I am incredibly psyched to be putting up this really short Author's Note to tell you that...

The sequel to Clair de Lune - Pas de Trois - is up!

I'm so excited for it! Here is a preview, though do go and read the full thing. Link on my profile and of course just search 'Pas de Trois'.

I am so sorry that I have been quiet for so long - believe it or not, I've been busy in a good way!

Okay, please check this out! And tell me your thoughts on anything!

Oh, and just a wee thing to think about: Pas de Trois means Step of Three...hmmmmmm? What could this mean?

It was after dinner that we finally got the answer to the mystery. Alice and I had cleaned up, insisting that the two chefs go and take a break. And now we returned to the living room to see my parents sitting there, carefully arranged smiles on their faces.

"What?" I said uncertainly as they looked at me, their anxiousness showing right through.

"We have a present for you, sweetie," said Mom.

"Since when did Thanksgiving involve presents?" I asked confusedly.

"There's a first for everything," she replied. "Sit down..."

Alice and I awkwardly sat on the other couch. Somehow I sensed that Alice's presence was making whatever this was even more difficult for my parents.

I looked expectantly at them, and Dad produced a large white envelope. "Happy Thanksgiving, Bells."

My nerves growing, I took it. "Am I getting Grandma Swan's Christmas money early?" I asked in vain, even though it was way too big to be one of Grandma's homemade cards.

Mom gave a high, off-key laugh. "No. Just open it..."

With a deep breath, I slid my thumb under the seal and tore it open. Inside was a glossy booklet. Frowning, I pulled it out. The front cover had a danseur in arabesque – one leg outstretched behind him, one arm reaching in front – on a dark stage, his lean muscles and handsome face only lit in blue light. Had it been just the photo, I would have marvelled at his perfect line and technique...but then I read the calligraphy above:

Aro Colaianni

School of Contemporary and Classical Dance

Syllabus 2011 - 2012

I stared at the words, unable to speak. I didn't even want to contemplate...but already my mind was spinning into frenzy. "Mom..." I whispered. "What are you suggesting here?"