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This is a story where Ranma is a young lord and Akane is a fighter he has bought. They fall in love and he wants to marry her but due to laws and the threat of Lord Kuno, he is unable to.

A young lord stood at the back of the crowd, watching as slaves were led across the auction block. None had caught his eye, and he doubted any would. He stood for a moment longer and then sighed. He began moving through the crowds again. He passed one auction block and then another and was about to pass a third when a voice spoke behind him.

"Specialty fighters are up next, my Lord." He turned to see a tiny man leaning on a cane, looking at him through beady eyes.

"Excuse me?"

"Specialty fighters, they are next. A young woman, strong, pretty, worthy."

"I don't buy women."

"What about your Amazon?"

"I didn't buy her."

"She's worth it. Buy her. She next." Then, he was gone. The young lord stood there a moment startled. A silence settled over the crowd around him, and he turned to peer at the seller's block. A thin, bony man stood at the box, watching something beyond the sight of the audience. This man was known for his slaves. They were often powerful and worth more then the price paid for them, no matter what was paid. Many of the buyers today had come simply to see the young woman he had brought with him this time. The lord moved forward just as the seller turned to the audience. His voice rose easily above the crowd.

"Specialty fighter, woman, age unknown, mid-twenties, class ten." As he spoke, a trainer brought out the slave. Trainers only worked to keep unruly slaves in control. If one started to panic or attack in an attempt to free himself, the trainer would do what ever was necessary to subdue them. The job paid well because few were brave enough to risk their lives in that fashion.

The young woman who followed was indeed pretty. The lord felt his breath catch. She had hair darker than his; so dark it shone blue in the weak sunlight. It hung to her waist and was tied back with a strip of leather. Her dress was simple and seemed to accentuate her figure. Her arms were tied together in front of her, bound at the wrists, which in turn were bound to her neck. The strap connecting her wrists and neck was short so that she had to hold her arms up in front of herself. He tried to sense her, to test her strength. He could sense nothing, but she turned her gaze to him unerringly while he was trying. When the bidding began, he bid. His eyes never left hers. In the end, he was walking home a trainer and a slave who stood a good chance of capturing his heart.


Akane smiled at him brightly and the shut the door in his face. Ranma snarled and pounded on the door with one fist.

"Stupid, uncute tomboy!" he shouted in a display of temper that had once been rare. In her room, Akane ignored him.


Ranma sat up in his bed. The air in his room felt odd, as if something had been added or was missing. Something shifted in his bed and Ranma looked down. A woman's figure was in the bed next to him. For a numbing moment, he couldn't figure out who it was. Then the woman rolled over and blinked up at him, her eyes filled with sleep. Suddenly they cleared. Akane pulled the sheets to herself as she rolled off the soft mattress. She stood next to the bed, her eyes averted. He could see that she was trembling.

"Forgive me—" Anger so intense it scared him filled Ranma. She was asking forgiveness?

"What the hell for? You didn't do anything. I'm the one who should have had control." He turned his back on her and immediately regretted it. The sound of someone walking away in sheets filled the air. Ranma turned and jumped across the bed. He caught her around the waist and pulled her back against him.

"Don't you dare leave," he hissed. He had no idea what was going on inside of him. He only knew that he wanted her to stay. She turned her head to look up at him and he kissed her hard. He felt her turn completely in his arms. She pulled the sheets from her body and then pressed herself against him.


"Oh, Ranma. I'm pregnant." An uncontrolled, incredibly vibrant smile grew on his face.

"That's wonderful, Akane! I had hoped you'd be the one to give me my first- born." It finally dawned on him that she wasn't happy. His joy crashed into hurt. "Aren't you happy?" he asked.

"I'm thrilled, Ranma. Honestly, I am, but I won't be able to fight and that means that Shampoo will win and she'll-she'll—" She broke off sobbing again. Ranma tightened his grip on Akane.

"I'd never allow it, Akane, and you know it. I will not do that with her."

"But you'll have to!" she wailed. "It's part of the tournament! I don't want you to! Your mine and all your children are mine and I won't allow it." Ranma gaped at her ferocity. She meant business about him being hers, and he loved it. Never before had someone wanted him so completely. Never before had a woman refused to share him, or even accept the possibility of another bearing his children. The knowledge of her possession filled him with passion and he found himself kissing her with great need.

Akane gasped into his mouth as he explored her. Her statement seemed to arouse a great need in him. He seemed to need to possess her in that moment, as if that moment was all that they would have, as if that moment was his promise to her. She realized that that was what it was: a promise. He would never share himself with another. All his children would be hers. Never would his heart or body wander. It was also a claiming. She was his. No one would take her from him. Any one who tried to take her from him would lose their life. If she died, then he died. And with each answering kiss and touch, she was promising him the same, staking the same claim. This was their wedding.