. Leverier's grin widened and he pressed harder. "At the same time, you became the Fourteenth for a brief period of time, do you deny this?"

Still Allen said nothing. Leverier took a step forward and bent down to look at Allen in the face. He said something too quietly for anyone both the two to hear but even this got no reaction. Leverier straightened up and turned to Hebraska.

"Hebraska, remove his innocents." Leverier ordered and waves of outrage, confusion, and agreement rippled through the gathered audience.

"But…" Hebrask started but she faltered after Leverier smiled at her. "I'm sorry." She muttered and she picked Allen up off the ground. Allen made no move to resist as she lifted him up higher and higher and undid the bindings on his arm.

"I'm so sorry," She muttered again before Allen's arm was enveloped. There was a long pause while nothing happened then Allen tilted back his head and let out a bloodcurdling scream.

"Part of the Crown Clown is in Allen's heart, right?" Lenalee whispered to Lavi. She didn't dare look away from Allen who was curling into the fetal position in Hebraska's grip.

"Yeah." Lavi muttered back. Lenalee's breath hitched as Allen's free hand grasped at his chest and his innocents was twisted away from him. While Lenalee only had eye's for Allen's pain, Lavi noticed Timcampy struggling to get at its master even though it too was bound in Link's seals and he noticed what the Crown Clown was doing.

As it was withdrawn from Allen's body it became a mask and a white cape. It struggled in Hebraska's grip to become Allen's left arm once more but Hebraska just pulled it further and further away until it was locked within her. She held Allen for a little longer until his scream subsided and he had regained semi-consciousness then one of her 'fingers' touched the stub that his innocents had once been attached to.

"Synchronization at 0%" Hebraska muttered and Allen looked away from her as if he was ashamed. Lenalee wanted to run up to him and comfort him but she knew that that would just make the situation worse. Allen's world had revolved around his innocents, what would he do now?

Allen was placed on his feet back on the elevator but he couldn't even hold up his own body weight. Allen collapsed onto the ground and he struggled to get himself to his hands and knees but in the end, he failed.

"You are also found guilty of consorting with a Noah." Leverier told the crumpled form of Allen Walker. "And for that, the punishment is death."

Dead silence. Even the ones that had approved of Allen's innocents removal were shocked by this. Lenalee felt blood rushing in her ears and suddenly she was slammed against the wall. "uhgh…" She hissed as the wind was knocked out of her. Lavi groaned and Lenalee realized he had his back up to the wall as well; in fact all of Allen's friends were in the same position.

Every single person that would have wanted to help Allen had been sealed to the wall by Crow.

"Stop! You can't do this!" Many people started shouting but Lenalee found that she could do nothing but watch as Allen was hauled to his feet by two members of Crow; one grabbed his right arm and the other grabbed his stub. They made him stand until Leverier ordered him to get to his knees. It was at this moment that Allen started to struggle but he was easily overpowered. He was paralyzed by a third member of crow and he hung limply in the first two's grasp.

He was held up by his arm and stub but the rest of his body was slumped forward. "This is the punishment for your blasphemy." Leverier said and he pressed a knife against the nape of Allen's neck. Lenalee found she could not look away and time seemed to slow down as the blade went up then started its arch down.

She screamed as it bit into Allen's flesh but it was already too late. Why had this happened? Allen was her friend, he was a good person! She shut her eyes and turned her head away knowing that she would be unable to see the headless body of her companion.

"A-Allen?" Lavi muttered next to her and Lenalee cracked her eye open to look at him. Lavi looked stunned and there were tears welling up in the corners of his eyes. "Allen!"

"Heh…heheh…." Lenalee heard a deranged giggle far below her and she hazarded a glance down. Allen was standing in the center of the elevator, surrounded by unconscious members of Crow. Leverier was on his ass with his back against the edge on the elevator. His knife was now in Allen's hand.

…Allen's gray hand.

The fourteenth?

"I should kill you where you sit for attempting to harm me." The Fourteenth said in a sing song voice that sent shivers down Lenalee's spine. "But, unfortunately, there is a role you must fulfill. Until we meet again, Leverier."

Neah looked up and Lenalee got her first look at his face. It was the same dark gray color as his arm and both of his eyes were a beautiful golden color. Lenalee's heart leapt to her throat and she felt a wave of revulsion. Why had she thought that those hellish golden eyes had been beautiful?

She flinched as Neah raised a hand and pointed in her direction. There was the sound of something breaking and Timcampy was freed however the golem made no move to join Neah. Instead it perched on the handrail and looked down at the person that had once been his master.

"Either you come with me or I destroy you." Neah told the golem with a smile. "You have a song of mine that the Order does not need to see." Timcampy glanced back at Lavi and Lenalee before it reluctantly sailed down to hover a few feet behind Neah. Clearly it did not trust him.

"Not so fast, Fourteenth!" Link shouted and he jumped down to the elevator. Lenalee hadn't even seen him move from his position in the shadows and Neah frowned at him as he got close.

"Hey," Neah muttered. Link glared at him and withdrew some more seals from an inner pocket but before he could attack Neah punched him in the stomach and sent him careening into Hebraska who caught him and held him a safe distance away from the young Noah. "I never liked you anyway."

Neah raised his hand and a door to the white arch opened. "Stop him!" Link yelled and all the bindings on the audience dissolved but by then it was already too late. Neah had disappeared and the door had been shattered. It would be latter revealed that every single known door to the arc had been destroyed as well.




Allen was gone.


Lenalee and Lavi didn't move for a long time after Allen's funeral had ended. Komui hadn't even said a word when he saw Lavi with his arm around his little sister, so great was his depression.

"Do you want to go to your room?" Lavi whispered as he rested his chin on top of her head. He scanned the area for Bookman, half hoping that the old man would smack him for such an obvious display of affection. At least that would return some normality to his life.

Lenalee said something too softly for Lavi to hear and he took his head off hers. "What?" He asked and he tilted up her head so he could see her eyes.

"We have to find Allen," Lenalee said and her voice as hard with determination. "And if we can't save him then we have to kill the Fourteenth… just like he asked us to." Lavi stared at her is surprise. It was true that Allen had asked them to kill him but Lavi suspected that he had been forced to say that.

"Lenalee…" Lavi started but Lenalee cut him off by kissing him on the lips.

"Goodnight Lavi." She muttered and she ran out of the cathedral before Lavi could even react.


Neah sighed and left the piano room. It had taken a long time but he had finally destroyed all traces of doors to the arc. Allen sure had made a lot of them. As if on cue, Allen once again began to struggle in the back of Neah's mind but he was bound to well to regain control. However it was rather annoying.

"Calm down," Neah said out loud but his words had the opposite effect. Allen strained even harder until Neah could feel his weak thoughts mixing in with his own. "That's enough."

"Fuck you."

"That's not very nice."

"Give me back my body!" Allen snarled inside his head. Neah stopped walking and Timcampy backed off after seeing the rage in the noah's eyes. Neah chewed on his lip before he grinned. Allen was just a tiny voice in the back of his head, why should he have to put up with him?

"No, now go back to sleep," Neah said soothingly and he started to hum a lullaby.

"No! Stop it! I will never give in to you!" Allen yelled and there was an edge of desperation to his voice. Neah's grin widened and he started to sing out lyrics. "Shut up! I won't…give…in…too…" Allen said as the lullaby enveloped him.

He felt blissful and comfortable. Neah's song promised him something better when he woke up but only if he went to sleep now. The singing was just so soft and sweet… Allen wanted desperately to recover himself and to control his own body but as Neah started a new song it became impossible. Allen fell asleep.

"Lullaby, child, lullaby
The child will quickly go to sleep
Lullaby, child, lullaby
The child will soon be asleep.

A white hen
Is there in the barn
It will lay an egg
For the child who's going to sleep.

Lullaby, child, lullaby
The child will quickly go to sleep
Lullaby, child, lullaby
The child will soon be asleep.

Everybody's good
In the neighborhood
It's time to go to sleep
Very soon you'll be asleep."

It was an old French song that Neah had translated, roughly, into English but it seemed to do the trick. He rubbed the back of his neck and started down the path of the arc once more, pausing only to pick up a sleeping Timcampy as he walked.

"Sorry Mana," Neah muttered as he glanced at his reflection in a sheet of glass. "I would never have knowingly chosen your son." He walked in silence for a long time until he reached an empty door. He touched the handle and made a connection to earth.

"Sorry Allen, you won't like this at all." He said before he stepped out of the arc and into the outside world.

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