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Summary: Zoro. Nami. 7 times they understand each other perfectly.

Moments Like These


The ship is gone. His captain is telling him the woman who took it is worth pursuing. Zoro seals his mouth shut, turns his gaze to the empty ocean, and tries his damnest to believe it.

She shows him Arlong's tattoo and Zoro inhales. Their eyes meet and he tells her, without words, just what she has done. Nami stands and sneers, hands falling limp by her side.


She's been on the crew for exactly three months.

"Zoro, wake up! Lunch!" She slaps his shoulder. His only reaction is to twitch his torso away from her.

When Sanji comes out a minute later demanding to know why the marimo's lazy arse isn't planted at the table, Zoro yawns, stretches and rolls to his feet.

Nami is left staring after him, hands fisted and useless.


Zoro suspects one of his blades is notched. Nami has officially run out of ink. It is a dark, dark day for both of them. A glare and a taunt is all it takes to blow the fuse.

They're suddenly nose-to-nose on the main deck of the Going Merry, having the blazing row of the century that puts even Sanji and Zoro's epic battle last week of Who Will Die First – Lung Cancer vs Alcohol Poisoning to shame.

The Straw Hat Crew minus two settle down for the show and Luffy happily claps his sandals along to the sound of Nami's screeching and Zoro's cursing.

Afterwards, both walk away feeling oddly better.



It's the first coherent word she's spoken for over two hours and Zoro pauses mid-push up to glance over. Her eyes are still closed and even from across the room, he can see that the pillow is soaked through.

Zoro is at a loss. There's no enemy in sight to him to defeat and the moist sound of the navigator struggling for breath is making him antsy. He's no nursemaid, he scowls to himself, and his place is not here.


When Usopp enters to change shifts, Zoro tells him that he's only halfway through the set of push-ups and to come back later.


"You realize what that guy was after."

Nami slants him a sardonic grin, eyes full of teasing lights as she does up her top button. "Do you realize what I was after?" She twirls the gold watch around her little finger smugly.

Zoro's face is implacable and his reply devoid of inflection. "Then you realize what that makes you."

If this hurts her, there's no indication. Nami holds her prize up to the sun and sighs in dreamy appreciation. "You have your weapons, I have mine."


She eyes him when he trails into the kitchen (there's a tiny telltale droop to his eyebrows) and lowers himself heavily into a chair.

"We had to start dinner without you." Sanji tells him unnecessarily, but with great relish. "Luffy was becoming rabid."

Chopper makes a tentative guess as to Zoro's whereabouts for the past hour. "Did you get lost, Zoro? But we left you in that bar…with the one exit."

"Shut up!"

The next island they stop at, Nami warns Zoro that if he strays from her side even once, his interest would sky rocket. This town is known for bounty hunters, after all. Zoro tells her to go to hell. Nami assures him she'll save him a seat.

He lets her take his arm.


The first time he kisses her, Zoro doesn't close his eyes. He firmly clasps both her wrists so that her hands remain visible.

Nami's mouth curves against his.