by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Spider Man or the Justice League.

Summery: Spider Man joins the Justice League shortly after the team is formed, and aids the heroes in their mission to protect the world against various super villains and criminals.

Idea courtesy of classyspider who started this story with 'web of justice' in which Spider Man and Mary Jane get teleported to the Justice League universe which started in 'Secret Origins'.


Chapter One
Injustice For All

Peter Parker tapped the console of the computer again and filed the League's latest missions, letting out a bored sigh as he did.

A mission to outer space to rescue Green Lantern from a bunch of robots. A mission to save the planet from the polar ice caps melting because of a bunch of surface-hating water breathers from the fabled city of Atlantis. Peter thought as he filed the second mission. Or, thought-to-be-fabled. Honestly the guy seems worse than Namor. He's married, which is good, so he's not inclined to kidnap anyone from the surface. Superman said she was a redhead. Guess we've got something in common, which is more than Namor and I did.

Ever since he and Mary Jane arrived in this alternate universe, and helped the League stop that alien invasion, the webslinger had felt more than a little bored at all this. Though he shouldn't have. He and Mary Jane were alive, reunited, married, and living a good life in Metropolis.

The last bit was courtesy of Batman, who had set Peter and Mary Jane up with new identities and enough money to get them started in their new lives.

Apart from Peter's numerous side-jobs, which included his old profession as freelance photographer for the Daily Planet, (and he actually found Perry White to be more reasonable than J. Jonah Jameson had been) and computer work for a Wayne Enterprises branch company in Metropolis, Peter also worked as tech-support at the Watchtower. (Peter could actually do his computer work for Wayne Enterprises from the Watchtower while doing maintenance work)

Despite the space station being brand new, there were still numerous things that needed to be done to make sure it was operating at 100%. The power core needed to be constantly checked and regulared, the wiring at three different sections of the station needed to be replaced since the League's last mission, and their food supplies needed to be restocked every time the Flash came aboard station.

Though Flash explained why he needed all that food, because of his hyper-accelerated metabolism, it still boggled Spider Man's mind how much food the guy could put away. He'd heard a rumor that Flash had been banned from various Hot Dog eating contests because he always won.

But despite having these great responsibilities, mostly on the Watchtower, Batman had also insisted that if Spider Man was going to 'function' in this universe, on their team, then he had to study. He gave the webslinger access to an extensive dossier of his enemies as well as Superman's enemies, and the villains the other League members had faced in their respective pasts.

In return, the dark knight demanded that Spider Man provide them, The League, with profiles on the villains of his universe.

Spider Man had little trouble with this, since it seemed only fair, and it was thanks to Jonn Jonzz and his special talents (his telepathy and shapeshifting powers) that Spider Man was able to provide the dark knight with more than adequate profiles on his universes villains.

All Spider Man had to do was think of a specific enemy he had faced (for example: Doctor Octopus), Jonn would telepathically read his memories, and would then shapeshift into that particular foe in order to be photographed for the profile. Spider Man would then provide as much information as he had on them. Such as if he knew their real names or not. He was sure Jonn didn't like it when he became Venom as much as he enjoyed imagining it.

Most of the time it was just Peter and Jonn Jonzz up on the Watchtower while the other League members were on other cases. The heroes actually came and went as they pleased. Hawkgirl and John Stewart the Green Lantern were there more often than the others. Wonder Woman was there slightly less than them, and Flash, Batman and Superman were there less than her.

And because of all the studying he had to do, Spider Man was exempt from the League's last two missions. Not that he was complaining about the extra time he was able to spend with Mary Jane, but he had been with the League for nearly two months following the attack by the parasitic alien invaders, and he felt more than just a little bored.

That was, until he was got a call from Batman.


Lex Luthor was a very wealthy and powerful businessman in Metropolis. However, he had made most of his money in the arms business. And not all of it legally.

Currently a shipment of his weapons had turned up in various countries around the world, most in particular to the country of Iran and near Kaznia. While the League had taken care of the weapons, they had traced them back to Luthor.

Spider Man had heard of Lex Luthor from Superman. To the webslinger, the guy seemed like a clone of both Tony Stark and Norman Osborn. The problem was, Luthor wasn't psychotic. Not like the Green Goblin, but he was cunning, ruthless, cold, calculating, and completely beyond any measure of morality.

From his perch outside the Lex Corps headquarters, and Luthor's private office, Spider Man was listening intently to the conversation going on inside.

"You know I've carried this piece of Kryptonite around with me for years, waiting for just the right moment to use it. And now that it's here, I have to admit, I'm almost disappointed. Almost." the bald-headed man dressed in the dark, finely crafted Italian suit sneered as he walked over to the blue and red suited Man of Steel who was writhing in pain on the ground. "Any last words before you go, Superman?"

"Luthor... those weapons you sold to the terrorists. I have to know... how did you get them through customs?" Superman asked.

"Oh, a gift here, a bribe there. When money talks, people listen. Like Stavroff of the shipping company. And Schneider, the Interpol agent who looked the other way."

"Sounds like you're going to have company in prison." Superman said as he stood up, no indication of pain or suffering.

"What?" Luthor gasped as he raced over to him, shoving the green rock in his face. "No! It can't be! The Kryptonite!"

"Won't protect you any longer." Superman said as his features suddenly started to change. Within only a couple of seconds, Superman, the last son of Krypton, was gone, replaced by Jonn Jonn, the last son of Mars.

"You're usually more careful than that, Lex. You slipped up." Batman said.

"And this time you're going down hard!" Green Lantern said as he used his ring to pull the green rock from Luthor's hands and pull it toward him.

Batman caught it and put it into one of his lead-lined belt compartments.

"Mission accomplished! We got him!" Batman said into a small mic.

Outside the building, Spider Man stopped recording the conversation between Luthor and the League and put the special recording device he had with him back into his belt.

But right as he did that, his Spider Sense went crazy.

What the... he mentally gasped as the windows to Luthor's office were suddenly blown out by the high-tech looking escape jet that was hovering just outside said office. He's getting away!

Without thinking, Spider Man dashed towards the edge of the building and leapt off of it, right onto the back behind the glass cockpit.

Luthor didn't notice this as he spun the jet around and launched himself away from the building.

Spider Man's ability to cling to smooth surfaces was put to the test as the jet took off at incredible speed, careening through the steel and stone canyons of Metropolis in an almost reckless attempt to get away.

Well this was a good idea. Spider Man thought as he held on for dear life. I wonder if he's noticed that he's got a hitchhiker?

Luthor ducked and weaved through the city, which didn't strike the webslinger as an attempt to shake him off. No, it was more like he was trying to evade something. Spider Man looked back and saw that something was following him.

It was Superman. The real Superman.

However, the second he saw the man of steel, he noticed two panels on the backside of the ship open up, allowing gun-ports to emerge. They immediately started firing at Superman.

Figures. I've got to shut down those weapons before he blows something up! Like some innocent bystanders! Spider Man thought as he crawled onto the underside of the jet and located the main circuit box. Bingo! He thought as he pulled his fist back and punched through it into the circuit box. Grabbing a mess of wires and cables, he forcefully pulled them out, which caused the weapons to shut down, but the engines as well. Seeing that Superman was fast approaching, Spider Man leapt off the jet and fired a webline to the nearest building.

He flipped himself onto the roof and watched as Superman caught the jet. The man of steel waved a 'thanks' to Spider Man as he set the jet down on the adjacent roof and literally ripped the canopy off the jet to look inside. Spider Man quickly arrived and looked inside the jet, startled as he noticed that Luthor was passed out. What's more... he looked quite ill.


Less than an hour later, Spider Man was back at the Watchtower. Having handed over the recording of Lex Luthor's confession to the dark knight, the webslinger was back filing the mission report for his part in Luthor's arrest. Batman was naturally upset that Spider Man didn't follow his orders to keep hidden and had jumped on Luthors escape jet, but Superman had been nice enough to vouch for him. Sabotaging Luthor's jet had probably made catching him easier than it would have been.

Regardless, everything had turned out alright. Though when Superman returned from Strykers Prison and informed the League of Luthor's condition, Spider Man actually felt a little bad for the bald man. Apparently the radiation from the Kryptonite that Luthor carried around with him for years had an unfortunate effect on him as well.

The basic idea was this: Kryptonite was deadly to anyone from the planet Krypton, able to weaken, injure, even kill in a matter of minutes. It had no effect on humans though. However, if a human were in close contact with the Kryptonite for a longer period of time, say a few years, then they would eventually contract a rare type of blood-poisoning that was akin to cancer.

Spider Man believed that Superman's natural ability to absorb solar energy was the key. He knew from Batman that Superman's Kryptonian cellular structure allowed him to more easily absorb the solar energy from the Sun. But if he could absorb the Sun's healthy rays so easily, then he could absorb the Kryptonites poison rays just as easily. Which is why Kryptonite was so deadly to him.

While the scientist in him found this to be fascinating, it was put on the back burner when he got a call from his wife.

"Hey, MJ, what's up?" Peter said, lifting his mask to speak more clearly into the phone attached to the console he was working at.

(Just wondering if you're coming home tonight, sweetie?) The smooth voice on the other end said.

"Sorry. I was just filing a report for my boss. I'll be home soon."

(Even if it is a commute.) She teased and hung up the phone.

Yeah. How many guys work on a space station and call it a regular day job? He thought as he filed the mission report and turned to head to the shuttle bay where his ride awaited.


It was just after midnight when Peter's Justice League communicator rang. He vaguely wondered if Batman got some kind of perverse pleasure at signaling the League members using high-pitched noise through their ears.

"Yeah, yeah! I'm up!" Peter hissed as he tapped the incredibly small hearing aid-like device in his right ear.

(Good to know. Lex Luthor and the Ultra-Humanite have escaped from Strykers Island. They may be somewhere in Metropolis. The League's on their way, but I need you out on patrol as well.) Batman said to him.

"Figures." Peter grumbled as he pulled himself out of bed. "I'm on my way." he said tapping his communicator off.

"Peter? Is something wrong?" Mary Jane Watson Parker, the gorgeous red-haired, green-eyed super model and actress asked as she raised her head from her pillow.

"Nothing much. Just some bad guys trying to get away. Boss wants me out there. You know, taking pictures and all." he said to his wife, using his photographer job so as to not alarm her.

But Mary Jane wasn't fooled. Getting out of bed, revealing she was wearing only a pair of red silk panties and a bra, she pulled Peter in close and kissed him passionately.

"Your spare suits in the closet. Be careful, tiger." she whispered to him before going back to bed.

Now fully awake, Peter really started to hate his so-called boss for taking him away, again, from this gorgeous and wonderful woman.


Spider Man swung through the canyons of Metropolis trying to get a lead on Luthor and his ape-like co-escapee. He had just turned onto 7th Street when a forceful explosion caught his attention.

What The... he mentally gasped as he spun around in mid-air and quickly web-slung back towards the quickly burning inferno.

His search for Luthor would have to wait. Innocent people were in trouble.

He leapt through an open window and found an elderly woman and a young girl on the ground. The girl was pushing on her grandmother, trying to ger her to move.

"Grammy! Grammy?" the girl cried out.

Spider Man rushed over to the pair, which startled the girl.

"I'm here to help." Spider Man as he scooped up the elderly woman in his arms and lifted her up off the floor. He then grabbed the girl by her hands and hauled her up on his back. "Hold on tight!" he said as he rushed forward and kicked the door to their apartment open.

Racing out into the hallways, smoke and fire quickly consuming the hallways, Spider Man raced over to the stairwell and jumped down the flight of stairs that was even now starting to crumble under the heat of the inferno. Bounding from wall to wall, Spider Man was out of the building within a matter of seconds, right as the paramedics arrived.

"I need a medic over here!" Spider Man shouted as he raced over to the ambulance.

The EMT's quickly got the elderly woman an oxygen mask, the granddaughter wrapped in a blanket.

"Thank you, Mr Hero." the girl said to the webslinger.

Spider Man looked at the girl in shock.

She thanked me. He thought with some surprise.

"You're welcome." the webslinger said as he noticed Batman and Hawkgirl fly out of the building with another young girl cradled within the dark knights arms.

Spider Man raced over to the pair as the girl and her father were reunited.

"I'm used to being thanked when I save someone." Hawkgirl said to the dark knight.

"I'm not used to being saved." Batman replied.

"Glad to see you guys here." Spider Man replied.

"You too." Hawkgirl said.

"Any sign of Luthor?" Batman asked as Superman and Flash arrived.

"No. When the building went up, I pulled my search." Spider Man answered.

Batman nodded, clearly understanding that.

"No big, it's only two guys. How much trouble can they be?" Flash asked in his usual cocky tone.

"Oh... not much." the webslinger said as he pointed to the still burning building behind them.


The members of the Justice League were back at the Watchtower scanning all the communication channels and waiting for something to happen. Knowing Luthor, he wouldn't stay hidden for very long. Batman's primary concern was... who would he be coming after first?

While Superman had been Luthor's primary nemesis, it was the League and Superman who had ruined him and his reputation, and thrown him in prison to boot. So there was the possibility that if Luthor did make a move, it would be against all of them.

Behind the dark knight's work station, Flash and Hawkgirl were talking.

"And I had those fires out before the firemen even stepped off their engines.' Flash said with a cocky grin.

"That's fast." Hawkgirl stated.

"Fastest man alive." he said with confidence.

"Which probably explains why you can't get a date."

"Yeah." he said, then frowned. "Hey!"

"Quiet!" Batman snapped as he increased the volume to his monitor. "Say that again!"

(Police have got the Ultra-Humanite cornered at the Federal Building here in Metropolis. He's got a hostage!) The webslinger's voice called out over the speaker system.

Hawkgirl walked over to him and pressed a button on the console.

"Yeah. We're looking at a news report now." Hawkgirl said.

(A dangerous hostage standoff has erupted at the Federal Building. The Ultra-Humanite has yet to make any formal demands. A freak of science, the Ultra-Humanite is apparently a super genius who is considered extremely dangerous!) News reporter Snapper Carl said on the monitor.

"No Biggie, right?" Batman stated to the scarlet speeder.


Spider Man slipped in through the ventilation system like Batman had told him to, quickly finding his way to the main lobby where Superman was duking it out with the Ultra-Humanite. Batman was with the 'hostage' who turned out to be some crazed female cat creature that was now attacking him, and Green Lantern was getting attacked by a large man with gray skin in a torn black suit.

Just listening to the large man, Spider Man figured he had found The Incredible Hulk's twin brother.

He then looked over at the balcony that overlooked the large lobby, and noticed a certain bald man in a green and purple outfit with a gun holster under his arm.

And there's Luthor! Spider Man thought as he dropped in through the vent and landed on the small wall that the bald man was leaning against.

"What?" Luthor gasped as he backed up and went for his gun.

Spider Man quickly raised his hands and flexed his finger, a spray of webbing shooting out of both palms and webbing the bald villain to the wall.

"Now you stay right there while my friends deal with your friends." Spider Man said.

"Just who are you?" Luthor asked.

"I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider Man." the webslinger said as he turned his attention back to the fight.

A fight that had grown in size since his leaping through the vent to nab Luthor.

Green Lantern was how matching energy beam for energy beam with a rather sexy woman in a pink and black costume with long black hair.

Superman was duking it out with the gray skinned Hulk-clone.

Wonder Woman was using her lasso to wrap up the female feline creature, who looked like a humanoid cheetah.

Batman leapt into the air and kicked down a pale man man in a black suit and top hat.

Flash was running circles around the Ultra-Humanite.

And Hawkgirl was using her mace to knock out a guy dressed up like a reddish-orange snake.

As he looked down at the fight, Spider Man gasped when he realized who these people were from Batman's villains files.

The Hulk-clone went by the name Solomon Grundy. Apparently some kind of zombie with super strength and limited intellect. The snake man went by the name Copperhead, a career thief with qualities similar to that of a snake. The female cat creature was called Cheetah. Some kind of geneticist, if he recalled. The guy in black with the top hat and cane was called The Shade, another professional thief. Then there was the woman in the pink and black outfit. Her name was Star Sapphire, with powers apparently equal to Green Lantern which came from the jewel on her forehead.

He knew Luthor and Ultra-Humanite were the brains behind these guys, and that with them captured, the rest of these villains would fall.

"Okay, I'm gonna go and play with your little friends, so you just stay put and don't be a nuisance." Spider Man said to Luthor, patting him on the head before leaping down from the balcony and racing over to the Ultra-Humanite, who had somehow managed to knock The Flash down.

Ultra Humanite turned around and was about to head back to get Luthor, when he noticed a new player in the game.

"What? Who are you?" the ape-like genius asked the red and blue man with the black spider symbol on his chest.

"Spider Man." he said, right before he punched the Humanite in the face.

Having the proportionate strength of a spider allowed the webslinger to launch the freak of science off his feet and into the nearest wall. However, being quite muscular, he wasn't unconscious.

"Ouch." Humanite said as he lifted himself off the floor and stared at the webslinger. "Impressive. But let's see you do that again." he said as he charged.

Once Batman had taken care of The Shade, he raced up to the balcony where Luthor was struggling to get free. He noticed that the bald man was stuck, which was why the webslinger was now facing the Ultra-Humanite on the lower floor.

"Need a hand, Luthor?" Batman asked.

"I promise, you'll pay for this!" Luthor hissed at the dark knight.

Superman was still duking it out with Solomon Grundy, Wonder Woman was chasing Cheetah around the room, and Hawkgirl was deflecting Star Sapphire's pinkish energy beams with her mace. Copperhead had already been taken out by Green Lantern, and the Ultra-Humanite was currently in the process of being defeated by Spider Man.

And while all this was going on, no one noticed that the Shade had recovered.

Grabbing his Night Stick, Shade filled the entire room with his dark force energy and pulled everyone out he could out of there. The dark force flowed around the room and outside where the police had surrounded the building. Their shock was enough to allow the villains to escape.

Back inside the building, Green Lantern used his ring to clear the area of Shade's dark force energy. Looking around the League noticed that their enemies were gone.

"They're gone!" Hawkgirl stated.

"Hey! We still got one of them!" Flash said, indicating the still unconscious Copperhead.

"Has anyone seen Batman?" Superman asked, looking around and noticing that the dark knight was nowhere in sight.

"He was with Luthor when that dark shadow filled the room." Spider Man said, looking up at where he had webbed up Luthor to the wall.

However, all that was left was the webbing.

"This... is not good." Spider Man declared as the thought of Batman being in the hands of those villains entered his mind.


Authors Notes:

While I wasn't intending for Batman to get captured by Luthor and his gang, as I wrote the story it just kinda happened. In the original series, Batman was injured by Copperhead's venom right before the villains escaped. He then recovered and tracked down Luthor's gang. Right away he gets caught by The Joker and that's where the first part of the show ends.

And in the Justice League's tradition, I've decided to make this adventure a two-parter with Spider Man using all his smarts to track down the villains the way Batman did. Also, this story is told more from Spider Man's perspective, not the League's or the villains, since he is the main charactrer in this.

With any luck I'll have that up a bit later than this.