A/N: I should be doing homework… but I'm not. I just finished 90210 and well, can you blame me? So far I'm loving this season! And I'd love it more if Kelly was there. So, I'm adding her in! Post 3x04.

Silver walked through the door and heaved a sigh as she threw her keys on the table. She ran her hand through her short hair and rubbed her temples with the palm of her hands, "God," she sighed.

Suddenly the lights turned on and Kelly's bright face greeted the tired Silver, "Hey, kiddo! How'd it go?"

Silver gave a small smile, "Really well. We made bank at least," she said with a giggle.

Kelly smiled, "Awe! I'm so proud of you." She looked at Silver a moment longer and frowned, "What's up?"

Silver's eyes misted over and she bit the bottom of her lip, "It was a really long day." She shook her head and swallowed hard. "Teddy and I are officially over," she supplied, "and Adrianna has a crappy manager, and Nay," she choked on her friend's name. She wrapped her arms around herself, "it just sucks."

Kelly gave a sympathetic smile and embraced her sister, "What has Naomi done now?" It was lighthearted but Silver bristled.

"Naomi hasn't done anything," Silver defended and shook her sister's arms away. She huffed slightly and held her tongue. Betrayal was something that stung Silver the most and telling her sister what Naomi had begged not to tell a soul—especially after she had done just that—felt like the worst kind of betrayal.

Kelly turned on her heel, "Silver, what's going on?"

"God, Kel!" Silver outlashed, "Nothing! It was just a really long night."

Kelly expected her sister to storm off to her room, but instead the tiny girl just stood there, one hand resting lazily on her arm. Slowly she stepped forward, "Erin," she whispered, "what's wrong?"

A tear rolled down Silver's cheek, "It's Naomi…" Kelly stayed quiet, still believing the blonde had done something. "She…" Silver shook her head, "can you keep a secret?"

Kelly pulled back a bit, "As a sister? Yes. As a guidance counselor… If she is hurting someone, someone is hurting her or she is hurting herself, you know I can't."

Silver nodded and looked at the floor. "She was raped," she whispered.

Kelly held her breath for a moment and let the shock sit in: West Bev's Queen Bee Barbie was raped. "Did she go to a hospital?" Silver shook her head. "Does she know who?" Silver hesitated but shook her head again. Kelly knew her sister was lying but she clenched her jaw, "How is she?"

Silver shook her head again, "I don't know. She's been dealing with it by herself for so long and... I…" She choked again.

"Erin, baby, what is it?"

"I didn't believe her. When she first told me, I didn't believe her! Not until—" she stopped herself and groaned through clenched teeth, "then I found her on her couch; OD'ed and alone." She crumpled to the floor and ran her hand through her hair, "I'm the worst friend."

Kelly frowned and sat opposite her sister on the floor, "You aren't a bad friend. You're there for her now." Silver rolled her eyes. Kelly took that as a sign to continue, "There is nothing more you can do now than maybe persuade her to talk to me or someone, or maybe even report it."

Silver nodded warily, "That sucks."

Kelly gave a half smile, "Yeah, it does."

Silver nodded slowly then stood, "I'm going to go to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

Kelly nodded and briefly hugged Silver, "If you can't sleep, you know where to find me."

The door was left open and Silver took that as an invitation. She tiptoed to her sister's bed and crept underneath the covers. The warmth hit her instantly and suddenly she felt safer and like the world was as it should be. Kelly rolled over and brought her sister close, "Good night, I love you."

Silver smiled softly, "Love you too."

A/N: Can we tell I seriously just miss Kelly! Dear 90210, please bring her back!