Chapter 8: The Way Everything Haunts


Summary: They went through everything together, but he decides he wants no more. His new life deserves a better companion, so he leaves the only person that's ever cared about him. Years later, he sees her again and that heart starts beating. MamoruxUsagi

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Currently Broken

Previously on Currently Broken…..

Usagi was about to retort when a sleek black Buggati Veyron pulled up at the bus stop right in front of her. She looked around at the people staring at her and the car. She was about to turn and walk away when the window rolled down to reveal a very angry looking Mamoru. He was staring intently at her.

"Get in." Usagi just stared at him in shock.

"Excuse me?" Mamoru got out of his car and slammed the door. He went to the passenger door and opened it.

"Get in now, Usagi." Usagi could hear Diamond's voice coming from her cell but she just couldn't bring the phone back to her ear.

The noise coming from her cell phone shook her out of her momentary shock. Usagi raised the cell phone, not putting it by her ear, and spoke at it. "Diamond, let me call you back."

She withdrew her gaze from Mamoru only to press the button that would end her phone call. She glared at Mamoru.

"Are you crazy?" Mamoru laughed.

"No, but I will be if you keep this up. If you don't get in the car and start talking about your relationship with Kagawa, I swear to God I will drag you into it." Usagi stared at him in confusion.

"My relationship-? What...What are you talking about Chiba?" She yelled.

Mamoru took a few steps towards Usagi until their bodies were almost touching.

"For the last time, get in the car." He demanded quietly. Usagi was about to retort when a man, who was roused by their loud voices, approached them.

"Is everything alright here?" He asked them, staring Mamoru down. Mamoru sneered at him.

"Mind your own business." The man looked at Usagi.

"Ma'am, is this gentleman bothering you?"

"You have no idea how much. But it's ok, I was just about to leave." She looked at the approaching bus before she glanced back at the man.

"Thank you, my bus is here." She glared at Mamoru before jogging lightly to her bus. Mamoru sighed in anger.

"You will talk to me Usagi." He called out after her before turning around. He stopped and turned back to look at the stranger. After studying him for a few seconds, he swiftly made his way to his car and took off.

Mamoru slammed the door to his penthouse. He came to an abrupt halt and glared at the figure sitting on his sofa.

"Who let you in?" He demanded. Zoisite rolled his eyes.

"Bi-freaking-polar, man. Jeez." Zoisite stood up and raised his glass.

"I was craving your special whiskey." He smiled slyly. "Only, I must have forgotten how disgusting it tastes."

Mamoru sat down. He stared at Zoisite until he started talking again.

"Okay okay boss. You got me. It wasn't the whiskey, it was the pink champagne. I just feel a little girly admitting it. I mean come on, what man in his right mind would admit to liking girly pink-"

"Zoisite." He rolled his eyes.

"You shouldn't ask me how I got in. You know very well that's a specialty of mine. As for why I'm here...someone alerted me to the scene you caused at the bus stop."

Mamoru stood up. "You're spying on me?"

Zoisite shook his head. "No, Mamoru. I just know a lot of people." He paused. "A lot of people in a lot of convenient places as it seems."

Mamoru sighed. He took his tie off and threw it on the couch. He motioned for Zoisite to make him a drink as well and took off his jacket.

"Hold the champagne." Zoisite laughed.

"Only disgusting whiskey for you, chef, nothing else." Mamoru took the glass from Zoisite and sat down.

Zoisite scratched his head.

"So, why did you exactly attack your ex-wife in public?" Mamoru leaned back.

"She has to know Zoisite."

"Know what , exactly?"

"Why Kagawa is so hell-bent on keeping me away from her. She must've noticed. " He sighed.

"She must know why." Zoisite nodded.

"And you thought that the best way to find out for sure was to...corner her at a bus stop?" He asked sarcastically.

Mamoru's lips formed into a sad smile. Zoisite stared at him.

"There is no other way with her, is there? You can't control yourself. You can't think when it involves her." Mamoru stayed silent.

"Then why the divorce, man?" Zoisite sensed the change in him immediately.

"Annnnddddd he spark is gone." Zoisite threw his hands up. "Right, no questions for the mobile freezer."

Mamoru shook his head. "Has anyone ever told you how annoying you are, Zoi?" Zoisite shrugged his shoulders.

"What can I say? I'm a possum in a rat cage. No one realizes, but I am more special than anybody else." He wiggled his eyebrows, grinning.

Mamoru cleared his throat. "I need to speak with her."

Zoisite waved his hand. "And?"

"Send her a note, tell her to meet me at a café or something. Somewhere quiet and private."

Zoisite's brows furrowed.

"And she'll come..why exactly?"

"Because, possum, you're going to convey to her that if she doesn't show, I'll go to her apartment."

Usagi jumped at the loud banging of her door.

"Usagi, I know you're there, let me in!" She closed her eyes at the sound of Diamond's voice. She was content to let him beat at her door until he admitted defeat, but she thought of the complaints that she would receive from her neighbors.

"Usagi! Open the door!" She exhaled in annoyance. She quickly jogged to the door and opened it.

"What is wrong with you?" Diamond quickly stepped in and shut the door behind him. He grabbed her softly by the shoulders.

"Are you alright? What happened?" Usagi nodded.

"I'm fine. Can you please calm down?"

"You want me to calm down? First we're talking and then suddenly I hear someone demanding you get in their car and then you hang up on me! Who was that? Who was he?" He demanded. Usagi glared at him.

"Stop yelling. Who do you think you're speaking to, Diamond?" She shook his arms off and stalked towards her living room. She knew he was right behind her as she made her way to her couch.

"I'm sorry, but you refuse to tell me anything!" They both sat down.

Usagi sighed. "It was my ex-husband-"

"-What?" She closed her eyes. "Let me speak!"

"He stopped next to me at the bus stop. He said he wanted to speak to me about..."

Diamond stared at her. "About what?" He asked.

She shook her head. "I ...I don't know." She saw the flash of doubt in his eyes Why did I just lie?

Usagi didn't know why she couldn't Diamond the truth.

"He wasn't making any sense. He was just babbling about talking."


"And what?" Diamond rubbed his forehead. "What happened after?"

Usagi shrugged her shoulders. "Nothing. Some guy noticed and asked me if I was alright. My bus came and I just hopped on it."

"He didn't try to stop you or anything?"

"No, he didn't. I was actually afraid he was gonna start beating up the guy." Diamond sighed.

" were afraid that weren't afraid for yourself but you were afraid for the guy?"

Usagi glared at him stubbornly. "I'm not afraid of Mamoru, Diamond. Who is he for me to be afraid of?"

Diamond nodded. "The father of your kids?" Usagi looked away in anger.

"I think you should leave." Diamond quickly took a seat next to her.

"I'm sorry. I was just..I am just so worried about you." She looked at him. "Don't be. I can take care of myself." He laughed.

"Oh I know. We met while you were taking care of yourself, remember?" Usagi tried to hide her smile from him. Diamond put his arm around her.

"I know you're smiling." He chuckled.

Usagi shook her head. "No, you're wrong." He laughed. "I can hear laughter in your voice, babe."

She shook his arms off of her again.

"Can you stop doing that?" He asked.

"Can you stop patronizing me?" He took her chin lightly and turned her head towards him.

"Why would I ever patronize you?"

"Usagi, I love you." Usagi tried to smile.

Diamond shook his head in amusement. "No pressure, I told you that." Usagi nodded.

He put his arms around her. "Are we okay?" Usagi nodded.


"Okay, good. Get ready, I'm taking you out." Usagi shook her head.

"The twins will be home in an hour." He took her hands.

"Come on, call Seiya or something. Just one night babe. We won't stay out late anyways, we'll be back in time to say goodnight to them."

Usagi smiled in defeat. "Okay." She stood up. "I'll call Seiya and get ready." Diamond nodded.

"I have some calls to make, I'll be back shortly." He stepped closer to her and placed a light kiss on her lips. "See you soon." He whispered, before leaving the apartment.

Usagi watched him leave and sighed. She had no idea why she didn't tell him the whole truth about what Mamoru said. Her gut just told her it was a bad idea.

Picking up her cell phone, she called Seiya.

"Hellooo." Usagi smiled.

"Helooo yourself. What's up?"

"Nothing. Just sitting around, doing work. Whoever said that leaving work at work is easy is a liar." Usagi laughed.

"Seiya you can't leave your work at the office because you're a raging workaholic," she paused, "you should seriously consider a vacation or for the present...a break."

"Am I being invited over?"

Usagi bit her lip in guilt. "Sorta?" Seiya laughed.

"But?" he asked.

"'ll actually be hanging out with Kane and Raiden."

"Woooooooowwwwwww. Ok, I see how this is. I get it. I-"

"-Seiya!" Usagi whined. "Come on! Stop being a jerk!"

"Ok, my friend 'invites' me over so I can babysit her twins so she can do god knows what and I'm the jerk?" Usagi shook her head.

"You're right. I'm sorry. Nevermind." Usagi was about to hang up when she heard laughter coming from her phone.

"You are so gullible. Of course, I'll come watch them. That's what happens when you even ask. I'll see ya in a bit." Usagi didn't have a chance to retort before he hung up. She giggled. I am gullible, aren't I?

In the darkness of his office, Mamoru sat at his desk staring emptily out of the window. It had gotten late but Mamoru didn't get up from the chair he had sat in since Zoisite left him a few hours a ago. He reached over to his lamp and turned it on. The room became illuminated with a soft light that, although not bright, would allow him to see the contents of the envelope in front him. Mamoru didn't know how many times he read the papers Horoshi had given him. He memorized each line of the two letters, and yet he couldn't go over an hour without reading them again and again.

Mamoru had gotten back that night from the bar, drunk and forgetful of the envelope. It wasn't until the next day, when his maid, checking the pockets of the jacket before sending it to be dry cleaned, had discovered the letter and unknowingly reminded him of his curiosity. The contents of the letter contained two envelopes, both addressed to Horoshi from Usagi. They were old. One was dated around the time Mamoru started working for Kagawa and the other one just before he left her.

He traced a few words, and with closed eyes imagined her writing these lines. Mamoru sighed. He had no idea that Usagi and Horoshi wrote each other. It made sense though. The only telephone line Horoshi was in possession of was at the bar, and he never answered it.

He scanned a few lines of the letter:

"...and you have no idea how happy he is! I mean, it would be strange if he wasn't! He's worked for this for years! Ever since I knew Mamo-chan, he's dreamed of the day he can start accomplishing all the things he imagined. Horoshi, there is probably no one else in this world besides you who knows how much Mamo-chan deserves this! Finally, all those years of hard work are paying off and I'm so happy for him!..."

Mamoru smiled. Usagi's delight was evident throughout the letter. He pushed the letter and put the other one in front of him.

"...Horoshi, Mamo-chan's been just so strange lately! I feel as if he's getting angrier and angrier by the day. It's really starting to worry me. I don't know what's wrong. It's like someone switched my Mamo-chan with someone else, he is so weird! I do hope this phase ends very soon. The thing is, I'm very nervous because..."

He quickly dialed Zoisite on his phone and waited for him to pick up.

"Boss, so nice to hear from you again and so soon, too."

"Zoisite, did you send the note?"

"Sorry boss, not yet. Is it urgent?" Mamoru rubbed his eyes.

"Extremely. Have it delivered to her by tonight and set up the meeting for tomorrow."

Zoisite sighed. "Isn't that a bit too soon?"

"Oh and what are we waiting for exactly?" Mamoru asked.

"Right, no problem. Let's frighten your ex-wife. That's no problem. I'll have it done immediately."

Mamoru ended the call and stood up. He was about to walk to his bedroom when he remembered the letters on his desk. He gathered them up and walked towards his safe. Once the envelope was tucked into his safe, he grabbed his jacket and left his penthouse.

Minako ran to the kitchen at the sound of pans falling. She turned the corner and halted in shock. Malachite and Cory were both on the floor, in an array of pans. Malachite was on his back, holding his son in his arms, laughing uncontrollably.

She picked up a pan in front of her. "What happened? Are you guys ok?" Minako chuckled when they continued laughing.

"Cory, honey, are you alright?" She helped him stand up and put her hands on his head. Cory nodded.

"Mommy, I'm okay." Malachite stood up, laughing still. He leaned against the counter and continued chuckling. "Oh, man."

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" Minako whined. Cory giggled.

"I fell on Daddy." The sentence made them laugh all over again. Malachite held his sides.

"He was on the counter when I came in. He-" Malachite started laughing again, making Minako laugh as well.

"He started falling just as I walked towards him. Minny, you should've seen him." He wiped tears from his eyes. "Oh, he started trying to hold on to all the pans-" All three of them interrupted in laughter. Malachite made quick motions with his hands above his head.

"-But he just kept grabbing different pans and finally fell down on me. I was trying to get a hold of him." He shook his head, still chuckling occasionally.

Minako gave Cory an admonishing look. "Honey, what were you doing on the counter?"

Cory looked at his father for support. Malachite put his hands up. "Sorry buddy, nothing happened this time but that was dangerous." Cory pouted.

"But Mommy does it all the time!" Minako rolled her eyes. "Because I'm an adult."

"What if you had hit your head on the counter? What if your Dad didn't happen to go to the kitchen? You couldn't fallen on the pans and the pans on you." Malachite nodded.

"Your Mom's right Cory." He put his hand on Cory's shoulder. "No more climbing counters, okay buddy?" Cory nodded. "Sorry."

Malachite looked at Minako. "My back does hurt a little." She shook her head, a grin on her face.

"You want some pain relievers?" Malachite dismissed it with a wave of his hand.

"Nah, that's ok. I'll just take a hot shower."

Minako looked at Cory. "We're going to go out to eat, but a little later than usual dinner time. Do you wanna eat something before? Are you hungry?" He shook his head.

"No. I wanna go to Raiden and Kane's house." Minako sighed.

"I said we're going out to dinner, honey. Maybe another time." Cory protested.

"But Mommy! Please! I don't want dinner!" Minako was about to refuse him when Malachite interrupted.

"Minny, just let him. Usagi can watch him while we're out." Cory nodded enthusiastically.

"Please, Mommy!"

"Fine, ok. Let me put my slippers on and I'll take you." Cory pouted. "No! I can just go!"

Malachite shook his head. "Buddy, we're letting you go but we're taking you." He took put his shoes on and nodded to Minako. "I'll take him."

They made their way out of the door. Minako chuckled at Cory's protests.

"Daddy, Raiden and Kane is downstairs!"

Malachite gave his son a stern look. "You can come to dinner with us, if you want to."

"No." Cory said quickly. They quickly made their way to Usagi's door and rang their doorbell.

The door opened and revealed an out of breath Seiya.

He smiled at them. "Hey, Malachite. Come in." Malachite shook his head.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know Usagi had guests. I just came to see if Cory could come over."

Seiya nodded. "Well, Usagi isn't here but I'm watching the twins." He pointed behind his back.

Seiya looked at Cory. "He's welcome to join us." He offered.

Malachite hesitated. "Are you sure? I don't want it to be an inconvenience." The twins ran to the door before Seiya could answer.



Seiya laughed when they pulled Cory in and ran to their room "The children have decided!"

Malachite chuckled. "Thank you, Seiya. I'll come by in an hour or so to pick them up." Seiya waved at him.

"Don't worry. Do what you gotta do, man." Malachite noticed an envelope by the door frame. He picked it up.

"I guess this is for Usagi." Seiya took it. "That's strange. I didn't hear the doorbell ring." He shrugged.


Usagi smiled at Diamond, trying her best to listen to him tell his story about a friend. She didn't want to be at the restaurant, but she didn't want to say no to Diamond either. Especially after their rocky week. She sighed, her smile never wavering. The restaurant he picked was very romantic. Thick creamy curtains were hung next to the large windows with the blue frames. There was minimal lighting, creating an intimate atmosphere. It was a beautiful place but Usagi wanted nothing more than to run out of the restaurant and go hug her twins. She tried to pay attention to Diamond, less he notice that she really wasn't listening to a word he was saying.

"...and there I was, with the car full of turtles and no idea what to do with them!" Diamond laughed. Usagi faked a smile.

Diamond looked at her. "Are you okay?" Usagi nodded.

"I was just thinking what I would do with a car full of turtles. Were they babies or adults?" Diamond picked up his wine glass and took a sip.

"I said they were babies." Usagi sensed his annoyance.

"I'm sorry." She rubbed the side of her head. "I'm a little tired." Diamond nodded.

"Shall we go, then?"

Usagi nodded. "Please, I just want to see my twins, take a shower and sleep." He cleared his throat.

"Okay, then." She sighed at his tone. He's probably angry because I'm not inviting him over

"Diamond, please. I thought you'd be a little more understanding after what I've just been through."

"I understand that you're pushing me away instead of confiding in me."

"That's because you're completely different when I talk about my ex-husband." He took his wallet out and paid the bill. Standing up, he nodded at her.

"I'll go get the car." Usagi looked away in anger.

She quickly put on her jacket and dialed her phone.

"Hello, yes I'd like a taxi please. To the Venelde restaurant. Yes, it's in Galedale Hill. Thank you." She stood up and made her way to the bathroom.

Usagi knew that Diamond would be waiting in front of the restaurant. And she also knew that he would be extremely angry with her but she just didn't care. He was being irrationally angry these days and Usagi was afraid that she was actually meeting the real Diamond. Not again.

She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. I promised myself I wouldn't suffer at the hands of another because of my loyalty. Usagi looked down on her cell when it started vibrating.

"Hello? Yes, I did. Ok, I'll be right out." She quickly walked out of the restaurant, and headed straight for the Taxi that was waiting for her, not even glancing towards the spot where Diamond was waiting for her.

She took a seat in the cab and closed the door. Giving the cab driver directions, she tried to ignore her phone, which started lighting up and vibrating immediately. Diamond was calling her repeatedly.

Usagi texted him. I just want to be alone. We'll talk later. Usagi leaned her head back and stared out the window the ride home.

"So?" Minako put her fork down. "How is the job?" Malachite chuckled.

"Not really something I want to discuss now. Come on, this is our celebratory dinner." She laughed.

"Yes, celebrating your new job!" They laughed. "Come on, I want to make sure that I'm supporting my husband on something he actually likes doing." She smiled.

Malachite reached for her hand across the table. "Minny, I love you."

"Good try and I love you too, but don't change the subject." She squeezed his hand.

He chuckled. "No harm in trying."

"None at all." She waited for him to say something.

"I like it." Minako shook her head. "You're impossible!" She scolded him with a smile.

Malachite sighed in defeat. "I do like it. The people though, they're a bit strange."

He paused. "Or maybe I'm just a little jealous."

"Oh?" Minako asked, curious.

"Well, my 'boss' is around my age. He's accomplished so much and I haven't."

"I'm not even gonna say you're wrong because I know that you know that you're wrong." Malachite laughed.

"Who is he anyways? This man who has accomplished so much?" Malachite's brows rose.

"Yeah right I'm gonna give you his name." Minako looked at him in surprise.

"What do you mean?"

"I just told you that he's my boss and my age. I don't want you to go and run away with him! You can bewitch anyone!" Minako gasped dramatically.

"How dare you!" She laughed. "Although I guess it's a compliment that 'I can bewitch anyone."

Minako looked at him mischievously.

"So, is he single?" She asked him innocently. Malachite gave her a piercing look.

"Gonna go right past that bait and tell you that he's actually divorced." Minako stuck her tongue out at him, almost causing Malachite to spit out the water he was drinking.

"Minny, you do know that we're in a respectable restaurant, right?" She shrugged.

"I know and don't care. It's boring here but I guess adults celebrate in boring places." She rolled her eyes.

Malachite smiled. "Well you know, Cory is still at Usagi's. If we leave now, we can do something not so boring." Minako's eyes narrowed.

"I'm not going to a bar so you can watch your stupid game!" Malachite looked at her in wonder.

"Woosh, Minny. Right over your head." He shook his head when his wife finally realized what he meant. She laughed.

"I'm sorry I really panicked for a second there!"

Usagi smiled at Seiya.

"I'm so glad I called you to watch the twins." She patted his arm. Seiya smiled.

"It is nice to be appreciated." They laughed.

"So a lot has been going on basically?" He asked. Usagi nodded. "A lot." She confirmed.

Usagi had forgotten that Seiya was at home with her twins. She had spilled her guts out the second they sat down after she came back. Everything she hadn't told him just came out with one look from her loyal friend.

Seiya looked at her. "Do you realize that whenever this Mamoru person is in your life everything just kinda gets messed up?" He asked her.

She took a sip of the wine she had served them both. "You don't say."

"Well what are you gonna do?" She shrugged.

"I don't know."

"I mean what does he mean about Kagawa?"

"I don't know." She smiled sadly. "Everything's just falling apart."

Seiya snorted. "If only that Diamond jackass was more of a support than burden." He shook his head.

"You really know how to pick 'em, don't you?" Usagi glared at him. "Thanks, friend."

He sighed. "Well, he's not on the birth certificate. The only way to prove that he's the father is if he gets a paternity test. And that happens through legal means. So don't worry, okay?"

She put her glass on the table. "This is Mamoru we are talking about. Don't worry does not apply to him." Seiya nodded.

"Right." He stood up, prompting her to stand up as well.

"I have to go but I'll talk to some people. I'll see what's going on and what we can do." He put his arms on her shoulder.

"Okay?" Usagi smiled. "Thank you."

Seiya grabbed his keys and noticed the earlier envelope. He picked it up.

"Here, this was left by the door. Malachite noticed it earlier when he dropped off Cory." Usagi looked at the envelope.

"It's probably a money request for a charity or something. My neighbors are so charitable." She remarked sarcastically. Seiya laughed.

"What, they just leave shit at your door without knocking?" Usagi put her arms up.

"There is a first for everything."

"Bye, friend."

Usagi hugged Seiya. "Goodnight, friend."

Seiya opened the door to find Malachite and Minako right in front of it. He gestured at Malachite.

"He can't seem to get enough of me today." Everyone laughed.

"I'm sorry, your beauty captivates me." Malachite joked. Minako shook her head.

"Awww, I'm standing in the way of true love." Usagi laughed.

"I think you're standing in the way of true lust."

Seiya smiled. "Alright then everybody, good night." He went inside the elevator and called out to Malachite just before the doors closed

"Till next time, Romeo."

Usagi gestured to her living room. "Come in." Minako shook her head.

"Thank you but we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." Usagi nodded in understanding. She walked to the boy's room and called Cory.

"Is Mommy here?"

"Yes, honey."

She walked back to the door. "If you want, he can stay here overnight." Minako quickly made shushing sounds.

"Oh no, don't let him hear that." They laughed. "I'm just saying, if you guys are busy or anything."

Malachite shook his head. "No, thank you, Usagi. We should take him home."

Cory appeared at the door, the twins right behind him.

"Kane, Raiden, what's up guys?" Malachite asked them. They grinned.

"Nothing!" "Yeah, nothing!" He laughed. "Alright then. Good night with Cory?"

The three boys nodded eagerly, although it was evident that they were sleepy.

"Thank you so much again Usagi and thank Seiya for us, too! It completely slipped my mind!" Minako said.

"No problem. Anytime."

Usagi watched them go up the stairs with the boys before she ushered them in.

"Come on, time for bed. But first, brush your teeth. Ok?" The twins ran to the bathroom, barely paying attention. Usagi called after them. "I'll come tuck you in, in 10 minutes!"

She noticed the envelope and picked it up. I swear to God, if I read about another charity for snails I'm going to lose it She quickly tore open and envelope and read the contents of the card.

Usagi gasped. He knows where we live She sat down quickly, gripping the note tightly and reading the lines over and over. She paled. It was inevitable, she had to go meet him.

Usagi glanced at the designated café from across the street. It wasn't too far from her house and that scared her. Scared her because she did not want Diamond or anybody else seeing her meet up with her ex husband. Usagi glanced at the note that was delivered to her the night before.

Meet me at Cafe Shevon at 6 pm. Ask for Chiba.
If you don't come, I'll gladly come over to your apartment

Usagi shoved the note into her pocket. She quickly crossed the street and entered the café. She didn't have to wait before a bored looking hostess came up to her.

"Welcome to Cafe Shevon. How many people?" She asked, as if reading a script. Usagi looked around.

"I'm supposed to be meeting a Chiba here." She explained. The girl, whose name tag read Naru, nodded.

"Right this way." Usagi followed Naru to the back of the café. Where as in the front, the theme was light and open, the back was darker and more private. Usagi recognized Mamoru instantly, even though she just saw part of his head.

The hostess stopped at his table and put Usagi's menu on the unoccupied side. She waited for Usagi to sit down but when she didn't, offered a quick "Your server will be right with you," and left.

Mamoru stood up and looked at Usagi. "Why don't you sit down?" He gestured in front of him.

Usagi glared at Mamoru. "Why did you call me here?"

He sighed. "To talk, which we won't be able to do until you sit down." Usagi exhaled loudly and sat down, Mamoru following her move.

"Talk." She said. Mamoru nodded.

"Why is Kagawa protecting you?" Usagi sighed.

"Who?" Mamoru studied her for a moment.

"Kagawa, Isao Kagawa. My old boss."

Usagi snorted. "What does your boss have to do with me?" She asked, incredulous.

"I'm wondering the same thing. Do you have a relationship with him?" Usagi's jaw dropped.

"Excuse me?" Mamoru put his hand up. "Obviously, I'm not asking if you have a romantic relationship with him. Does he play any role in your life?"

Usagi shook her head "No." Mamoru nodded.

"It's curious, you're denying Kagawa having a role in your life but you won't even ask me why I suspect it."

Usagi put both of her hand on the table. "Because I don't care. I don't care what you think or what you suspect. I just want you to leave me alone." Mamoru leaned back into his seat. Usagi thought their meeting might be over when he started talking again.

"Who is the father of the twins?" Usagi laughed, no mirth in her voice.

"I told you before, it's none of your business." Mamoru sighed.

"It is my business."

Usag looked at him in anger. "How so?"

"They look about the age they would be had you gotten pregnant when we were still together. And-" Usagi tilted her head in a questioning way.


"And the fact that you get so defensive every time I ask about the identity of the father."

"I get defensive because you're asking about things you have no business asking about. The father of my children does not concern you." Usagi was gathering her purse when she, from the corner of her eye, saw what Mamoru was holding up.

She went completely still, anger flashing in her eyes. He chuckled darkly.

"Yes. You know what this is." He placed the letter on the table. "Of course, you recognized your own handwriting. I'd hoped that I didn't have to pull this card but you forced my hand, Usagi."

Usagi swallowed. "Where did you get that?" She asked, so quiet it almost came out as a whisper.

"That, my dear, is none of your business." Usagi glared at him. She shook her head.

"I don't know what you think it proves-"

Mamoru interrupted her. "-You were never a good liar." He unfolded the letter and laid it in front of her to read. He had underlined a paragraph that she instantly recognized.

"Would you like to read it? Or shall I?" When Usagi stayed silent, he took the letter.

"Very well." He paused before he started reading. "...he is so weird! I do hope this phase ends very soon. The thing is, I'm very nervous because I think I'm pregnant...."

Mamoru paused and after a moment of silence looked at her.

"Usagi, am I the father of the twins?"


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