Disclaimer- I do not own The Outsiders

Based off the song Angels by Within Temptation. I love that song and decided to write an outsiders oneshot from it. Why write it with Johnny being the bad guy? I love Johnny ok ... Ever since I first read the book, Johnny has been my number one favorite character ... and I almost cried when he died ... but I like twisting things, because things are not always as they seem ... believe me I know from experience. Plus, people always write about the same character being the bad guy ... no one has ever written about Johnny being the bad guy ... at least not any I read and I like being creative, and trying new things.

I wanted to make this longer and more descriptive, and other things, but this is all I came up with, hope you like it anyways!

Warnings: Slash-rape, OOC, and AU.

Don't like any of that, then don't read!

You're dying. The dark burns are too much for your small, fragile body to handle. Tears fill my eyes in sorrow. You were my best friend after all. You're the only one, besides Sodapop who understands me. You were always there for me and now you will never be there for me again. I just can't bear it.

I don't know what I'm going to do without you, Johnnycake.

You saved me so many times. You're like my guardian angel.

My sorrow fades though, when I thought about what you did to me in the church. Everybody thought you were an innocent puppy whose been kicked too many times, even I did, until you showed me your dark side and now I know you're not so innocent.

I trusted you and you broke me. How could you?

I was asleep on the dusty, hard floor of the church, when I was awoken to find you on top of me, hurting me in the worst of ways. I struggled and screamed, but you're stronger then you look.

It hurt, you knew it did, you just didn't care. You just kept on thrusting into me, tarring through me, until you were satisfied.

I never felt so much pain in my life.

That night made me realize our friendship was nothing, but a lie. I loved you almost as much as Sodapop. I thought you were my best friend.

I couldn't see your dark intentions, your feelings for me.

I always thought of you as some kind of fallen angel … but ha you're no angel!

I know life has forsaken you, but that doesn't give you an excuse for what you did. I never did anything to you, but be there. I'm not your parents. You always told me how much you hated your parents for how they treated you all the time, but now I know you were being a hypocrite. You're just like them.

What a shame. You could have chosen a different path in life.

We could have been best friends forever, but we've reached the end.

Now you're taking your last breath.

Its karma … you know. You took away a young boy's innocence and now you're being punished for it.

I feel my lips twitching into a smile and I got to keep myself from laughing like some kind of insane person.

You're getting what you deserve. Didn't you ever hear about the saying what goes around comes back around?

Dally's crying and begging you not to go, but I don't feel anything at all.

I see the angels,
I'll lead them to your door.
There's no escape now,
No mercy no more.
No remorse cause I still remember

The smile when you tore me apart.
You took my heart,
Deceived me right from the start.
You showed me dreams,
I wished they'd turn into real.
You broke a promise and made me realize.
It was all just a lie.