Monday 22nd November

"Clarissa Fairchild," the doorman said, nodding at me as he ushered me inside the front doors. It seemed odd, somehow, that he knew my name. I hadn't thought that becoming Jace Wayland's newest in a long line of assistants would actually be so important that my name be spread to even the doorman.

"Ms. Fairchild," the front desk lady said to me. Her nametag said that she was a Miss Aline Penhallow.

I smiled earnestly, "That's me," I told her, and she passed me my building pass with an odd glint in her eyes. "Thanks Miss Penhallow," I said, turning to make my way to the elevators when Aline-front-desk-lady called my name.

"Yes?" I said, making my way back over, hitching my bag up over my shoulder.

"Just so you know," she said with a smug smile. "Jace – err, I mean, Mr. Wayland is taken."

"O-kay." I replied, wondering why this was at all important.

And as if Aline-front-desk-lady would read minds, she said, "You'll understand soon enough."

Right, I told myself. That one's crazy.


I had only spoken with Mr. Wayland once, on the phone for that matter, before my first day. And I had never seen him before – I would have Googled him, but my apartment didn't have internet yet.

When the elevator doors opened on the 39th floor, I stepped out, greeted by an intoxicating amount of cologne, men's cologne.

If Mr. Wayland smelt like this every day, Aline-front-desk-lady could keep him. I wasn't a fan of that much cologne.

Which totally explain why I was now working on the business end of the Wayland Perfume and Colognery, as my mother, Jocelyn, had dubbed it.

I rolled my eyes and tried not to gag as a thin man with hair dark walked me to Mr. Wayland's office. He looked familiar, but I couldn't work out why for the life of me.

"Clarissa Fairchild," he said, holding out his hand to shake. "I'm Simon –"

"Lewis! How did I not see it? Clary," I said, trying to make him remember me when he gave me the strangest look I've ever seen. "Clary Morgenstern?"

His eyes widened and his grin lit up his entire face – he was cute when he smiled.

"Karma," he said, almost to himself.

"What? You're a Buddhist now?" I joked.

"Somethin' like that. Welcome to the building, Miss Fairchild."


"So Miss Fairchild, I would suppose that you are wondering why I requested you as my assistant." I just nodded politely. "Firstly, I have heard great things about you – you were suggested to me, so to speak. Second is that I owe your mother and father this at least. And thirdly because you would be a good model for a campaign I have coming up – you have the perfect image for what I'm looking for."

I had so many questions, but I kept them in my heart. "Thank you for hiring me, Mr. Wayland."

"Oh, Miss Fairchild," he smiled. "Well, I suppose we could get you settled in now." He pressed a button on his phone and spoke to it, "Lewis, can you please ready Miss Fairchild's desk."

"Yes, Mr. Wayland."

Jace Wayland turned his attention back to me after turning the phone off. "Lewis – Mr. Simon Lewis. He's just a temp. Totally useless sometimes; he needs to get his act together if he wants a permanent job here."

I had known what Aline had meant the minute I saw him. Jace Wayland was the epitome of handsome, with what looked like it would be an amazing body underneath his suit.

What I'd give to get into those pants.

Oh my God.

Get a fucking grip, Clary!

His hair was just a little too long; blond curly locks constantly falling into his almost-golden eyes. Jace Wayland was like a spider, I decided, women were like flies, and they were his prey. It wouldn't be hard to fall into his web.

"Miss Fairchild," Jace Wayland said, breaking my reverie, his tone almost scolding. "I know that I am sexy, but that doesn't mean you can stare every moment we're together – which will probably be a lot, by the way. There is a staring quota, for all women, Miss Fairchild."

Just freaking great.

He was hot. And he knew it.

Clarissa Fairchild has just been employed under the company's head, Jace Wayland. Will Wayland's arrogance shine through at work? Can Clary get past the arrogance and sometimes snarky remarks to the man behind the façade? AH/AU

DISCLAIMER: Characters belong to Cassandra Clare - the plot however is mine.

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