Title: The Right Kissing Mood
Objection: to find the right mood to kiss

Experiment One: The Awkward Teenager
"Uh Jessie, I wanted to give you these," Buzz announced to the cowgirl, showing her a bouquet of small yellow daisies.

"Oh Buzz! They're gorgeous!" Jessie thanked, taking the flowers from him, leaving him standing in front of her with puckered lips. "Where didya find 'em?"

"From the backyard," Buzz informed, stepping closer to Jessie.

"That's so sweet! What's the occasion?" she asked.

"Oh…just for knowing a special toy like you," he said, puckering his lips.

"Just for no reason, huh… What did you do, Buzz?"

"What? Nothing!"

"What do you want then? Why are you standing so close to me? Ever heard of personal space?"

"Well I-I was just expecting a l-little reward…l-like maybe a k-kiss or something…"

"Is that how it has to be now? A give and take relationship?"

"Not give and take but-"

"I'll never understand the way these things work…" she murmured to herself as she walked away to place the flowers in a vase.

Experiment two: Tied up
"I swear, Buzz, I had no idea the flower thing was the first test," Jessie explained to him, suppressing her giggles.

"If you say so," Buzz replied, "Anyways, why am I tied upside down again from this bed post?"

"I saw it in some movie."

"You promise I won't fall, right?"

"Nonsense, Buzz, I tied this rope here," she started as she tugged the rope, "as tight as I could. Us cowgirls know how to tie our knots. I guarantee you that-uh…Buzz, do you want me to help you up?"

"Yes, please," he said after crashing onto the ground.

"You know, I never was good at tying up stuff now that I think about it…"

Experiment 3: The Rain Kiss
"Boy, it's fortunate how crazy the weather changes!" screamed Jessie over the wind.

"It is," Buzz agree, slightly shivering.

"I don't understand how the actors and actresses in these scenes manage to not be cold or somethin'."

"Me neither. Despite the weather, their kiss manages to have a certain spark. Alright lets start." As Jessie reached for Buzz's hands, she pulled back from the sharp pain she felt in her body.

"Ow! What was that about Buzz?" she questioned, "You didn't have to take the spark thing so literally!"

"I'm sorry! I must be have a shortage of some sort."

"Oh great! You and your electronic body parts!"

"Want to go back inside?"

"What do you think?" she asked, hugging her own body for warmth.

Experiment 4: The Slow Dance
"This song is good," Jessie told herself as she listened to a violin instrumental after turning on the radio.

"Care to dance?" offered Buzz, extending out his hand to her. After she embraced him, she rested her head on his shoulder. Everything was finally going right until-

"Buzz!" Jessie yelled as he span her around and dipped her.

"I-I'm sorry! I can't help it, somebody changed the song at the radio!" Turning to look to see who it was they saw it was the Peas in the Pod who were giggling at the 'tune' button.

"I just don't get it," Buzz murmured as he read his list with disappointment, "We tried everything. We tried the Titanic kiss-"

"Really put a strain on your neck…" Jessie cut in, rubbing her neck with displeasure.

"We tried the Gone with the Wind kiss-"

"Which you were too short for…"

"And we tried what Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton did in Cleopatra-"

"How did she manage to keep that headdress on? I couldn't stop that thing from fallin' down. Of course I didn't have to wear it in the first place but still…" She got up and walked to look over Buzz's shoulder.

"I'm out of ideas. Maybe we can-" His helmet suddenly flew over his head, leaving him give a little yelp in surprise. Looking for Jessie, he saw her walk over from behind to face him. "You know how I feel about you touching my helmet. What was that-" Before he could say anymore, she gently kissed the outer edge of his helmet.

"That'll do for now," she concluded coyly, watching Buzz's mouth drop "Oh and Buzz: your wings are open."

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