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Chapter 4 - The Sex Part 2

Soul was nervous. The girls had gotten away from him a couple weeks ago and hasn't been seen since. No one knew where they were at, even Shinigami-sama himself. Soul sighed and leaned back, staring up at the ceiling. He was wrong last time and since the girls were gone-ish and Liz and Patty were spending a girls weekend away with Maka and Tsubaki, that meant he and Kid had alone time together. He smirked at the idea then frowned. Those damn two girls always got in the way of things, but then again...he had to kinda thank them. It was their fault in the first place.


"Hey Soul! Lookie at I got heeeere~!" Alex cheered, waving Soul's own love letter to Kid in front of his face.

His face turned red and shouted angrily, "Give that back!"

"Nope!" She said, giggling and running off.

Meanwhile, Liz was teasing Kid about his own love letter to Soul and thus ran off also. The girl meet up and exchanged notes, smirking before turning around and going back.

"I'm so sorry Soul/Kid. I shouldn't have done that. It was rude and mean and childish. Forgive me?" both girls said, but in different places. Both males sighed and nodded. (They are in different parts of the school!) That where he and Kid first read the notes.


Soul leaned forward. The girls must've told someone where they're at. He needed to find them and tied them up so they wouldn't get in his way again.


"Hey Alex."


"Why are we hiding in Kid's attic again?"

"Because they're going to have sex here this time."

"Oh right! Yaoi! Yaoi! Yaoi!" she cheered.

"...wait, why didn't we go to school?" Alex asked this time.

"Because Soul wants to tie us up so we don't interfere."

"Like that'll happen this time. We tested the ceiling this time."

"Yep! And we have video cameras up!"


"YAOI! YAOI! YAOI!" they both chanted.


He suddenly shivered, like Liz just read is mind. He shook his head.

"Are you okay?"

Soul looked up to see Kid and smiled, "Yeah. I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Positive Kid. It just felt like Liz read my mind."

"Which one?"

"The one who hangs out with Alex."

"Oh...that one. She scares me. She always stares at me with a creepy expression, like she's going to take me and torture me in front of you. Sexually that is."

Soul shivered, "That's something that they'll both do."

"But Alex seems tamer out of the both of them."

"You haven't seen her at her peek. Trust me. She's worse then Liz at times."


Soul nodded, "Depends on what it is though."

"Right...they just are bad at it anyway."

"Yeah, bad enough to film it and post it up."

Kid shivered. He saw the video because Blaire had decided to watch it...ON TV! He nearly died that day.


As soon as they entered Kid's bedroom, Soul pulled him close and kissed him. He licked the reaper's bottom lips, which parted slightly and stuck his tongue in. Kid moaned at the feeling. It felt so good when Soul kissed him. His lips traveled down the pale neck, biting and sucking. Kid moaned loudly, tilting his head to give the sythe weapon better access. Soul unbuttoned Kid's white shirt and pushed it off, the shirt dropping to the floor. Soul kissed Kid feverishly and maneuvered them to the bed, never once breaking the kiss. As soon as they laid down on the bed, he broke the kiss and his hand ran down Kid's chest and moved his mouth down. He licked the nipple before biting the pert tip. Kid gasped, arching off the bed slightly, whimpering. Soul played with the other one before switching. Once he was done, he pulled away, smirking. Kid's face was flushed red and his nipples were bright red from the abuse and lips bruised. Soul took off his shirt and pulled Kid to him, kissing him roughly. Kid moaned into his lover's mouth before squealing when he felt Soul's hand gripping him. Kid pulled away from Soul's mouth, gasping in awe. Soul smirked and moved his hand, going down the sweatpants and boxers, gripping Kid. He rubbed the slit of the tip. Kid groaned loudly, shivering from the touch. Soul took off the bottoms quickly before discarding his own. He kissed Kid once again and moved down, biting both nipples and nipping the flesh of the young shinigami. Soul reached Kid's penis and smirked, blowing on it softly before licking from the base to the tip. Kid shivered, whimpering. Soul licked the tip again before taking it into his mouth. Kid gasped, arching his hips which was slammed back down by Soul, who kept on licking and sucking. He hummed, sending vibrations, which Kid felt. Kid shook his head from side to side, moaning and panting.

"Ahh~ S-Soul..."

Soul smirked around the male's penis, enjoying the sound of Kid's moans.

"F-Fuck!" Kid panted out.

Soul swirled his tongue around and sucked hard, causing Kid to cry out.

"S-Soul...Ah~ I-I'm c-coming! O-Oh g-god~!"

Soul hummed again and squeezed the base of Kid's cock, still swirling his tongue out. Kid shouted loudly, cumming into Soul's awaiting mouth. Soul made sure that Kid rode it to the fullest. He continued to suck and lick, milking all of Kid's juices. He pulled away, a soft pop was heard. Kid's golden eyes were closed, face flushed, sweat glistening, and panting heavily. Soul leaned up and kissed him, then placed three fingers up by his mouth. Kid took them into his mouth, making sure that they were coated. He decided to have his fun of a little torture and ran his tongue over each finger. Soul moaned at the feeling.

*God...if his mouth was on my...* Soul thought, biting his lower lip.

Soul pulled his hand away, trailing down and one finger entered Kid. Kid stiffened up, hissing at the intrusion. Soul kissed him softly, moving the finger in and out before adding another. Kid felt the sting of being stretched, but with Soul's kisses and him touching his recovering penis, he could deal with it. Soul added the third finger and Kid suddenly saw stars, which caused him to gasp in pleasure. He pulled away from the kiss, moaning, "T-There! Ah~"

Soul hit the Kid's prostate again, which Kid gasped out loudly, moaning. Soul memorized the spot and took out his fingers and placed his dick against Kid, pressing in slowly. Kid hissed a little at the intrusion. He didn't think Soul was that big. As soon as Soul was all the way in, he kissed Kid softly on the lips, cheeks, eyelids, and forehead. Soul started to rock back and forth, aiming for the spot. Kid gasped, arching slightly. He heard that sex was good, but he never dreamed that it was this good.

"A-Ah~! S-Soul! F-Faster!"

What Kid wanted, Soul will give. He started to move faster, causing Kid to moan loudly. Soul marveled on how tight Kid was and how good it felt to be inside him. Some drool leaked over and trailed down his chin.

"Oh god Kid. You feel so good around my dick." Soul moaned.

Kid looked at him with half-lidded eyes, cheeks flushing even darker. Soul leaned forward and brought them in a kiss as he pounded away into the small reaper and pumped the neglected dick. Kid nearly cried out. It was too much for him to handle, but it felt so good. He tore his lips away, moaning, "Ah~! S-Soul! I'm...ah~...I'm c-coming!"

Soul groaned as Kid's muscles tightened around him. Kid cried out loudly, coming on both of their chest. Soul groaned, pushing all the way in as he came inside the reaper. Soul fell against Kid, both panting hard. Soul pulled out of him and laid on his side, pulling the reaper close to him. Kid snuggled up to him and murmured, "I love you Soul."

Soul smiled and kissed Kid lightly, "Love you too Kid."

Alex and Liz were holding their noses as blood gushed out from them.

"Holy shit! That was hot!" Liz said with hearts in her eyes.

"Totally! I nearly died of a yaoi heart attack!" Alex repiled, swooning.

"At least we have it on film now."

"Totally. And we can watch it over and over and over again."

"So true."

"Now we can check that off out list!" Alex said.

Liz pulled out a small piece of paper.

1. Get Soul asking Kid on a date...CHECK!

2. Get Soul kissing Kid...CHECK!

3. Get Soul and Kid fucking each other...CHECK!

4. Beat the shit out of Maka

"Only one more to go!" Liz said, shoving the list away.

"Right. Let's get going before Kid feels out souls."


And with that, the girls leaped out into the night.