Life worth living, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Wuthering Heights or any of its characters.

Guess what?

I think you were selfish!

It was always about you-

You, you, you!

When it was about Cathy, it was about you, then, too.

It was always you.

I loved you, I cared for you, and what did you do?

What did you leave me with?

What did you ever give me?

You just didn't see,

You just didn't care,

Because I wasn't really a part of your world,

I was just someone who was there,

Always there,

But you couldn't even destroy me the way you did my father,

I wouldn't play your game your way,

Though I always tried to please you,

To make you see,

I cared, too.

But Cathy was gone,

And that was all you could ever think about,

Your Cathy!

Your Cathy!

And damn her! Damn her for going and leaving you alone!

Well, guess what?

Now you're gone and you've hurt me,

But, again, do you care?

I don't even know.

All I know is that I hope you're better off, wherever you've gone now, because you made out like all your life here was was a living hell,

So I hope it's no longer like that, I hope you no longer have the urge to thrust that same feeling upon others,

All of the punishment you gave to those who'd hurt you in the past, did it make your future brighter, Heathcliff?

No, it never did.

But still you kept hoping,

Hoping that it would?

Now it's different. Maybe it's better. Now you're free and so am I, though not truly.

I still care for you even though you're gone,

I wish I didn't, though, you see, because all of these questions are left hanging,

They'll never have answers in this lifetime, I think, but I can move on.

I'll prove it to you, too, Heathcliff.

I will move on.

I will find that brightness,

And make my life worth living!