DISCLAIMER: I do not own club penguin.

Ever wondered what puffles want? What they enjoy most? Well this story is to tell you (and to make you laugh! :P)

This story is in the POV of Comedy Girl7's black puffle, Shadow, Comedy is an actual penguin on the game, (and if you rock and end up meeting her, add her!) but it is also changed, for I'm not really a member but Giggles and Laughter really are my 2 red puffles. Read and review!


Comedy Girl7 walked into her igloo, instantly surrounded by her 2 hungry orange puffles.

"Gus! Jak! What do you want?" she droned. "I'm exhausted! I was rescuing those silly puffles in the mine. My boss hasn't been paying me well lately either, so I'm not a happy penguin!"

(ps. In my story some puffles have been trained to speak.)

I went over to Comedy and nuzzled up to her. "They're just hungry," I told her.

"I know, I know. What would I do without you, Shadow?" She walked over to the kitchen and grabbed some puffle food. She filled up 15 puffle food bowls. "Oh, and by the way, Tinkabell545 is coming by in a bit. So please, PLEASE, try and get this place cleaned up."

Comedy walked over to the fridge, and noticed a post-it note. "What's this?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, I was meant to tell you. Steve427 rang. He wanted to meet you at the pizza parlour," said Laughter. Comedy sighed, obviously too tired to go.

"What time?"

"7:00. If possible," said Giggles. She checked the time. It was 5:30. She sighed again.

"Can you wake me in an hour?" she asked, heading to our room.

"Sure," I said. I wandered through the newly added puffle-door, out onto the sand of the beach. I love living near the lighthouse. Have you ever seen those deck chairs? They're ours. You don't see our house though. It's not open to the public. Graizer and Gren were sky-writing with their new sky-writing-propeller-hats that G personally made for them.



I lightened up a bit. The puffle circus! That always cheers Comedy up! Suddenly I was tumbling along the sand. I looked at the sorry red puffle who had crashed their surf-board into me.

"I'm so sorry Shadow!" said Laughter. I didn't even realise he had come outside.

"Whatever," I said, pushing him off me. I went inside the lighthouse to watch the band play. A notice on the wall read:


The lights flicked off as I took my seat in the front row. Lots of penguins brought their puffles to watch today, and many purple puffles, including Jazz and Funk (2 puffles from our igloo), were already getting ready to dance. I sat quietly as a single light shone on the lead singer and their yellow puffle. The music started slowly, and then sped up. Too bad it wasn't one I liked. I only sat down because it was my favourite band.

I stood up and slowly weaved my way through the dancing crowd that had formed. Once I was clear, I made my way up to the beacon where Graizer and Gren were coming in for a landing.

"Whoa! It sure is a rush up there! We had to hold onto our new hats really tight!" exclaimed Gren.

"Hey Shadow? What band is playing?" asked Graizer.

"The Penguin Puffle," I answered.

"Cool! Are you coming?" asked Gren.

"No. I don't like the song," I said. The 2 puffles shrugged before running down the stair case. I walked over to the telescope to see how soon it would be until Rockhopper arrived. He was getting close. So close, in fact, that I could see Yarr in the crows nest. I spun the telescope around so I could look at the clock at the snow forts.

It read: 6:29pm. I decided it was time to wake Comedy up. I placed the telescope back where it's supposed to be, then went back downstairs and outside. I slunk back through the puffle-door and into Comedy's room.

"Time to get up," I said as she opened her eyes. She looked at her clock, and it read: 6:04.

"Thanks Shadow," she said, sitting up and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. I left the room so she could get changed into something nice. By 6:53 she had left, and I was in charge. It also meant that the other puffles would help themselves to mischief. Mischief that wouldn't happen when Comedy was hereā€¦