by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Spider Man or the Justice League.

Summery: With Batman captured by the Injustice Gang, Spider Man does his best to track him down and forces a showdown against the super villain gang.

Idea courtesy of classyspider who started this story with 'web of justice' in which Spider Man and Mary Jane get teleported to the Justice League universe which started in 'Secret Origins'.


Chapter Two
Injustice For All (Part 2)

Spider Man zipped through the deep canyons of the steel and glass Metropolis, painstakingly looking for something, anything, that would give him a clue as to where Batman had been taken.

There was a part of him that had considered the fact that Batman had merely followed Luthor and his escaping gang of supervillains, and another part that considered that maybe he had allowed himself to get captured.

But if the latter was true, then how was he going to get a message out to the League? He knew that Batman was loner by nature, despite having super-powered back-up, but the webslinger knew that the dark knight would never ask for any measure of help.

It was almost like he didn't trust the other League members.

Which probably includes me, now that I think about it. Spider Man thought as he continued to fly through the air on his weblines.

When Batman's utter lack of presence, as well as his inability to answer his communicator, was confirmed, the League decided to split up and look for him. Jonn had tried to use his telepathy to locate him. But if Batman was unconscious, then locating him was going to be difficult.

Regardless, the League decided to split up. Superman and Flash went to Strykers to interrogate Copperhead while the rest of them tried to locate Batman the old fashioned way.

It was too bad that Spider Man hadn't considered putting a tracer on the dark knight or any of the villains they had been fighting. But with the battle against those supervillains nearly won, there seemed little point to it.

He was passing by an old abandoned mall when his brain suddenly twitched. Flipping around onto a nearby roof, he paused when he noticed a green-haired man with a bone-white face, dressed in a purple suit with a red bow tie walking up to the abandoned mall.

The Joker? Spider Man gasped, recognizing him from the files Batman had given him. What's he doing in Metropolis?

Despite already having a mission, Spider Man decided to follow the Joker. While he knew that Batman was probably in serious danger, the files that the dark knight had given the webslinger on the clown prince of crime stated quite clearly that he was to be considered extremely dangerous.

This was proven correctly when an explosion inside the mall caught his attention. Acting without thought, Spider Man leapt off the building and swung over to deserted mall. Finding the nearest window he gasped at what he was seeing.

Batman... fighting alone against the half-dozen supervillains that had escaped them less than an hour ago.

He watched as the dark knight leapt out of the range of Cheetah's claws, hurling smoke bombs from his hands to blind the feral cat woman, but also The Shade and The Ultra-Humanite.

Solomon Grundy tried to bulldoze him from behind, but Batman merely flipped over him, tossed a gas pellet in his face and then turned his attention to Luthor and Star Sapphire.

However, this left him open to The Joker, who used the distraction to slip in behind him and place his hand firmly on Batman's shoulder. Electricity surged around the dark knight, causing him pain but also rendering him unconscious.

Whoa! Guess Batman wasn't kidding about those high-voltage joy buzzers. This guy would give kids nightmares! Probably already does. He thought as he quickly went into action.

"What? I don't even get a thank you?" Joker asked.

"Fine. Thank you! Now get out!" Luthor snapped at the clown.

"Oh, Lexie, I'm hurt. After all I go through to get here to attend this little party, and you wanna throw me out? Especially after I just caught you a party-crasher." Joker sneered.

"Well you didn't get all of us!" Spider Man shouted as he swung into the mall through the front door, kicking Joker into Cheetah and Luthor before flipping through the air and firing off globs of webbing at Grundy, Sapphire and The Shade in their respective faces. "JUSTICE LEAGUE ATTACK!"

"Who?" Ultra-Humanite gasped, looking around for signs of an attack.

"Where?" Luthor gasped, pulling his gun from his holster.

"What?" Cheetah shrieked as she quickly looked around in a frenzy.

However, nothing happened.

"It Was A Trick!" Luthor shouted in anger as the villains began untangling themselves from the wall-crawler sticky goop.

"A crude but effective one." Ultra-Humanite said, noticing the absence of a certain caped crusader. "He's taken Batman!"

"I don't know who that red and blue menace is, but I'm really starting to hate him." Luthor growled.

"His name is Spider Man. I've never even heard of him." Humanite said.

"Neither have I." Cheetah said.

"Same here!" Star Sapphire said, using her power gem to remove the webbing from around her face and hair. "And what is this stuff? It's disgusting!"

Meanwhile, Spider Man, with an unconscious Batman slung over his shoulders, was climbing up a webline to get to the roof. Once they were outside and on the roof, Spider Man laid the dark knight down and tapped his communicator.

"Spider to League! Dark Knight located! Luthor and his gang are hold up in an abandoned shopping mall over on West Kensington and 12th!" Spider Man said aloud as he pressed down on his mini-communicator.

(Roger that, Spider! We're on our way!) He heard Green Lantern's voice reply.

"Ohhhh." Batman groaned as he tried to sit himself up.

"Easy, Bats. You took a bit of a shock." Spider Man said to the dark knight.

"What happened? Who hit me?" he asked.

"The Joker." the webslinger replied.

Batman didn't seem phased by that. "Figures."

"Well, the League's on their way so we'd better...uh-oh!" he gasped as his spider-sense went crazy.

"Not so fast, boys!" a female voice above them called out. The pair looked up and saw Star Sapphire hovering over them. "Don't you know it's rude to run out on your hosts in the middle of a party?"

"And here I thought you said it wasn't a party." Joker said, appearing behind the pair.

Looking around the pair noticed that Solomon Grundy was on their left, Ultra-Humanite was on their right, Cheetah was standing a few feet from Grundy, and The Shade was opposite of The Humanite.

"Grundy! Break The Roof!" Luthor shouted.

"GRUNDY SMASH!" the super-strong zombie shouted as he raised his fists and brought them down hard on the roof, causing it to crack and break all around the two heroes.

"Definitely related to The Hulk." Spider Man quipped as the floor caved in and both heroes went tumbling down into darkness.


When the Justice League arrived at the abandoned shopping mall, all they found were signs that a battle had broken out.

"What happened here?" Flash asked, noticing the mess.

"Best guess: Spider Man and Batman tried to fight off an attack by Luthor and his gang... and lost." Green Lantern said, examining the collapsed roof.

"Jonn? Anything?" Superman asked after scanning the building with his x-ray vision.

"No." the Martian said. "Wherever they are, they are either unconscious or something is blocking my telepathy."

"I hope they're alright." Wonder Woman said. If they're not, Spider Man's wife is going to be upset if we don't find them!

(Secret hideout)

"Wakey, wakey, Batman!" Joker cackled as a hand slapped the dark knight in the face.

Batman shook his head and focused his eyes, and found himself staring at the clown prince of crime. "Joker! Figures you'd be part of this."

"Really? I must be falling into a rut!" Joker quipped and then turned back to the bald-headed criminal mastermind. "You're not going to leave them like this, are you?"

"Why not?" Luthor asked.

"Hello? They're still alive!" Joker declared, half-shouting.

"And they're going to stay that way until I say we don't need them anymore." Luthor snapped.

"Lex, Lex, Lex. Take it from someone who knows." he said, getting up close to whisper into his ear. "Don't wait. Do it now." he whispered, lighting tapping the gun in Luthor's holster.

"You don't like my decisions, then leave!" Luthor huffed, elbowing Joker in the gut and knocking his back.

"And they say I'm crazy." Joker huffed as he begrudgingly walked away.

"Spider Man?" Batman silently called out while Luthor was arguing with the rest of his gang.

"Right here, boss." a weary voice right behind him said.

"We're tied up, back-to-back, in titanium shackles, underneath a stasis field." Batman stated.

"So we can't escape, call for help, and Jonn can't locate us." Spider Man surmised. "Nice. Any idea where we are?"

"Not just yet." he said as Luthor approached them.

"Now, Batman, you must have some kind of pass key or remote override. Something I can use against your friends. Where is it?" Luthor asked.

"Guess." Batman retorted to the bald man, almost playfully.

"Grundy!" Luthor shouted at the zombie.

Looking past Luthor, Batman saw the large zombie fiddling with the dark knights utility belt, only to receive a powerful electric zap, that knocked him to the ground.

"I told you." Joker said in a sing-song voice.

"Shut Up!" Luthor snapped before turning to Star Sapphire. "Bring that thing. I'll get it open!" he said.

Sapphire used her powers to levitate the belt off the ground and over to the elevator where Luthor, Joker, Cheetah and The Shade were waiting.

"Grundy! Humanite! Watch the prisoners!" Luthor ordered as the elevator closed.

The two large and muscular supervillains looked at the dark knight for a few seconds, before Batman actually started talking back to them.

"Grundy. How much is Luthor paying you for this?" Batman asked the zombie.

"Money. Lots of it." Grundy replied.

"More than he's getting?" he asked, looking at the Ultra-Humanite who was standing next to him.

"I don't know." Grundy replied.

"Look at all you've had to put up with. You should be getting more." Batman said.

"More than me? Preposterous!" Ultra-Humanite said as he turned around and walked back to where a chair and a newspaper were waiting.

"Is it?" Batman asked the zombie.

Grundy looked over at the ape-like genius, and growled, right before he lunged at the Humanite and started fighting with him.

"Nice." Spider Man said. "Can I do the next one?"

"Only if you can tell me where we are." Batman asked.

"Well... in my direction I'm looking at a few crates that say 'LexCorps' on it. Two large electrical generators, both turned off. An open crate of what looks like cables and circuit boards. And there's a door at the far end of the room that says 'Danger! Fusion Reactor Cells. Authorized Personnel Only'." he exclaimed as the large pair continued fighting.

"We're in LexCorps!" Batman deduced.

"You mean... his company?" the webslinger asked.

"Yup. One of the sub-levels, I'll bet." the dark knight deduced.

"Great. With all these resources he's bound to figure out how to open your belt. So how do we get a message out to the League?" the webslinger stated.

"Can you get your hands free?"

"Give me a minute." he said as he was suddenly interrupted by a shouting voice.

"What's Going On Here?" Lex Luthor shouted, causing Grundy and Humanite to pause their fight. "You idiots are killing me faster than the Kryptonite!" Luthor snapped at the pair.

"Sorry." the pair said as Luthor walked over to the Dark Knight.

"I suppose you had something to do with this." Luthor said to Batman. "Well, it won't happen again. Cheetah! Shade! Take over here!"

The pair of villains remained as the others went back into the next room.


Joker, Sapphire and Grundy watched as Luthor and The Ultra-Humanite placed the Bat Belt on a metal and glass table before punching the keys in the console.

The scanning equipment on the table x-rayed the belt, revealing what was inside the individual compartments.

"Fascinating." Luthor grinned.

Suddenly, the Bat Belt fizzled and sparked, electrifying the table.

Luthor sent another electrical surge through the belt, disabling it's primary defenses and causing the compartments to open.

"Finally!" Luthor grinned as he raced over to the belt and turned it upside down, causing the different belt compartments to empty onto the table.

"So what are you looking for? Bat car keys? Bat breath mints?" Joker asked as he suddenly noticed what looked like dried cat food coming out of one of his compartments. "Hmm. Guess Ms Kitty back in Gotham has more influence over him than I thought." he giggled and picked up one of Batman's batarangs and playfully hurled it at the nearby wall.

However, as the batarang hit and imbedded itself into the wall, it started beeping.

"Huh?" Luthor gasped as the beeping increased in speed.

"What?" Humanite gasped right before the batarang exploded.


"Woo Ho Ho Ho Ho!" Joker cackled as he stumbled backwards onto his feet.

"Careful you idiot!" Luthor snapped, then found what he was looking for. "Ah! Here it is!" he said, taking out what looked like a remote control device.

"What is it?" Sapphire asked.

"The key to our victory." Luthor grinned.


"What was that?" Spider Man asked as he continued to fiddle with the computer circuits and wiring that were now hooked up to the now active electrical generators.

"Sounded like one of my batarangs." Batman said as he finished tying up both Cheetah and Shade. Which means they've got my belt open. he thought. "How's it going on your end?"

"Almost finished. And... got it!" Spider Man said as he finished connecting all cables and circuit boards together.

Using his webbing, the wall-crawler was able to snag and pull several of the crates and boxes over to them, which was distraction enough for Cheetah and Shade to investigate, allowing Batman the time needed to free himself of his titanium shackles and take out both of the supervillains.

Batman then freed Spider Man and had him put together a very shocking surprise for the villains.

"Are you sure it's going to work?" Batman asked.

"Well... Yeah!" Spider Man said as he flipped the switch on his makeshift device.

Fortunately most of the components had already been put together, so it was easy for Spider Man to create a device that would cause a major electrical short in the buildings security system and power grid. Powered by the electrical generators and hooked into the buildings main systems through the power cables that Batman had identified earlier, Spider Man's device overloaded the buildings power system and shut everything down.

"Good work." Batman said, the special lenses in his mask switching to night vision. "How long do we have?"

"One, maybe two minutes, before the buildings back-up systems kick in." Spider Man said, his own natural spider-like night vision kicking in.

"Perfect." The dark knight grinned.


When the power went out Luthor immediately realized something was wrong and charged into the room with Humanite, Grundy, Joker and Sapphire, who used her power stone to light the darkness.

"What happened in here? Shade? Cheetah?" Luthor called out.

"Luthor!" Sapphire cried out, standing next to the titanium shackles that had previously held their captured enemies. To the side of the shackles, were the bound and unconscious forms of Cheetah and Shade.

"Everyone! Back-To-Back!" Luthor shouted in panic. "Stay on your guard! The buildings back-up systems will kick in soon so we just..."

"AHH!" Grundy shouted.

"Grundy! What's wrong?" Luthor asked.

"Something hit Grundy!" the large zombie shouted as he spun around to try and find what had hit him.

"I can't see anything!" Humanite said. "Are you sure?"

"There's something in here!" Sapphire said, seeing shadows dancing left and right, even as she tried to brighten the dimly lit room.

"Don't get paranoid, of course they're in here!" Luthor hissed.

"See? If you'd only listened to me..." Joker started to say, as he pulled out his gun.

"Shut Up!" Luthor hissed. "They're only two men!"

"AH!" Humanite screamed.

Sapphire spun her light around to where the scream had come from, only to find that the Ultra-Humanite was gone.

"Where did he go?" she gasped.

"URP!" Joker gasped.

Luthor and the others spun around and noticed that Joker was now gone. At least, he wasn't in Sapphire's light anymore.

"Grrrr! You Think Grundy Scared? GRUNDY SMASH!" the large zombie roared as he charged blindly into the darkness.

"Grundy, No!" Luthor shouted, only hear the rampant sounds of destruction as the zombie barreled through the sub-levels walls and machines.

"He's just a big, dumb animal, isn't he?" Sapphire asked.

"If he wasn't so strong..." Luthor groaned.

"This is getting out of hand! I'm out of here! Keep your blasted money!" Star Sapphire declared and quickly took off towards the elevator.

"Sapphire, Wait!" Luthor shouted as the power-gem wielder left the bald man in pitch blackness.

Luthor wandered around in the dark for several minutes. He continued to hear, off in the distance, Grundy rampaging through his facility and he vaguely wondering why the back-up generator hadn't kicked in.

"Grundy! His rampaging probably disabled some of the back-up power systems!" he realized.

"Good guess." a deep voice from the shadows said.

"Who's There?" Luthor gasped, turning his gun towards the direction the voice was coming from.

"Who do you think?" the voice asked.

"SHOW YOURSELF!" Luthor shouted as he started shooting randomly at the darkness.

However, once his gun was empty, Luthor felt his gun knocked out of his hand.

"Huh?" Luthor gasped as a small light came up... right underneath a scary-looking cowled mask.

"Boo." Batman said, right before he punched Luthor in the face.


"So, where have you guys been?" Spider Man asked, sitting on a mess of crates right above the bound and unconscious villains known as Joker, Ultra-Humanite, Cheetah and The Shade, as the rest of the Justice League entered the now lighted underground sub-level.

"Just picking up a stray villain." Green Lantern said as Hawkgirl deposited the unconscious Star Sapphire amongst the other villains.

"And I found this one rampaging through one of the other lower levels." Superman said as he dropped the large zombie right next to Sapphire.

"When all the power went out in and around LexCorps, we came to investiage." Hawkgirl said. "When we saw Star Sapphire exiting the building, we figured this is where they took you."

"Though you didn't leave us much to do, did you?" Flash asked. "Where's Luthor?"

"Forget Luthor, where's Batman?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Right here." the dark knight said as he entered the room, dragging an unconscious Lex Luthor back to his associates. Gripping him by his collar, Batman dropped Luthor right next to Grundy.

"And just so you know... this big one is mine." Spider Man said, pointing to the Humanite. "Batman got the rest of them."

"Couldn't have done it if you hadn't blown the power to the whole building." Batman said.

"Thanks, boss." the webslinger said. "And now... if you don't mind... there's a bed and a beautiful dream waiting for me at home."

"Right. File the report tomorrow, we'll clean up here." The dark knight said as the webslinger took off.

"A bed and a beautiful dream, huh? Is he talking about sleep or his..." Flash asked, only to get interrupted by Wonder Woman.


"Ouch! What was that for?" Flash asked, rubbing the back of his head where the amazon had hit him.

"If you're going to give away secrets of our teammates, then I'll hit you again." Wonder Woman said to the scarlet speedster.

"Oh, please. Let me do it!" Hawkgirl grinned, gripping her mace.

"Knock It Off!" Batman snapped at the group as the police showed up to arrest the villains.


Authors Notes:

Hope everyone enjoys this newest chapter update. And just so everyone knows, this is the end of this adventure. The next update will be another Justice League two-part episode. I just haven't decided which one to write up next.

Suggestions are welcome, of course.

And before anyone criticizes me about how the rest of the villains were taken out by Batman and Spider Man, keep in mind that Sapphire and Grundy were caught by the other League members while trying to escape and what not.

And yes, I omitted several other things in here, like Batman offering Ultra-Humanite a bigger bribe than Luthor was offering him, and Cheetah kissing Batman, and even Luthor getting an armored suit to stabilize his Kryptonite condition. (I'll probably address these at a later date)


EXTRA! (Suggested by randomguy)

"So, Batman, what's in that pocket?" Spider Man asked, pointing to his belt.


"And that pocket?" he asked, pointing to another compartment.

"Smoke grenades." Batman said.

"And that pocket?" he asked, pointing to another compartment.

"Meow Mix." Batman said.

Spider Man paused and just looked at the dark knight.

"It's personal." he said and went back to refilling his belt after Luthor had emptied it.

(Anyone get this joke? It was meant to be a reference to either Catwoman or Cheetah. Your choice)



"His rampaging must have disabled the other back-up systems." Luthor groaned.

"Good guess." a deep voice from the shadows said.

"Who's There?" Luthor gasped, turning his gun towards the direction the voice was coming from.

"Who do you think?" the voice asked.

"SHOW YOURSELF!" Luthor shouted as he started shooting randomly at the darkness.

However, once his gun was empty, Luthor felt his gun knocked out of his hand.

"What? Where Are You!" Luthor shouted in panic.

"Here." Spider Man hissed, hanging upside down right in front of the bald-headed mastermind.

"AH!" Luthor gasped as Spider Man lashed out and punched him in the face, knocking him down.

"Whew! Guess I should feel lucky." Spider Man said. "Last time I hung upside down in front of someone, I got a kiss, which would have been awkward now."