The Unwanted House by Dark Moon

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Part 7

Albus Dumbledore frowned as he listened to Severus explain what happened with Vernon.

"And it didn't seem familiar? Nothing hinting of Voldemorts signature?" he asked when Severus had finished.

"None. Whoever put that spell on Dursley was a very powerful wizard or witch, maybe even moreso than Voldemort," Snape replied, his face showing nothing but inside he was worried. What if they had another Dark Lord out there who had Harry?

It seemed Dumbledore was thinking the same thing because in the next instant he was scribbling on a peice of paper and with a pinch of Floo powder threw it into the fire. Minutes later Sirius Black and Remus Lupin came through the fireplace covered in soot and questioning looks on their faces.

"What happened? Is Harry all right?" Sirius asked, unaware of Severus scowling in the room.

Dumbledore waited until Remus had calmed Sirius down and both were sitting down in front of his desk.

"Severus has made a surprising discovery today. It seems the family Harry was staying with dropped him off somewhere and a strong temporary memory charm was placed on them. I need you and Remus to go out and look for Harry discreetly," Dumbledore explained, his eyes missing their legendary twinkle.

"We're on it Albus," Sirius stood and was about to leave when Remus' hand on his arm stopped him.

"Before we leave is there any specific place we could look. A certain town the Dursley's were last seen at? It would help our search go a lot more quicker," Remus asked.

"Arabella said Petunia had mentioned a place near Cambridge. I know it's not enough but it'll have to do."

"Thank you Albus," Remus said, then got up and followed Sirius out of the office.


'Another day, another bucket of ice water dumped over my head,' Harry thought, blinking small bits of ice from his eyes.

"Today Potter you are to feed the animals. This will take all day since certain pets have different needs. Hurry up, your breakfast is on the table along with first aid supplies. Meet me at the bottom of the stairs when you're done," Sherry said above him and left.

Harry stiffly got up, careful of the wounds on his back and arms. He dragged himself to the bathroom carefully taking his pajama shirt and pants off. Looking at his wounds in the mirror, the small scratches on his arms were scabbing over and didn't hurt so much, his hands were finally healed after giving them a little push with his magic. Turning around he could see tiny trickles of blood coming from the claw marks the Grindylow had bestowed upon him.

"Well fuck," Harry tried to say then remembered he couldn't speak and turned on the water in the shower.

He gently scrubbed at his arms and legs, feeling the freshly healed cuts open again because of the rough washcloth. Drying off, Harry was surprised to actually see the first aid kit waiting for him on the table along with several pieces of toast and juice. He started fixing himself up while eating, it saved time and he wanted to get his tasks done and over with.

As he was tying the last of the gauze around his back he looked into the mirror. There was barely any of his own skin showing, he was wrapped up so much. He laid a hand on his throat, wondering when he could get his voice back, it was bad enough that he had to suffer through those dangerous chores but to lose his voice. Harry glared at the mirror shocked when it cracked and a large splinter formed down the middle of it.

He stepped back, eyes wide. With a grimace, he turned back to his bed where Dusty was still sleeping, curled up with a content looking, at least what he thought was content, smile on his face.

'At least one of us can get a goodnight's sleep,' he thought, tucking the blanket more snugly around Dusty. Dressed and ready for the day, he left the room towards an impatient Sherry at the bottom of the stairs.

"First you will feed the Daywalkers since they have been sleeping all night," Sherry began as she lead Harry down a different hallway.

"What's a Daywalker?" he mouthed, it seemed Sherry must have felt his question or something because she answered curtly.

"What do they teach you at that school of yours. A Daywalker, Mr. Potter, is a vampiric creature who drinks blood during the day and sleeps at night. They are very loyal pets and are useful to vampires who need protection against vampirehunters waiting til day to stake them."

'Andrew's a vampire?' Harry thought.

"After feeding them you shall head for the dragon's den at the edge of the grounds behind the gardens to the east, you will find food in the greenhouse. Before lunch I want you to have finished giving Arkayn a bath and his ear drops after feeding him. You will find him by the forests in a large dark grey pine. More instructions will be given once you've eaten."

They had stopped in front of a steel door that had several indents poking out, as if someone had heaved a sledgehammer at it from the inside or something. Harry was glad he had decided to leave Dusty behind, he didn't think the gentle creature could handle such a chore.

"I leave you to your chore." Sherry walked away with a sadistic smile on her face.

Harry waved at her, "What am I supposed to feed these things?"

"There are fresh rabbits and goats in the little pen in a little room on the other side of these doors. One rabbit and goat to each walker, if you give them too much they get fat and become very testy and slow. I'd advise you to run when you open those doors Potter, it's quite a distance when you have five walker's on your tail. Oh, did I forget to mention they like the taste of human blood," with that she walked away, Harry heard the faint sounds of chuckling as she turned the corner.

He turned back to the doors and looked at them in trepidation, squaring his shoulders he took a deep breath and opened the door, stepping in quickly before they swung shut immediately behind him. Harry saw that there were only two windows in the room where the sun was peaking in, it was only by the light that he saw the double doors inbetween them. Several growls on both sides of him alerted Harry that his presence was noted and thought it best to take Sherry's advice and run.

Sprinting across the room, Harry tried to get a look at his pursuers but the pitch darkness of the room despite the sunlight was making it hard. Even with him running at full speed he could feel that the Daywalkers were right on his heels, the rancid smell of blood and raw meat invading his nostrils. Something in him told him to duck and when he did a black lithe body flew over his head, ready to tear it off. Startled, Harry urged his legs on faster, feeling as if the door was purposely drawing away from him.

Ducking several times and having to swerve to keep from plowing into the invisible creatures, Harry would have let out a sigh of relief if he had the breath when he saw the doors in front of him. His emerald eyes widened when he saw four pairs of gleaming red eyes a few feet in front of the door, yellow teeth bared and ready for his arrival.

'Bloody hell,' he thought, wanting to stop but the three behind keeping him from doing so.

A plan formed in his mind but it was so crazy that he almost discarded it. Then he saw the teeth and thought he might as well since either way he would end up breakfast. Focusing his magic, he waited until he was almost at the walkers reaching distance before jumping forward as high as he could and making the doors burst open, throwing the two walkers to the side and skidding through just as one of the surprised creatures swiped a claw at him. The doors slammed shut just as he tumbled through, leaving him standing in the middle of a small animal pen with goats and rabbits looking at him in confusion.

Harry stood there in shock that he was still breathing and not being torn to pieces. It was after the adrenaline wore off that his starting to heal injuries made themselves known. Groaning, Harry sat heavily on the ground and placed his head in his hands wondering if there was any way he'd be able to get back out without having to almost kill himself in the process. A small goat hesitantly made it's way towards Harry and sniffed at him. He looked up to see chocolate brown eyes staring at him curiously and not without a hint of cuteness.

"No, don't look at me like that," Harry mouthed, trying to get the creature to go away. Other goats walked up to him and the rabbits sniffed in his area trying to figure out if he was friendly or not.

"Go away. I'm about to feed you to ravenous beasts that'll eat you whole. I don't deserve your friendship," Harry silently told them. The animals looked at Harry, then as if knowing their fates lined up by one of the sunny windows, where there was a small platform to stand on and lift the small animals through.

"W-what are you doing?" Harry watched as one of the goats nosed the rabbits cage open and five little furry bodies hopped out, taking their place in the line. One of them jumped over to him and nuzzled his hand, staring with surprising intelligence into his green eyes.

Slowly, Harry understood that these animals were telling him that they knew why they were there and didn't blame him at all. Feeling a sudden burning behind his eyelids, he stood and followed the small rabbit to the line were the animals all either nuzzled his ankle or rubbed against his arm as he passed them. Heavy feet climbed the platform were the goat who had first approached him waited by the closed window.

When he opened the window he could hear the hungry growls and gnashing of teeth as the Daywalkers anticipated their meals. The goat placed his hooves on the window seal and with one final rub on Harry's arm jumped into the room. Another nipped at his shirt lightly before going in as well. Each animal gave him a small rub or nip in goodbye as they took their places and either jumped in or waited for him to pick them up to crawl in.

Tears were falling from his eyes as each rabbit and goat selflessly offered themselves as food, he tried to figure out a different way but there was no other option but to feed the evil creatures in the dark room these gentle creatures of light. As the last rabbit, the one who had looked at him with forgiveness, waited to be picked up Harry knelt down and hugged the little body to his own.

"Y-you don't have to do this. T-those things, they should be full...." Harry tried communicating, he knew it was in vain when he pulled back to see those eyes also teary but not a single drop fell from those blue pools. The white head turned to looked at it's brothers and sisters, all of whom were watching from the small gated cage, as if saying goodbye. Several tiny heads nodded, speaking in silence what could not in words.

The tiny body struggled in his grip, moving towards the window and it's fate. Harry knew there was nothing he could do, if he tried to keep the rabbit from going in there it might try other ways and could get the other animals eaten as well. With a final cuddle, he slowly stood back up feeling a fresh wave of tears fall as he held out his arms close to the window and allowed the small creature to hop out into the dark abyss.

Harry turned away at the sound of crunching bone and ripped flesh, wiping a sleeve over his eyes to dry the tears. He stumbled from the paltform where a group of goats surrounded him and rubbed against him in sympathy.

"I don't understand. Why do you willingly give yourselves up for food? Haven't you tried escaping? Fighting back?" he asked, then bent his head since there would be no answers.

~We do this because sometimes you must accept what life has given you. Fighting only causes more pain and escape is impossible. Do not feel guilty, it was our choice and we accept that.~ Harry heard in his head, he looked up quickly but could not tell which animal had said it.

"What if I got you out? Found a way to free you?" he asked.

~We do not want to leave. If we left, those creatures would look for other sources of food. You do not want to see others harmed just to save a few creatures who are not important.~


~Please~ He could hear the pleading tone and knew just like the rabbit he had let go, there was no persuading the others either. ~You know that there is no where we could go. Just like there is nowhere for you right now. It is time for you to move on, use the small gate at the other side of the pen, it should lead you to the east gardens.~

The goats nudged Harry towards the gate, all the while he wondered how they knew where his next chore was. Once outside the pen he turned to give a final wave goodbye, knowing that unless he fed the walkers he would never see these animals again.

~Farewell and good luck.~

end part seven

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