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My first side project...meaning it'll barely be updated. But no worries, although it IS in fact a side project, I'll still update this, but it won't be as quick as my main fanfiction projects.

Hopefully this story will turn out better than I could think of.

Some of the character profiles are based from Maker Unofficial Hatsune Mix. The plot itself are almost all based from the said manga and (mostly if not all) cosmoBonsou-P's songs, which in-fact includes Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu, so you might want to watch out for the whole story plot. ;)

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Do not read if you hate sad endings. Because, although this really has a happy ending, you need to cry for long periods of time. XD


All rights reserved to Yamaha, Crypton Future Media, cosmoBonsou-P, and Kei for the foundations of my ideas and of course for the characters. The OCs belong to me by the way.

It was a time in the not-so-distant future when countless vocaloids have spawned over the entire world, being magnificent and all, but as not so heartwarming as a real vocalist, not because of their personality, but rather those things with make up emotions engraved in the tones of the songs. But still it was by one those 'below-average' human singers all over the world had lost their jobs to these second-rated vocaloids, and there's really nothing they can do about it, as they don't fit any standards of coping up to their level, which is actually a standardized version of your everyday 21st century singer.

But enough of the off-topic sentences...

In a world where vocaloids had become an everyday sight, and, Artificial Intelligence was very much advanced, thanks to the efforts of a scientist that created the all-powerful Kokoro Program. But just as the internet has supercomputers that act as a central medium to every computer in the world, there was the main pillar of the vocaloid system, the main server so-to-speak. It was Hatsune Miku, the pride of all vocaloids new or old. While Rin Kagamin, Len Kagamin, Kaito, Meiko, Megurine Luka were almost just as important as she is in technical terms, there was something in her that kept the world from treating her as a true idol unlike no other, whether it was the voice, the songs, or her looks, no one can really define it too well. People didn't care if she was a vocaloid or not. In fact, it was accounted for that 10 of this decade's greatest vocalists treated Miku as an irreplaceable idol.

She was so much an idol that she had actually caused a great deal of help in the world. She, using her songs, have stopped an impending World War III between Japan and US. She had caused millions of her fans to support a world-wide movement that finally replaced fossil fuels with Miku-sponsored solar power. She literally caused millions of fans around the world to stop publishing and reading erotic material.

Hatsune Miku was famous.
Hatsune Miku was a great influence.
Hatsune Miku was pretty much an idol to all, human or vocaloid, even if there's times Miku naïve at a time when she shouldn't be.
Just ask Rin or Len about it.

But one something...something deep buried inside her that would change the whole world forever.

Everyone knew there would come a time when vocaloids will question their existence.

But oh how it occurred at the very wrong time.



ロネルム ロネルムロネルム ロネルムロネルム ロネルム
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The Purpose of Hatsune Miku

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"Hey Miku!" Kaito was trying her hardest to snap her out of her daydreaming.

"Oh sorry...I was kinda daydreaming again." Miku tried calming herself.

They were at Miku's room a house somewhere in Tokyo. It was your simple Japanese average house with a large amount of rooms (around 10 bedrooms), and in spite of Miku's popularity, they always have a peaceful, and the neighbors, fortunately, treat her as such. Why? It was two years ago when a permanent fan-base conditional restraining order was put on and unanimously decided upon by Japan with the participation of Crypton Industries, a very powerful Vocaloid-making company. While only 70% of the vocaloids came from Crypton, the whole Kokoro program was re-innovated by that company for use in every vocaloid available.

And not just vocaloid.
Even computers.
It was available on every kind of technology there was.

While Miku's room is mostly greenish, there were a few chibi Miku dolls at her bed, and a vocaloid room cannot and will never be complete without a computer. Her favorite headset, the one she always use even since the start of her successful career. The very first headset she had when she was born into this world a week ago, sent into a further past, and now...

"Well...we won't be able to do this, you know, without you." Kaito admitted. "It sure can be quite tiring, but we'll be having our 4th world tour today!"

"Oh, alright!" Miku said, unusually not in her very cheery mood.

"Oh, Miku, is there something bothering you?" Kaito asked the melancholic Miku, smiling. "I may not be a real father you know, but I sure know how to be..."

"No, I don't think anything's wrong," Miku smiled back. "I'd love it, anyway."

"Oh good...we'll probably be bringing Rin, Ren, and Luka with us..." Kaito explained. " first, then"

"So...we're literally circling the world in 80 days?" Miku asked.

"We are..." Kaito said. "Isn't that great? I even get to taste every kind of ice cream there is in the world."

"Ok...ok...wait...? Is that even part of the plan?" Miku exclaimed. "Don't make me call Meiko!"

"M-My ice cream!" Kaito exclaimed.

"A-Alright..." Miku said. "But you must hand over the budget to Meiko...okay?"

"Alright..." Kaito replied, sighing as he reached for his cellphone in his pocket, and opening the cellphone, it displayed the words: Windows 7.

"So how come Kaito became the son this time, onee-chan?" Rin said as she and Len entered the room.

"You know him...typical." Len replied. "I know we all considered him a father, and all... but...there's just some things naïve of him to do..."

"Like you, onii-chan." Rin giggled. Len could only bow his head in defeat.

"Sir, so why did we sent Hatsune Miku into the past?"

"Without her, this world we live in would have been different. You of all people should know that, Professor Shin Yasaka."

"Oh, Professor Ryo Miku...don't sermon me like know me and I know you."

They were merrily chatting to each other as they continue monitoring Hatsune Miku and her basic stats such as AI activity and heart beat (don't worry...they don't know what she just measures how functional Miku's AI is. About the heart beat, it's one of the weird programs created by the Kokoro program like what you feel when you're afraid or something.) in a considerably large monitor. Just imagine the scenario in the Genesis in Gund*m SEED.

"So...why did we have to create Miku with a no restrictions in the original Kokoro program?" Professor Shin asked. "You that ancient piece of technology is, even to this day, not totally explored yet..."

"Look...we had already exhausted 80% of the company funds for Hatsune Miku...she is...or I would say was and is...the greatest vocaloid ever created. I guess I considered her as my daughter. Basically every other vocaloid we made connects to her..."

"And that's another point I fear the worse...that a program inside that thing called kokoro will kill Hatsune Miku."

"That can't happen...we already explored around 95% of the program. What could go wrong?"

"Good day, everyone!" Miku smiled before the crowd of the millions of fans waiting in line at the Araneta Coliseum a considerably large colliseum as big as those in basketball NBA colliseums. It was a considerably sunny day, and everyone was excited about the new songs Miku is rumored to play in her 3rd world tour. Fans have already seen her go from anime songs to jazz songs, and hopefully they expect something different from Miku this time. Composers from all over Manila had already came here thinking that Miku would accept their work...

"First off, I want to thank everyone of us for appreciating my songs. I know only a few of you really understand what I'm singing and all...Arigato!"

"Kawaii!" around 50% of the audience shouted, much to Miku's surprise.

I guess these fans even go to learning Japanese. - Miku

"And now...for my song..." Hatsune Miku breathed deeply and then continued. "My entitled..."

"Professor Ryo! Professor Ryo!" one of the supervisors of Miku's internal activity exclaimed.


"The A.I. Activity in Miku just increased to 80%!"

"What? Impossible! How could it be...? Unless...Professor Shin!"

Meanwhile, at the Araneta Coliseum, fans were a bit curious. They all saw a frozen Hatsune Miku in the center stage. She was apparently frozen there for 10 seconds already, and finally Miku a rather more robotic-like voice.

"Kokoro Program Override Beta999 Activate."

"Kokoro Program Override Activated. Restarting..."

"This is bad Professor Ryo..." Professor Shin was looking through the details of the program, a very much encrypted program that just showed itself to the professors. "Miku's Beta Kokoro Program has activated. That damn program."

"Oh no, isn't that...?"

"Yes, it was presumably the last program activated before that robot short-circuited."

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Sorry if I couldn't do a better cliffhanger. Lol. XD