A/N: So this is going to be a little different. I've never exactly killed off a character (I'm not sure if this one will bring me to that) but there is a possibility one will die in this one. So I hope you enjoy it! I will write more. But this is to give you a taste of the story before. Also the writing style may be different from my others. So enjoy.

Chapter One: Prologue

There was a heavy air in the bullpen. No one wanted to smile, or laugh, or joke. It was silent. It traveled to, because the whole squad room was silent. There wasn't even ringing phones. That was unusual. But what was even more unusual, Team Gibbs was solemn. They all had heavy hearts. Why? Tony was going undercover.

It may not have sounded like much, unless you understood the mission. Jenny Shepard had to give Tony this mission, the chances for Ziva to go and come back, were slim to none. Tony was willing to go in Ziva's place, if it meant keeping her safe. Even at the risk of his own life.

He was going undercover as a terrorist. Well more of an Iraqi Intel. He had to uncover as many unknown terrorist cells, without letting anyone know his identity. If he did, the consequences only began at a quick, painless death. They got worse from there.

The agents, including Gibbs and Jenny, all had heavy hearts as they said their goodbyes. No one was ready for this.

Abby walked over and hugged Tony in a crushing hug. She was fighting back tears. "Come back safe Tony. Please."

Tony held her. The plea was so simple, so quiet, it broke his heart. "I will Abs. Come on, cheer up a little. I'll be home before you know it."

Abby nodded slowly. She looked at her best guy friend. "I'll miss you."

Tony smiled half way, "I'll miss you Abs."

Abby looked down and stepped back so everyone else could say their goodbyes.

Ducky walked forward to Tony and clapped a hand on his shoulder comfortingly. "Ah dear Anthony, come home safely."

Tony couldn't help but smile at the old Scotsman. "I will Ducky. Promise."

Ducky gave a firm nod and smiled. Then he stepped back by Abby.

Palmer gave a quick nod. The autopsy gremlin was awkward, even in the most heart breaking situation. "Bye uh, Tony. Uh, come home okay. Well, of course you'll come home okay, cause the other way is in a coffin, and that's uh, not okay. Uh, obviously."

Tony chuckled at how awkward he looked. He was the only one. "Oh Jim boy. How I will miss you while I'm gone."

Jimmy blinked and looked down, now embarrassed.

Jenny smiled slightly, "be safe Tony. You're a good agent."

Tony smiled at Jenny, "thank you. And I will be."

Gibbs looked at Tony, "you will not die. Got it?"

Tony nodded, "yes boss. I'll come home alive." Everyone tried to smile at the oxymoron. They failed horribly at it.

Ziva stepped up to take her turn. She hugged Tony. "Please come home Tony." She whispered, tears trying to gather by her eyes. "I will miss you if you do not."

"I'm sure everyone will Ziva." Tony sighed holding the Israeli woman in his arms. "Bye Zee. Be safe and take care of yourself."

Ziva nodded. She stood by Abby and Ducky, looking down to try hiding the tears.

"Probie." Tony held his arms out for a hug, "who's your favorite senior field agent who needs a hug before he goes?"

McGee looked at Tony like he lost it, but he stepped forward and gave Tony a 'man hug'. "Bye uh, Tony. Have a safe trip."

"Of course I will McGirlscout." Tony joked. "Do me a favor Probie?" His tone was quieter now. A whisper.

"Sure." McGee whispered back. The next words were the ones he'd always remember.

"If anything happens to me, take care of the girls. Especially Ziva. I need you to do that for me. Can you?" Tony asked softly.

McGee nodded, "of course. Goodbye Tony."

"Bye Probie." Tony pulled away. "All ready to go."

The hearts that were already sore from having to let Tony go, began to break. They didn't want him to go. Especially on a mission he probably would never return from.