Title: Pulled Pork & Wavy Lays
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
Author: exquisitliltart
Word Count: 1,100
Rating: G
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Spoilers: Finale
Summary: A snapshot of Maura taking care of Jane after the hospital.

Jane finally got to come home from the hospital. Frankie had come home two days earlier, and was recuperating at his parents. After a long and heartfelt conversation between Angela and Maura, it was agreed that Maura would be the best person to oversee Jane's recovery at home. Despite Angela's strong desire to keep her children as close as possible, Maura managed to convince her that taking care of both of them would be her undoing. Angela agreed based on the facts that Maura is a doctor, she saved Frankie, and Jane would not protest as much to Maura as she would to her.

"No lifting," Maura reminded, as she helped lower Jane onto the couch and pull her legs up.

Jane reached up and swept a stray hair out of Maura's eyes, "Oops, I lifted your hair out of your face; maybe tomorrow I'll try to bench press you." Jane grinned at Maura's look of disapproval.

"What would you like to eat?" Maura asked as she exhaled and rubbed her hands together, trying to subdue the feeling of pure elation that she was even able to ask Jane such a mundane question.

"Oh, anything but hospital food...and beer?" Jane asked hesitantly, testing Maura to see how much she was going to be able to get away with.

"Jane, tell me...is you appetite back? I stocked your fridge and freezer with all your favorites, what are you craving?"

"Beer," Jane replied again. When Maura frowned, Jane thought about it momentarily, "okay, I really, really would like a barbecue pulled pork sandwich, and some wavy lays with cottage cheese."

"Oh...okay, well, I'll see what I can do," Maura said looking around. She was not expecting that request, but she was thoroughly prepared to help Jane any way she could.

"Thanks, Maura. Thank you for taking care of me and not sending me off to my mothers," Jane called to Maura in the kitchen.

Maura smirked as she located an unopened bag of wavy lays. Jane had thanked her repeatedly since the moment she had woken up after surgery. Tears prickled at Maura's eyes each time, as there was no reason for Jane to thank her. It was a given that Maura would be there for her, and Maura still hadn't seemed to get through to Jane how lucky she was to have survived her self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Jane flipped on the TV and tuned in to sports. She was still in a lot of pain, but a good basketball game would keep her focus off the wound in her side.

Maura entered the living room, bringing Jane a blanket. She shook the folds out of the blanket and placed it over Jane.

"I was supposed to be at this Celtic's game tonight, remember? I had tickets- me and Frost were gonna go, and you had that ballet/opera thing." Jane remembered. "Aww, Maura you should go. I'm fine here in front of the TV."

"Absolutely not, you know I'm not going to leave you. Jane, you can't even sit up on your own. What if you rolled off the couch or need the bathroom? I am your 24 hour care. ..And no heroics, you already reached your quota of heroism for this lifetime." Maura ordered solemnly.

"Jo can dial 911 and bark in Morse code, didn't I tell you? I trained her," Jane sassed.

Maura smiled at this, won over, "maybe I could arrange for you to have a sip or two of beer, but just a little. You were shot through your liver; don't you think you should give it a break?"

Maura disappeared back into the kitchen and Jane watched the game, half drifting off to sleep. Recuperation took a lot of energy and painkillers knocked her out. Jane woke up a little later to the smell of barbecue pork. Maura brought out a tray with a sandwich, chips and cottage cheese, plus a tiny dixie cup of beer.

"Thank you Maura, this looks great," Jane said as Maura helped her sit up to eat. Jane tried to lean to her left side to not put any undue stress on her wound. She really did intend to follow doctor's orders to the letter. The sooner she recovered, the sooner she could get back to work and play. Though she could already tell she was going to love every minute of Maura babying her.

"Let me help you," Maura scooted in next to her, discarding the blanket and picking up a fork.

"I don't need a fork, you use your hands. It's supposed to be messy." Jane said.

Maura made a slight face, and began to scoot away, "Well, if you don't need me then I'll go start cleaning the kitchen."

Maura naturally wanted to cling to Jane and help her in every small way possible just to be close to her. She mentally told herself to step back and not smother. Jane already had a mother who had that market cornered.

Jane had scooped up the sandwich, sans the napkin that Maura held out and took a big bite. "Maura, stay here, don't start cleaning yet...aren't you having any?" Jane's face was covered in barbecue sauce. Maura smiled.

"No, I thought I'd have a salad later," she said, "Jane you have a little something on your-" she motioned to her nose. Maura took the napkin and leaned in to clean Jane's nose. Jane out maneuvered her and shoved the dripping sandwich in Maura's face. "Just one bite, you'll love it."

Maura hesitated, her eyes crossing as she stared at the sandwich. "Come on, don't make me sauce you," Jane held it closer to emphasize her intent.

"Okay, one bite," Maura leaned in and took a small bite. She sat back chewing in thought. "It's good Jane, but food that is better suited for a summer picnic would not be my choice for a first meal home."

"I freaking love picnics," Jane dipped a crinkly chip into cottage cheese and shoved it toward Maura. "Now try this."

"I'm supposed to be the one feeding you though," Maura took the proffered chip and ate it just for Jane. She sat back as she chewed, resting her hand on her head, watching Jane watch her.

"I love watching you try new things," Jane said, her voice dripping with admiration. Then she choked down a scoop of cottage cheese on a chip.

Maura blushed, "why?"

"Your little bites are so cute," Jane said unabashedly, thrilled to be sharing banter and food with Maura.

"Hmm, maybe you've earned a sip of beer," Maura lovingly handed Jane the little cup, and Jane took her reward.