A/N: Okay, so originally, I was going to make Baby Goldsworthy have some sort of terrible health problem (I know: evil) to balance out the corn-syrupy fluff of this story, but it doesn't seem to fit. I just want you to know that I don't think Eclare's journey is perfect (not by any means); this trilogy just focuses on the HAPPY moments in their lives. That said, enjoy reading!

Then comes the baby carriage…

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Goldsworthy Residence

3:38 PM

Clare Goldsworthy tapped the dining room table nervously with her pen. "Where IS he?" She wondered out loud. She was waiting for her husband to get home from his last day at school. "And WHAT the HECK am I wearing?" She miserably looked down at her outfit: a see-through turquoise nightgown. She impulsively bought it while at the mall earlier in the day; she woke up horny as hell, but Eli had already left to teach. Now SHE had to be at work at seven for a nightshift, and she WOULD have her husband before she went.

She heard the door unlock.

"Where have you been, Eli?" She stood with one hand on her hip, a foot tapping. Her husband stared at her, open-mouthed.

"Um…school…" He attempted to pick his jaw up off the floor.

"I thought you got out EARLY since it was the last day!" huffed Clare.

"Well, here's the thing…"

"I've been WAITING for you to come home, and you weren't here!" She marched up to Eli, lightly shoving him. "WHY WEREN'T YOU HERE, GOLDSWORTHY?"

Eli shrunk back at his wife's hormonal bitch-fest. "Well, Darling," he took her hand and led her to the couch. "Simpson asked me to stay…Mr. Jones is moving. I got asked to teach English at Degrassi full time next year." Clare just stared at him. "I got a job, Babe."


Then…"OH ELI, I'M SO SORRY!" Clare wailed as she threw her arms around Eli's neck. "I'M SO AWFUL; I'M A TERRIBLE WIFE, YELLING AT YOU WHEN YOU HAVE SUCH GREAT NEWS…." Eli rubbed her back soothingly. "YOU SHOULD LEAVE ME…I'M AWFUL, I SAY! AWFUL!"

"Clare," murmured Eli as he stroked her hair. "You're not awful, you're hormonal. You're not a terrible wife, you're an AMAZING wife. I love you, and I will NEVER leave you." He moved his head to her stomach to kiss it. "Or you, Baby."

Clare's sniffling halted as she watched her husband with affection. "YOU'RE amazing, Eli…" Clare trailed off, and then bit her lip with lust. She jumped on top of him, straddling his hips with hers as she frantically unbuttoned his shirt.

"Hell, yeah…" whispered Eli to himself. He moved to take Clare's sexy nightie off, but she stopped him. "What's wrong, Clare?" He was afraid her hormones had switched back into cry-mode.

"I just don't want you to see me. I'm not beautiful anymore…I'm fat." Clare looked down, ashamed of her body.

"Clare…you're my WIFE," Clare smiled at that; being married was still so new. "And you're nowhere near fat; you've gained what, ten pounds?" He gently took her lingerie off. "You're gorgeous." He picked her up and carried her into their bedroom, fully intending to take advantage of her second trimester's increased libido.

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Goldsworthy Residence

9:13 AM

"Wake up, wake up!" Clare bounced up and down on the queen sized bed she shared with Eli. He groaned and rolled over, muttering something along the lines of "fivemoreminutes".

"ELIIII," Clare whined. "Don't you know what today is?" She received a grunt for a reply. "We find out the sex today, Eli…"

With this reminder, Eli burst out of bed. "Ohhh shit, that's right!"

"Elijah, language!" snapped Clare. Ever since her third month, Clare had forbidden cursing: "The baby can HEAR you, Eli," she had said. Eli, of course, scoffed. "It's not like she can understand, Clare." Clare argued two points at once, putting her foot down: "Yes, Elijah, HE can. Now shut up. I'm putting my foot down."

Eli did his best to watch his mouth after that particular hormonal rage.

After Eli hurriedly took his shower and dressed, he joined Clare in the kitchen for a quick breakfast. To Eli, the best part about teaching was no suit-and-tie job in the summer. Clare had the day off since she picked up weekend shifts during the school vacation; here they were, on a Wednesday afternoon, about to find out the sex of their baby. After finishing his toast and eggs, Eli kissed his wife, then her bulging abdomen. "Morning, daughter," he cooed.

"Eliii…." Clare whined (it was a pregnancy trait for her, it seemed). Our SON is a BOY." She rubbed her belly affectionately.

"We'll see about that," Eli smirked, helping his wife to her feet.

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Dr. Regan, OB-GYN Office

Waiting Room

11:00 AM

Eli drummed his thumbs on the armrests of the waiting room chair he occupied. Clare hummed softly, flipping through a pregnancy magazine. "Do you think she's okay?" Eli asked, suddenly.

"I'm sure HE'S fine, Eli," responded Clare as she turned the page. "Huh, check this out. It says some doctors recommend collecting the placenta at birth and making vitamins out of it."

"Ew, people buy that stuff?" asked Eli, horrified.

"No, no, it's for the mother to take. Apparently it helps make the breast milk more nutritious." Clare looked at Eli with amusement; his face had taken on a greenish tint.

"Mrs. Goldsworthy?" called a plump blonde woman from the door that led to the exam rooms.

"Come on, Darling," said Clare, taking Eli's hand. "That's us."

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Dr. Regan, OB-GYN Office

Exam Room

11:23 AM

"I have to say, Babe…you look pretty sexy in that exam gown," Eli said as he took his place by her head. They were waiting for Dr. Regan to come it. Clare's vitals all looked good, and she had gained the appropriate amount of weight.

"Oh really, mister?" Clare waggled her eyebrows. "I may just have to steal this thing for later, then." Eli laughed as he bent down to kiss her forehead.

"Ah, there's my favorite happy couple!" Dr. Regan, a tiny woman in blue scrubs, walked in. "I bet you're excited, aren't you? Nineteen weeks! We should be able to see the sex today."

"Oh, we're very excited!" Clare beamed. "I can't wait to prove Eli here wrong." Dr. Regan laughed as she put the cold gel on Clare's stomach.

"What does Daddy think the baby is?" asked the doctor, running the ultrasound wand along Clare's stomach.

"Daddy thinks it's a girl," answered Eli.

Clare laughed. "I'm so telling Adam you referred to yourself in the third person…as Daddy."

Eli blushed. "Whatever…anyway, Doc, Mommy here seems to think we're having a boy."

"But we really just want to know if everything's okay," Clare said quickly. "Is he alright?"

"Well…" said Dr. Regan as she took some images. "She's," Clare gasped, "…is just fine." She turned the monitor towards the couple and pointed at the screen. "That's your little girl, guys. Congratulations."

"She's…beautiful," Clare whispered. Eli couldn't speak, not even to say I told you so.

"Would you like pictures printed off?" asked Dr. Regan.

"Yes, please," Clare said softly. "Eight, if we can have that many." The doctor laughed and nodded, then left the room for Clare to get dressed.

After Clare discarded the paper gown for her yellow tank top, Eli finally spoke. "Clare…that's our baby. That's our baby GIRL…" he took her hand, eyes never straying from the monitor.

"I know," Clare whispered. "You were right." There was no trace of disappointment in her voice. "How did you know, Eli?"

Eli grinned. "I just did."

Clare could only smile at that.

Tuesday, September2nd, 2014

Goldsworthy Residence

7:15 PM

"I can't believe you start your first full time job tomorrow!" squealed Clare as she sat Eli's dinner in front of him.

He smiled. "It is pretty daunting," he admitted.

"Are you excited?" Clare took a sip of her orange juice.

"I am," answered Eli with a smile. "I'm glad we finished the nursery last week, too."

The couple chose to advert from the typical pink-and-yellow theme for their daughter's room; instead, they painted two walls a soft turquoise, the other two white. Eli chose the color, and when Clare inquired about it, he simply responded: "She's YOUR daughter…turquoise is bound to be her color." They put a white crib in the corner with a matching changing table and dresser. Eli's mom gave them the rocking chair that sat in her attic; it was a beautiful cherry oak that Clare couldn't bear to see painted over. They hung several paintings: a depiction of Noah's ark, an ocean scene, and a large, almost mural-sized painting of a lighthouse (another piece from the Goldsworthy attic). Clare picked out a state-of-the-art stroller that rested in the corner of the room; it would soon be filled with presents from Clare's upcoming baby shower.

"So," said Clare. "We should probably talk about names."

"Probably," answered Eli before shoving a bite of chicken into his mouth. "Listen, how about you pick the first name and I pick the middle? I know what I want."

Clare agreed. She couldn't get a better deal than that, could she?

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Edwards Residence

12:45 PM

"Darcy, this is…this is beautiful," Clare cried as she and Eli walked into her childhood living room. Darcy and Alli stood there, looking joyful for their friend. They decked the room out in turquoise and pink streamers and balloons. It was simple but pretty, exactly Clare's style. "Thank you for doing this."

"Well, I'm going to go; Adam's apparently throwing me a party too." Eli shrugged his shoulders when his wife turned to look at him incredulously. "Don't ask me, Love. Enjoy your party." He kissed her goodbye and left, throwing a "Take care of her, Darcy!" over his shoulder as he did so.

"Well, Clarebear," said Alli, "Jenna, Fiona, Anya and Dorothy should be here soon." Clare smiled; she wanted a small shower. Her sister, best friend, friend from high school, Adam's girlfriend, Sav's fiancé, and closest work friend would be with her today.

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Adam and Drew Torres's Basement

1:13 PM

"Dude," said Eli as he walked into his best friend's entertainment room. "This is pretty sick." Dead Hand music was blaring, and to Eli's shock (and alarm), there was a small pile of gifts on the bar set-up. "Really?" He asked, turning to Adam, who simply shrugged.

"Fiona and Alli made us," he responded. The friends joined the others (Drew and Sav) on the leather couch, preparing to play some Rock Band.

"Thanks, Dude…" muttered Eli awkwardly.

"Don't mention it, Man!" Adam clamped his buddy on the shoulder.

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Edwards Residence

2:24 PM

"Oh man, Fiona…you really didn't have to do all this." Clare had just finished opening the gift (gifts, really) Fiona got her: TWENTY adorable little-girl outfits in various sizes, a custom-made mobile with stars and moons that matched the nursery, and a Coach diaper bag (in turquoise and pink). To top the bundle from the feminine Coyne off, Fiona threw in a $500 gift card for the Baby Gap.

"Nonsense, Clare. My boyfriend is the godfather of that little girl and that means I inadvertently get to spoil the snot out of her!" Fiona laughed. "I expect you to call me to pick out outfits with you when you use that gift card, though."

Clare smiled gratefully. "I definitely will; thank you so much, Fiona." She had tears in her eyes as she hugged everyone. "Thank you EVERYONE." Along with Fiona's gifts, Clare received what had to be a year's worth of diapers (a bit from everyone), an adorable, safe car seat from Alli, lots of powder, shampoo, diaper cream and wipes from Dorothy, plenty of outfits and babysitting coupons from Darcy, some original art pieces for the nursery from Anya, and tons of toys (mostly hand-me-down, though Clare was happy to take them) from Jenna.

The shower continued; the girls played plenty of games and laughed, sharing stories. Clare inquired about Gabby, Jenna's four year old and Anya's wedding plans with Sav. Just as her wonderful afternoon with girlfriends was coming to a close, Clare felt sharp pains in her stomach.

"Ow!" She cried, dropping the cake she was eating.

"What's wrong?" Alli rushed to her best friend's aid.

"I don't know, I think something's the matter with the baby-" gasped Clare. "Call Eli, please!"

October 18th, 2014

Torres Basement

2:58 PM

"Guys, thanks for the…'guys day'," said Eli. "Don't know how many I'll be getting once the kid is here."

"Awe, Clare will still let you out to play!" reasoned Sav. Besides, Anya will want that baby at our place all the time. Come along when she forces Clare to bring the kid over."

"Yeah," said Adam. "I better get to spend some time with my goddaughter!"

"I'll watch the kid, too," mentioned Drew (to no one in particular).

"And, uh…thanks for the diapers. And Adam, love the "My Daddy Drives a Hearse; Watch Yo' Back" onesie," Eli blushed; he felt like a wuss. His friends' gestures really did move him, though.

"Like my gift?" asked Sav.

Eli nodded; Sav gifted his child with a play drum set and play keyboard. She wouldn't be able to use it for a while, but it was pretty damn cool.

"Oh, hang on guys…Alli's calling," said Eli as he got up to answer the phone. "Hello? What? Fuck! Take her to the hospital, I'll be right there!" He hung up the phone and ran out the door without a word.

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

O'Blenness Medical Hospital

3:24 PM

"Where is she?" Eli yelled at Alli, who was in the waiting room of the ER department.

"Dude, calm down…" tried Adam. He chased Eli outside and demanded to drive; he didn't want his friend to drive into a pole or some other crazy shit in his worry.


"Down that hallway…" answered Alli, slightly afraid. "Darcy is with her. Room seventeen."

"Thank you," Eli breathed out. "Sorry for yelling." He took off for Clare, finding the numbers one and seven next to each other quite quickly. "Clare?" He asked softly as he walked into the room. She looked okay (thank God).

"Hi, Baby," smiled Clare. Eli rushed over to her, gently put her face in his hands and kissed her softly.

"What happened, Clare?" Eli tentatively sat on the bed, careful not to touch Clare's stomach.

"It was just Braxton-Hicks contractions," said Darcy. "She'll be fine; the doctor said she could go home when you got here."

"Thank you," said Eli, shooting Darcy a grateful glance.

"No problem," said Darcy. "I'm going to go tell Alli you're here."

"Um," Eli's voice stopped Darcy as she headed for the door. "She knows. Make sure she and Adam know I'm sorry for snapping, okay?" Darcy smiled knowingly and nodded her head as she exited.

"You YELLED at Alli, Eli?" Clare reprimanded. "Tsk tsk."

"I'm not going to apologize for flipping out Clare; Alli called and the only words I could comprehend were 'Clare' and 'Hospital'." He kissed her again, taking her hand to squeeze. "You scared me."

"I scared me too!" Clare said. "The doctor said I'm two centimeters dilated; I need to take it easy for at least ten days. If I don't go into labor for ten days, she won't be considered premature."

"You're not lifting a finger," declared Eli. "I'll take off from school. You won't get out of bed." Clare laughed.

"Eli, you can't take off from school, you're already taking a short paternity leave." She smiled comfortingly. "Darcy and Alli took time off, and Alli said Anya could come over to take care of me, too, since she's self-employed." She squeezed his hand. "I won't be alone, okay?"

"Okay," agreed Eli. "Let's get you home."

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Goldsworthy Residence

10:58 PM

Clare woke with a start, feeling something incredibly wet in her underpants. "Oh," she said with recognition. Sitting up, she shook her husband's shoulder. "Eli, wake up!" Eli sat up instantly, looking at her wide eyed.

"Is it time?" he asked. She simply nodded, making Eli shoot out of bed. "Okay, got the bag, got the keys, got…shoes! I need shoes!" Clare laughed as she watched her husband put on sneakers under his sweats.

"Eli, help me up, I need to change."

"Change? Clare, this is no time to care about how you look, we need to GO!" He was shaking.

"Eli," Clare said calmly. "There is a bunch of fluid JUNK in my underwear; I am NOT going to the hospital OR getting in my car like this."

"Okay, fine, here." Eli helped his wife change and put her shoes on (she long ago could no longer see her feet). "Let's go, we'll take Morty." Clare stopped in the tracks Eli had pulled her in. He quirked an eyebrow at her. "What?"

"I am NOT starting my baby's life in a place where most people END theirs, Elijah Isaac." Eli paled. "Okay, Okay, we'll take the Elantra…"

Sunday, October 31st, 2014

O'Blenness Medical Hospital

Clare Goldsworthy's Birth Room

2:14 AM

"Oh God Oh God Oh God," cried Eli.

"ELI!" yelled Clare as she (tightly) squeezed her husband's hand. "YOU. ARE. NOT. HELPING." She cried out as another contraction hit her. "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD."

"Good job, Clare!" encouraged Dr. Regan. I can see her head!" She looked up at Eli. "Would you like to take a look, Dad?" Eli hesitated.


Eli paled as he answered Dr. Regan: "Guess not."


"I'm sorry, Baby, come on, Blue Eyes, you can do this…" Eli attempted (and failed) to soothe his wife.


"I never said-"


"Clare, Baby, you're not making any sense-"


"Clare, maybe you should have gotten and epidural-"


Eli shut up, and just let his wife keep squeezing his hand.

"Well, lovely couple, one more push, and I think you'll be able to meet your daughter!" Cried Dr. Regan.

"AAAAH!" cried Clare.

"Come on, Baby, she's almost here…" Eli encouraged.

This time, Clare didn't yell at him, because a beautiful, piercing cry filled the room.

"She's here, Clare," whispered Eli as he kissed her sweaty forehead.

"Is she okay?" asked Clare.

"See for yourself," said the doctor as she rested the baby on Clare's chest.

"Oh my God," whispered Clare. "She's so tiny."

"Yeah," breathed a mesmerized Eli. "She is. She's perfect."

Saturday, October 31st, 2014

O'Blenness Medical Hospital

Clare Goldsworthy's Room

9:33 AM

"Want to try feeding her again?" Eli asked his wife as he rocked his baby girl back and forth.

"Sure," said Clare, reaching for her daughter. She opened her breast and the little girl almost immediately latched on. "Look, Eli! She's doing it."

Eli cocked his head. "That is SO weird."

"Eli! It's perfectly natural." Clare smiled at the sight of her daughter feeding.

"I know," chuckled Eli. "I can't believe we're parents."

"Me either," breathed Clare, never taking her eyes off the little girl.

After a moment of silence, Eli asked the question he was eager to know the answer to: "So, did you decide on a name for her yet?"

"Actually, I have," answered Clare. "It took me a while to come up with something that went with that middle name you DEMANDED."

"Hey!" defended Eli. "What's wrong with Lenore?" Eli, of course, decided his daughter's middle name MUST be reminiscent of something in Edgar Allan Poe's work. "Come on, 'The Raven' is one of my favorite poems. Yours too!"

"I know, I know," giggled Clare. "Anyway, I decided on Charlotte. After Charlotte Bronte…you know, Wuthering Heights was the first book I remember really loving. You know, a book you read over and over again."

"Charlotte Lenore Goldsworthy." Eli tried the name out on his tongue. "I like it!"

"Good," smiled Clare. "Me too."

Eli sat down next to Clare, watching Charlotte finishing up her meal. "Can I hold her again?"

"Of course," answered Clare as she shifted Charlotte's weight to Eli's arms. "I can't wait to watch her grow up."

"Oh, let's not talk about that…" Eli said darkly. "I hope you know she is NEVER dating. Especially not boys who are ANYTHING like me." Clare laughed. "She has your eyes, Clare."

"Yes, but that hair and that nose? That's all you, Babe."

"Poor kid!" They laughed, then settled into a comfortable silence.

"Eli?" Clare asked, very softly.

"Yeah, Babe?" He reluctantly tore his eyes from his daughter.

"Promise me something."


"Please, I know it seems impossible, but promise me we will never turn into my parents. I-" she teared up. "I couldn't bare it if Charlotte went through what I did."

Eli leaned over and softly kissed his wife on her lips. "Clare, you KNOW we'll never turn into that. We're…" he smirked. "We're special. What we HAVE is special."

"You're right," said Clare with a grin. "You're going to be a great dad, you know."

"I hope so. I DO know that you'll be the best Mommy ever." His statement ended with his voice raising an octave, talking to Charlotte in a baby voice.

"Oh man, he's a total sap!" The young couple looked up to see Adam and Darcy in the doorway. "Stop being love-dovey and LET ME HOLD MY GODDAUGHTER!" Adam reached for the baby.

"Me next!" said Darcy. "I want to hold my niece!"

Eli and Clare smiled softly at one another. They were a family, now. It had always been the two of them against the world and everything else.

Now they had something, someone other than themselves to protect.

They were a cohesive unit, meant to be.


A/N: Pretty cheesy, I know, but come on…cute baby! That's the end of this trilogy. If anyone requests it, I'll do one-shots off this little life I created. Please, please review! I know people don't like to review finished stories, but I'd really love it if you did!