Hey guys! So this is just a small twoshot I came up with while daydreaming in class. I always wondered how the actors felt when kissing their co-stars in the most famous kissing scenes in the cinema. Sure it looks romantic and all, but it must seem somewhat uncomfortable. Well, you'll see what I mean ;) And dont worry, this story is all lovey dovey or any of that. In fact, if anything, this is kind of a cute parody of a perfect first kiss. Enjoy!

"Oh, George! I thought I'd never see you again!"

"I know, my love. I thought our relationship was in the ruins forever. But I'm back and I'm forever yours."

"Ugh," moaned Jessie as she watch the television screen, "I just don't understand it."

"Understand what?" asked Buzz, his posture slightly stiff.

"How can they do…that," she clarified, extending out her arm to the embracing couple. "How can they kiss like that? It looks painful. I mean, the guy basically just dove into her face. I'm surprised her nose ain't broken."

"Well, they tilt their heads to the side to avoid any facial collision."

"I'm so happy Bonnie isn't in that stage yet. Y'know, the relationship phase. Both Emily and Andy acted the same. Talkin' on the phone, writin' their crush's name all ov'r their folder, thinkin' 'bout they're beaus-"

"Jessie Pride," Buzz interjected with sarcasm, "You're telling me you aren't the romantic type?"

"Ha ha. Very funny," she replied, rolling her eyes, "It's not that I don't like romance. It's just…the mushy gushy stuff I don't care for."

"You mean you never really thought how it's like to kiss?"

"I don't fantasize about it or anythin'. What 'bout you, ranger?"

"Well, I didn't at first until-" his eyes grew big as he turned to her "Or, uh, you know…I always wondered it was about with Woody and Bo did it. What's the big deal and all…"

"Mmmm-hmmm," she responded, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow. "Well, if you're wonderin' how it's like…lets go. Just the two of us."

Buzz's body shot up in shock. "W-w-what? N-now?"

"You don't want to?" she inquired with a sly smile. She loved to mess with the spaceman.

"Well, I-I mean, it needs to be the right mood. We c-can't just do it now."

"Fine. We can do it another time. You can chose what time is 'perfect' for the right kissin' mood."



"What's that you're making, Buzz?" asked Woody as he departure for the rest of the toys who were surrounded by the computer.

"N-nothing," he stammered, hiding the list just he created.

"If it's nothing it should be no big deal if I read it."

"Er, uh, I rather not-" Before he could fight back, Woody snatched it out of his hands.

"'Objective: Finding the right mood to kiss'…"Woody read out loud, holding back his chuckles. Well, tried to. "Buzz! Are you serious?"

"It's just a little thing Jessie and I are trying out. We were watching a romantic movie the other day and-"

"Only you can take a spontaneous show of affection into a science experiment…"

"Hey, I didn't ask for your permission," Buzz shot back, grabbing his list for the laughing cowboy.

"Yeah, well, good luck. You're gonna need it."

"You never know, Woody. You may learn some moves from me."

"In your dreams, Spaniard…"

Yeah, I know. Short. And many short lines. I promise the second part will be more descriptive. This is just the warm up ;-)