Story Summary: She fell in love ten times.

Canonical Notes: Set before Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. Accepts both movies as canon, but not necessarily everyone's expressed "presumptions" therein.

Author's Note: One of the two things I hated about Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure was the idea that Elizabeth never loved Jim. Especially when it was so obvious to me what could have happened.

Also, to any of my usual readers from other fandoms (read: romy), I am working on writing and betaing, but this was done and I'm just finally getting it posted.

first impression: fascination

She met him at her debutante ball.

James Shaw was about her age, as cordial a gentleman as he ought to be, but with a boyish sense of fun that made her laugh. But it was his older brother, John Shaw, a solemn man in his thirties, that caught her fascination. He told stories to his own peers of his travels to Europe and Africa and even India. He politely included her when she cared to listen.

"Will you return?" she asked at the close of a long evening, trying not to sound as if it mattered.

He hesitated. "Yes."