"Oh my God!" Emma screamed in a shocked face.

"Emma! It's not what you think!" Will replied, while still sitting on Carl's legs.

"Oh. So what is it then, Will? Huh? I come in here to bring my supposed-to-be boyfriend a fruit basket and find you sitting on his lap rubbing your unmentionables together!"

Carl tapped Will's legs, signalling Will to get off of his lap.

When Will got off of Carl's lap, Carl said, "First of all, it is what you think. Me and Will we're doing the nasty. Second, thank you for the fruit basket. And lastly, I'm sorry, I couldn't help it."

"Um. Okay. Thank you for your...sincerity, Carl. Although I am still in shock, I am willing to forget that I ever saw this. I will walk away now, taking my fruit basket with me, and forget this every happened. Forget it ever happened." Emma said as she was slowly walking backwards toward the door.

When Emma was out of sight, the 2 men looked at each other, quite confused at the incident that has just happened. To break the silence, Carl said, "Dinner?" Will nodded.

Will was going around the house as Carl was preparing their dinner. When Carl was done, he called Will to the dinner table.

They were both eating silently for a few minutes until Will decided to break the silence.

"So, do you think Emma will tell anyone about what she saw?"

"I don't think so. She's trustworthy...I think."

"What will happen when someone finds out?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Carl said as he stabbed one of the meat loaves that he cooked in an angry manner.

"I'm sorry." Will replied in an apologetic voice, while putting his hand over Carl's.

Carl was obviously pissed, and he had every right to be. He had feelings for Emma, but he had stronger feelings for Will. Somehow the touch of Will's hand calmed Carl down, which made Carl question his feelings for Will.

As Carl was deep in thought, Will swooped in and kissed Carl back into reality. Carl stared at Will with a shocked expression. Speechless. That kiss confused Carl a great deal.

While Carl was still in a state of confusion, Will started talking which brought Carl back into reality again.

"I'm sleepy. Let's go to sleep." Will said, still not taking his hand off of Carl's.

Carl couldn't say no to Will, and he had no idea why. Will stood up and lead Carl into his bedroom. On their way there, Carl checked the time again, just 8 o' clock. Sleeping at 8 o' clock? This is weird.

They both got into bed and slept almost as soon as they lied down.

After a few hours, Carl suddenly woke up, he had no idea why, maybe it was because he's not used to sleeping early. He usually sleeps at around 12 midnight. He looked at the man sleeping beside him, they both took their shirt off before they cuddled together and fell asleep, so Carl could stare at Will's half-naked body. Carl noticed the growing erection bulging from his boxers, and he thought, "God. I need Will now. As in really, now."

He didn't want to wake up his sleeping lover, so he just thought maybe he could pleasure himself instead. So he took off his boxers and started jerking himself off. This just made him more horny, so he decided that he really needs Will, maybe Will might understand. Will was sleeping on his stomach, a position wherein Carl could easily fuck him from behind.

He opened the drawer beside his bed, and got some lube. He slicked his fingers and inserted one into Will, who jerked a bit. He then entered a second digit into Will's tight hole, and got the same response. On the third, Will strongly jerked and moaned. He was ready.

Carl lubricated his cock and put some on Will's hole, just to make it even more slick.

Carl inserted his cock on Will's hole, making Will moan. He kept going, going, going, until he reached Will's prostate, making Will moan loudly.

Will still wasn't awake, though, so Carl kept continuing, until he found his rhythm.

"Wha-" Will whispered in a groggy manner, his eyes half-open.

Carl's eyes widened at Will's voice. "Oh God, here comes the earful." He thought.

Will opened his eyes and was shocked to see Carl behind him, and he was even more shocked to notice that Carl's erection was inside his ass.

"What are you doing?" Will said with an authoritative voice.

"Sorry. I was just really horny. And you were there, half-naked, showing off your abs, and I just felt like I wanted you. Needed you."

Will smiled and said, "Okay. I forgive you."

He raised his head so he can give Carl a kiss on the lips, and then moved to Carl's ear and whispered the words, "Keep going."

Carl smiled and obliged. He kept going, this time harder and faster, not worrying about waking Will up anymore.

Will kept moaning, shouting and screaming Carl's name. Carl's right hand was on Will's hip, and the other one grabbing onto Will's soft, curly hair.

"Cum for me!" Carl screamed.

Will's cock responded for Will by ejaculating loads of cum onto his stomach and some on the bed. Carl squirted a moment afterwards, filling Will's ass with sticky cum.

As soon as he was finished, he pulled out and lied down. Will followed, one of his hands on Carl's chest, playing with his nipple, and the other one caressing his hair.

"I love you." Carl said.

Will pulled himself up and put himself on top of Carl, their sweaty bodies completely parallel. Face to face, chest to chest, stomach to stomach, and cock to cock.

"I love you too." Will said with a gentle kiss on Carl's face.

And they both fell asleep together. Not caring what anyone else thinks. All that mattered was that they were together, and that they loved each other.

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