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As soon as Comedy had left, Snowy and Flake switched on the stereo, and Sunny and Summer got the food and drinks. Gren and Graizer got out their new hats and began drawing pictures on the walls with Comedy's new markers. Jazz and Funk got out the disco ball from the cupboard and began dancing. Gus and Jak started tearing at their chew toys, and Bubbelers and Sky were raiding the furniture. And finally, Princess and Angel were setting up decorations. Giggles burst through the door.

"Make way! Here comes the party!" Suddenly Laughter came in with a cake taller than 5 puffles stacked up on top of each other. There were 'ohh's' and 'ahh's' all 'round.

The worst part is… I'm gonna get blamed for everything!

I decided that the only way I was going to half-avoid being a part of the party is to escape to the lighthouse. Suddenly I was struck by an idea! I ran back to our igloo and through the puffle-door.

"Hey guys! The lighthouse is empty!" I yelled. They all looked at me.

"So," said Angel. "Why did you have to tell us that?"

"Well I was thinking you could have the party there. That way you have plenty of room, and I won't get in trouble for the mess you make."

"What fun would that be? If you didn't get in trouble, who would we laugh at?" By now I was getting mad.

"You know? It's funny. I'm starting to get the impression that you want me to get in trouble."

"Take a hint, Shadow," said Bubbelers. "You're the only puffle without a buddy of your colour. That would be why we pick on you." Now I was smoking. Literally, smoking. I felt myself get really hot, first, then a spark set me alight. Gosh, you should have seen their faces!

"To the lighthouse! NOW!" They rushed outside, grabbing the cake and a few other party items on the way. I cooled down as soon as they were gone. In fact, I cooled down so much, I'm sure I turned fairly blue. I looked around at the mess they had left me. Gren and Graizer's drawings littered the walls. A tap at the door made me jump. A familiar, furry face welcomed me. It was my one and only friend, Fang.

Fang is a wild puffle that I met on one of my long walks away from everyone. I usually took the same root, to the forest, then along a path hidden from penguins from weeds, but one day I strayed from the familiar path, and ran right into Fang.

"Whoa! What happened in here?" he asked, looking around.

"It was the other penguins. They tried to throw a party, but I shipped them off to the lighthouse," I explained.

"Need some help?" he offered.

"Please." We started talking, catching up on what we have been doing lately. I told him about what the others had said, and he offered me a place in the wild.

"No thanks," I said. "I don't know what I'd do without Comedy."

"I understand," he said, looking at the ground. "I used to think that, but hey, look at me now!" I stared at him blankly.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I used to belong to Rockhopper. But when he found the red puffles, he barely noticed me. He looked after Yarr, and I became the ordinary money-coster. He brought me food, but always looked at his wallet in doing so. I just know he was thinking of what he could save up for with his extra 10 coins. The next time we docked, I got off the ship and ran for the forest. I stayed there until I brought up the courage to go to the pet shop, but they shooed me away," he looked really sad all of a sudden, and then he broke into tears.

I've never seen a black puffle so sad before. "I have an idea!" I said, suddenly. "I could ask Comedy, my penguin, to adopt you!" He looked hopeful for a minute, but then his faced drooped again.

"No," he sad. "It would just be Rockhopper all over again."

"No it wouldn't," I insisted. "Just try it, you'll see. You can sleep here tonight, and in the morning I'll explain it all to Comedy."

"Alright," he sighed. He followed me over to my black bed, where I told him he could sleep tonight. "Where will you sleep?" he asked.

"On the couch. I can manage for a night." With that, we fell asleep, the other puffles still partying.