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Chapter 1

Spring. It was the time for the blooming of beautiful flowers, the smell of renewed warmth, the welcoming of a new season, and most importantly, the feel of jovial love in the air.

For Tezuka Kunimitsu, it was just another season of headaches, stress, and high expectations, especially since the interschool festival was fast approaching.

The student council president took off his glasses and rubbed the temples on the sides of his head as he groaned at the throbbing currently making him lose his concentration. Stacks of papers sat before him, with requests and proposals from various student clubs and classes. There were suggestions such as having a booth that involved scooping for goldfishes as a prize (which Tezuka found quite appropriate), and strange ideas such as who can juggle daggers without cutting themselves (which Tezuka found incredibly stupid and dangerous). As a responsible model student, the young man must set a good example for his school, and that includes making sure that Seigaku, who would be this year's host for the interschool festival, proves to the other schools just what a reputable and impressive school it is. Thus, there can be no room for error or embarrassment for that matter, and that brings up the next uneasiness on Tezuka's list.

His team.

When asking his team for suggestions on what the tennis club can do at the festival for their booth, he received requests ranging from selling Inui's famous drinks (completely out of the question), having an arm wrestling contest with Kawamura (too much trouble having to explain the reason for students walking around with broken arms), to setting up a kissing booth (which earned a certain tensai 50 laps around the court).

Tezuka sighed. He cared very much about his team and didn't want to suppress their creativity. At the same time, he didn't want them to cause so much trouble and embarrassment. He sometimes wonders if they understand the full weight of the pressure that is constantly thrown upon him as the famous Buchou and the responsible Kaichou.

Orange rays began to light the room with a golden hue, and Tezuka glanced up at the clock.

7 o'clock.

It was late, much too late, especially since they didn't even have practice today. He had stayed after school to finish up his student council responsibilities, and as of now, he has successfully compiled a stack of rejected proposals on one side of his desk. Sighing, he decided to call it quits for the day and began packing up his belongings before locking up the room and heading down the hall. Turning a corner, he stopped by at a classroom he was all too familiar with and opened the door.

There, hunched over the desk with mops of hazelnut hair sprawled on top of the surface, slept the tensai.

Frowning, Tezuka walked over and stared at the young man. The tensai was completely asleep, his breathing the only sound in the room as the setting sun emitted its colors on the silhouette of the lithe figure. Tezuka lifted up a hand and gently patted the locks of hair.

The tensai stirred and mumbled something before slowly opening his eyes. Lifting up his head, he yawned and rubbed his eyes as he made out the figure before him.

"Mo…Tezuka," Fuji beamed. "You're finished already?"

"Already is an understatement," Tezuka said, stepping back as the tensai picked up his bag and got onto his feet. This young man was his very good friend ever since he joined the tennis team, and had even become his classmate during their second year. This young man is also nearly equivalent to him in tennis. Tezuka often wondered if they would have become rivals if the tensai would just take tennis more seriously more often. "You didn't have to wait for me. I'm sorry that it took so long. You could've slept on the couch in the student council room."

Fuji shook his head, his locks of silky hair swaying gracefully with his frame. "I know that the workaholic Kaichou needed his privacy so that he can work efficiently without any distractions," he smiled.

Tezuka blinked for a brief moment as he stared at that infamous smile. "Aa. Then let's go now."

The two left the school, noting the darkening skies as they walked in silence side by side on the road, occasionally hearing the sound of cars passing by and one or two bicyclists pedalling in the distance.

"Ne, Tezuka, do you see that star up in the sky?"

Tezuka stopped along with Fuji and glanced up. "I'm assuming the one that's only visible at the moment."


"But it is not a star. That is Venus, which is clear during sunsets this time around."

"True," Fuji chuckled at Tezuka's bluntness. "But don't you find it beautiful?"

"I find it quite interesting that it is that bright-" Tezuka broke off his sentence as he glanced down at the feel of Fuji leaning his head playfully against his arm, glancing up teasingly with a smile.

"Go on."

Tezuka looked away, hiding his blush.

Truth is, Fuji wasn't just his teammate or his previous classmate. He wasn't just his friend either.

In fact, Fuji is…

A brief warm kiss was planted on his cheek, and Tezuka snapped his head at the tensai who had leaped back. "Fuji! We're outside!"

The young man pouted. "Mo, but you're no fun anymore."

Tezuka threw him a disapproving look. "We're almost at my house. No one's home so…" he hesitated before taking a deep breath. "We can…do it there. If you really want to."

Fuji's face immediately lit up at the notion, and he launched himself excitedly at Tezuka, wrapping his arms tightly around him and snuggling his nose into that large broad chest before him. "You're being so willing today."

Tezuka flushed and glanced away. "That's because I feel bad for making you wait for me after school!"

Fuji looked up, those clear blue orbs glimmering its mysterious trait. "You know I will always wait for you, Tezuka."

Tezuka sighed in frustration.

Truth is…this young tensai is his…lover.

And as much as they have been together for a while now, it wasn't until recently has Tezuka completely accepted their relationship. Things were rocky at first, and became more complicated when an old friend of Fuji's decided to pay them an unpleasant visit. But that has already been resolved, and things have finally started to settle down.

Except, recently, this interschool festival is now taking up a lot more of Tezuka's time, which is why Fuji has been eager to be with him whenever he can, considering the Kaichou is already occupied enough as he is with all his countless responsibilities for the school and for the team.

The two continued walking in the direction of Tezuka's house, and Fuji broke the ice again. "So when is the meeting with the rest of the student council presidents from the other schools?"

"In two days," Tezuka replied. "We are going to begin brainstorming booth ideas and other activities that will be beneficial for the festival."

Fuji glanced up in thought. "So that means Atobe will be there."


"Or who Echizen likes to call…The Monkey King."

At this comment, Tezuka barely hid his snort at the flashback of the first year's comment yesterday during practice.

Oi, Buchou, tell the Monkey King I'll be waiting for him on the courts if he's interested in looking like a Baboon.


"Aa? What is it?" Tezuka snapped back to reality, quickly waiving off that brief humor.

"I love you."


"Ahem!" Fuji stopped in his footsteps and crossed his arms, an unusual disapproving look on his face.

Tezuka stopped as well and sighed. "I…love you too."

"Kunimitsu! You're so adorable!" Fuji hugged him again.

Tezuka cringed as his face turned red at the sound of his name. Actually, he hasn't completely grown used to their relationship. Even those words are still difficult for him to say. However, he means it every time he says…

Fuji blushed in surprise at the feel of thick lips on his – a light kiss – before seeing that same serious face now pull back and stare with those stern yet gentle brown orbs.

"Stop stalling. It's getting late. We should continue walking." Tezuka turned and headed off first.

"Ah!" The stunned tensai quickly shook himself back to his senses. "Gomen." He immediately rushed forward and caught up with Tezuka.

The taller man glanced at his companion out of the corner of his eyes. "What is it?"

"Hm…nothing," Fuji beamed cheerfully to himself in quiet satisfaction as the two walked the rest of the way in silence.

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