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"South God…" Miaka solemly said. The holy symbol of Suzaku shone brightly on her forehead. "For my first wish…Suzaku, please bring my best friend Yui back to me!" Bright red light enveloped her entire being. It expanded continuously until it formed a column of light that reached unto the skies. The dragon god raging in the city momentarily froze before it gave a loud shriek as if in pain.

Red light pulsated from its belly until said body part burst open revealing an unconscious Yui. She fell from the skies, bright red light covering most of her naked form.

Tetsuya saw her descent and he immediately rushed over to her possible landing. He cushioned her fall with his body thus saving the Seiryuu no Miko from what could have been a gruesome impact.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Keisuke who blushed furiously upon noticing Yui's unclothed condition.

"Don't look pervert!" Tetsuya retorted. Being a gentleman, he covered Yui with his jacket with as much care for her modesty as he could.

From afar, the battle between Tamahome and Nakago raged so they kept at a safe distance.

They couldn't quite leave the scene entirely because Keisuke was worried for his sister but they were much too fearful to come any closer. Only a lunatic would want to be in the middle of crossfire between the two murderous seishis.

Nakago smirked when he heard the Suzaku no Miko's wish. "Typical," he thought. He already expected it and strangely his heart, if he had one, felt lighter. Now he's free to fight and die without consequences.

A ball of chi nearly grazed his temple. He cocked his head elegantly to the side and the lethal blow exploded into a building behind him. Tamahome took advantage of his momentary distraction but he was too quick not to have noticed the assault. Still smirking, Nakago used his psycho-kinesis to lift a pile of cars and launched them into Tamahome. It sent the Suzaku sei flying into the air before he crashed sickeningly into the glass windows of a nearby shop.

Nakago walked confidently towards the spot where Tamahome fell and sent another battery of attacks, this time using debris and large chunks of the destroyed buildings around them. "Nothing to lose; everything to gain." Nakago had never felt so light and so purposeful and so empty before. This world, will be his.

The battle continued. Even with the help of the other Suzaku warriors, Nakago still had the advantage. For how could they stand up to his violent fury that he had kept hidden after all this time, a fury that he now poured into all of his strikes. Until that one fateful wish…

"South God…" came the weary but determined voice. Miaka mouthed the words that sealed the fate of Seiryuu and his lone standing warrior.

The mark of heart faltered on Nakago's forehead before completely fading, and with it he felt all of his power leave him. He saw Tamahome concentrate his chi into his fist as he prepared to punch him. Nakago closed his eyes and welcomed the attack that carved a hole right through his abdomen and cut his life short.

As they say, those who are about to die see their whole life flash before them and he was too weak to prevent Tamahome from piercing through his thoughts. The Suzaku sei's annoyingly concerned face was his last memory before the darkness of his inevitable death claimed him.

Keisuke let out a cry of joy and relief upon the victory of the Suzaku seis. Tetsuya never liked the blond general either so he was also glad that they have finally rid of him.

Miaka, instead of praying for her eternal happiness with Tamahome, used her last wish to bring her world back to the state it was in before the deluge called Nakago came. Tearfully, Miaka said goodbye to her seishis as they made their trip back to their own world.

The last traces of the previous battle disappeared. Even those who witnessed the rampage of the giant beast gods in the city have forgotten that they were nearly taken over by a vengeful megalomaniac. People started pouring into the streets as if they just woke up from a daze. Most of them were giving weird stares to our little group who really looked out of place among the city folk. Miaka's uniform was torn and bloody and she had bruises all over. Tamahome was shirtless and he looked even more battered than Miaka. Keisuke and Tetsuya looked normal, save for the fact that they seemed like real perverts for carrying around an unconscious girl who was obviously wearing nothing more than a big jacket.

They could only grin sheepishly in reply to the attention they were receiving. "Nothing to see here people, go on now, go on," Miaka said amid embarrassed laughter as a middle-aged couple stopped to eye them curiously.

"Er, I think we should go home now," Tetsuya suggested to which Miaka and Tamahome agreed to. Everyone was content and happy save Keisuke. He was facing the direction where Yui fell, and his face was ashen. His eyes were unfocused and they reflected fear; his mouth formed an 'O' signifying his disbelief.

"Keisuke nii-chan, what's wrong?" asked the confused Miaka. Keisuke could only point his finger in reply. They all turned to the direction where he was pointing at.

"Oh shit! Seriously-?" came Tamahome

"Oh hell N-OH!-"came Tetsuya.

Miaka was too aghast to speak. Yui turned her head unconsciously; she frowned in her sleep as if something had annoyed her immensely.

"Miaka! Abunai!~"

"Oh shit, shit!"

Amid the others' protests, Miaka, who was either really brave or too stupid or too overwhelmed by the mystery of it all to mind her fear came over to the unconscious blond shogun who was lying over the heap of knocked down trash bins. His armor was intact save for the front and back part of his midsection and his clothes were singed over the part where Tamahome's fist connected with his but surprisingly there was no hole there, where there should have been one. Curious, Miaka poked the part and it was solid as she was. She was about to give it another good poke when a big pale hand swatted away Miaka's own.

Nakago turned on his makeshift bed of garbage and grunted, still unconscious. Mass sweatdropping occurred.

"Now what?" asked Keisuke anxiously.

Now what indeed.

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