TITLE: The Talk

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing…duh.

A/N: Ok…so this was rattling around in my head. Just for funsies.

"An' her legs…holy hell I can't stop thinkin' bout 'em. You got any idea how flexible those things are? Gorram girl can bout turn my eyes round the back o' my head. She can do shit I didn' even know was possible."


"Seriously, tiny little thing she is, ain't what I usually go for, but the ruttin' girl is a gorram hellcat."

"…uh, ok, but-"

"Don't get me wrong, that other go se, all the cuddlin' and talkin' and crap, well that's actually kinda shiny, specially since she's a Reader an' all, she don't make me say too much shit that she already knows. But my back looks like a freakin' Reaver masscare, girl likes ta scratch."


"Know what she did last night? Under the gorram dinner table? Thought I was gonna choke on my protein, that shit can't be legal. And then later-"



"If I say you can marry her will you stop talking about my sister?"

A/N: I know, kinda ridiculous, but it struck me as a funny mental picture.