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Take this short and easy quiz to see if you have your man under your spell!

Question One: How did he confess?

a)One of his friends did it for him

b)On his knees

c)After years and years of chasing

d) He didn't. You did

"Sasuke-kun…I-I made y-y-you something…I-I h-hope you l-like it…"

The 12-year-old boy stared at the blue box the trembling girl held out.


Question Two: When on a date, does he-

a)Forget about it

b)Come late

c) Bring you flowers

d) Yawn

"Ne, it looks so sweet! Can you take me to watch it Sasuke-kun? Please?"

The handsome man covered his mouth to stifle his yawn before pushing a twenty dollar note into her hand.

"…I'll wait outside."

Question Three: When home from work, does he-



c)Kiss you

d)Ignore you

"Welcome home Sasuke! I made your favourite, tomato soup!"


"Um…okay, I'll get it for you now…"

Question Four: When you ask hime something serious, does he-


b)Get nervous

c)Answer calmly

d)Ignore you


The Uchiha grunted back from his place on the sofa, eyes glued on the television screen.

"Do you think my bum looks big in these?"


She scowled at the man who didn't even look her way before stalking off.

Question Five: What phrase does he tell you everyday?

a)You are beautiful

b)I want sex

c)I love you


The pink-haired woman gasped as two strong arms encircled her waist. A warm mouth kissed her on the neck and a mass of raven locks buried itself into the crook of her shoulder.

She giggled.

"Sasuke-kun! That tickles!"

A soft chuckle erupted from the said man.

"What are you doing?"

The pinkette frowned, adding up her score before turning to face her husband.

"Just a quiz…" She laughed when the man gave her a warning look. That answer didn't satisfy him. "It's called 'Do you control him?" and—"

Before she could stop him, the Uchiha had snatched the magazine away from her grasp and scanned the page. Then—

"Hn. What did you get?"

Sakura nervously fiddled with her pen.

"It d-doesn't really matter you know…it's just a stupid quiz…"

She squealed when the man attacked her neck again. The magazine fell on the floor as Sasuke hugged her to him again.

"O-okay—okay!" gasped Sakura. She held her hands up and pushed him away. "I got mostly D's."

Sasuke raised his eyebrow. He watched as she picked up the fallen book.

"If you get mostly D's, I'm sorry, but it's all over for you. This man of yours clearly does not care for you and it would be best for the both of you to stay away from each other."

The woman looked up from what she had just read and nearly giggled from the murderous look in his eyes.

"Do you think it's right?"

Sakura jumped at his question. Was the Uchiha actually upset from the results? She let out her soft laugh before bringing him into a sweet kiss. He leaned into it before she broke off, panting.

"Of course not, silly. I love you and that will never change."

"…But what about your results? Clearly—"

She stopped him with another kiss, but this time, harder.

"Ne…I won you over in the end didn't I? If that's not right, well, then nothing is."

Sasuke smirked at her reply before giving into another kiss. He really was under her spell.