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Chapter Twelve: Epilogue

(A Year After Tony's Death)

"Come on Probie." McGee called over his shoulder as he and Ziva climbed the hill behind Gibbs where the body was.

"It'd be easier if I didn't have to carry the gear!" The newest member of Team Gibbs whined.

McGee and Ziva exchanged glances, chuckles hiding behind their smiles. It was almost an exact glimpse back when Tony was alive and McGee was "Probie".

"Come on Matheson." Gibbs growled as he waited for the rest of his team to catch up.

Ziva and McGee caught up easily and waited with Gibbs patiently.

The Probie, Matheson took a while and when he was about to reach the three other members they began walking again. "Oh come on." He mumbled under his breath, frustrated.

Ziva chuckled softly hearing him. Oh the things you would say to him Tony. She thought looking up to the sky. It had been something she had done often over the past year. Every time something happen that reminded her of Tony she thought something to him and looked at the sky. It helped deal with the grief and guilt of losing him. I miss you Tony. Its weird without you here. It's especially weird without hearing you be the one saying Probie. McGee glanced at Ziva and put a hand on her arm in comforting way. When she looked over at him he smiled letting her know she wasn't alone in missing the old friend.

Ziva smiled back gratefully and took the camera from Matheson and began to take pictures of the scene as they got to it.

Gibbs looked at McGee, "look for stuff that'd be good evidence while we wait for Duck."

McGee nodded and put gloves on then began to look around.

"What about me Gibbs?" Matheson, the ever eager Probie asked.

"Hold the gear for McGee and Ziva." He walked over to the ranger who had found the Naval officer's body and began to take his statement.

"Seriously!" Matheson groaned.

Ziva chuckled. "We all had to go through it." She took a picture of the unsuspecting probie making the light blind him momentarily.

McGee chuckled. "Be glad your not Tony. He'd give you a good head-slap right about-" then McGee felt the sharp pain on his head. "Now."

Gibbs stood behind McGee, "that was a good one to huh McGee?" Gibbs gave a half smile, "get to work."

McGee nodded, "yes boss." He began to look around again.

"Tony?" Matheson looked at Ziva as she took pictures of the scene and whatever McGee found.

Ziva nodded. "Yes. He was the senior field agent of the team."

"I heard you guys talk about him before. What happened to him? He quit? Get fired? Move? Transfer?" With each question the memories flooded back to Ziva and McGee. Tears threatened both of them.

Gibbs noticed and shot the Probie a glare. "Set the gear down and help Duck. You mention this conversation or him again, you will get a slap in the head." He gave the Probie a head slap for good measure. "Got it?"

Matheson nodded. "Yes Gibbs." He set the gear on a safe spot then quickly went down to help Ducky and Palmer with their gear.

Ziva glanced at Gibbs. "Thank you."

Gibbs nodded, "you're welcome. Just remember, he's still got a lot to learn."

Ziva nodded a tearful smile. "You are right." she went back to what she was doing.

McGee glanced at Gibbs, "its different without him."

Gibbs nodded. "It's weird not having to scold him about flirting with Ziva," a smile appeared on Ziva's lips and a small blush began creeping up her neck, "or head slapping him for calling you Probie."

McGee grinned, "now you get to slap me."

Gibbs shook his head with a smile, "if you don't work." He warned.

McGee nodded. "On it." He exchanged another look with Ziva and chuckled as he went back to work.

Ziva chuckled to herself and worked diligently.

Gibbs watched the two. The newly appointed Senior Field Agent McGee and the caring Ziva. Both had bonded more after Tony left.

McGee had done his best to keep both Ziva and Abby in good spirits. He had kept the jokes coming the best he could and with the new agent, he had given him the Probie name.

Ziva had been dealing with a lot through the year. If it was possible, the ex-Mossad had gotten stronger. She was braver, but it was obvious she had needed DiNozzo. That she loved him. She was quieter and more relaxed in the bullpen and had asked for DiNozzo's spot when they were about to bring in the new agent. They had given it to her knowing she'd be more relaxed there.

Abby. The little forensic scientist was still her playful, full of life self. But things weren't going to be the same. Music still played, but when there wasn't a case, a picture of Tony would be on her computer. A consistent reminder of what they had lost. Their friend. Their family. Another part of them.

Gibbs. Well he was a case all on his own. He wasn't much changed on the outside. But if you dug deep into the silver fox, you would find that he did care DiNozzo was gone. That he hurt too. And when he was alone, had time off work and it was a lonely day, he'd go to the cemetery and talk to his old friend. Say a few things about the team to keep him updated. And to say he missed him.

Tony DiNozzo was forever apart of Team Gibbs.

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