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This is it...the real start of the story. This is Milestone #1! It took me THIS long to find out that most of the songs are already translated. ^.^


Do not read if you hate sad endings. Because, although this really has a happy ending, you need to cry for long periods of time. XD Really.


All rights reserved to Yamaha, Crypton Future Media, cosmoBonsou-P, and Kei for the foundations of my ideas and of course for the characters. The OCs belong to me by the way.

"I...I can't...believe it!"

It was Professor Ryu Miku, who was literally shocked, car sick, and dumbfounded by the power of the Kokoro AI. It was not just due to him still being alive, but rather, it's what the AI did in response to the explosions. The car literally jumped through the air, consuming 30% of the plasma-based reserves (the energy is most probably the equivalent of 10 C4 explosives), dodging the blue flaming explosion with great accuracy, and considering all sides (the force needed to push the car high into the air 10 m to avoid any damage to the car, the scope of the controlled explosion, the effect of the controlled explosions upon the wind velocity around the area, and all other things).

"Now's not the time...I need to get to the airport quick!"

ロネルム ロネルムロネルム ロネルムロネルム ロネルム

Let's Play with Hatsune Miku!
The Overflowing Happiness of Hatsune Miku

ロネルム ロネルムロネルム ロネルムロネルム ロネルム

Part 1
The Sinful Leek – The Deadly Truth

It was nothing short of a silence for 10 seconds.

At least until a beep was heard in the background.


(Hatsune Miku activating...)

The sound of the clattering metal followed by a hissing fog produced an almost deafening fan scream shout by the fans as Miku steadily made her highly anticipated epic entrance to the line of new songs by Hatsune Miku.

Fans all over the world...
Cheering for the one who has driven away their sadness...
Who wouldn't do that?

"I...I...made it!"

Professor Ryu Miku was gasping for air as he finally reached the Tokyo International Airport, full of vocaloids and people alike, with various cleaning robots scattered all over the area with little error cleaning up mess. If ever a man from this age ever got there, he'll most probably mistake it for a crowded space station.

He finally got the chance to get to an airport...and no one shall definitely stand in his way.
Not even his dearest friend or an international company capable of utilizing the latest in monitoring and AI technology to track him down.

Professor Ryu had no time to waste. He immediately went in to the nearest cashier, and as the cashier turned around, seeing Professor Ryu's face...

"Ah! Professor Ryu Miku!" the cashier obviously knew him. "What brings you to this place? Checking out our experimental cleaning bot system again?"

"Eh...not really." Professor Miku couldn't help but laugh a bit, but actually there was not much time left. As long as Miku is still in Araneta Center, there's still hope of reconciliation. But then again, if he fails, then everything is lost. They [the company] will most likely lock him up somewhere. Or at least that's his bet. That's why he's betting on this.

"Hey...umm..can you...uhh...reserve an immediate flight for me to the Philippines?" Professor Ryu Miku whispered to the cashier.

"Ehh...sir Ryu...sir?" the cashier's pupils grew a bit larger. "A-Are you serious? Nobody can reserve such a flight right now! Especially as Hatsune Miku's in those islands."

"Well, it's kinda immediate." Professor Ryu went in closer to whisper some words to the cashier. "I was sent here 'cus there may be a problem with Hatsune Miku."

"Eh?" the cashier responded, her [note the pronoun] voice still as low as it can be. "So that may explain it...umph..."

Eh? 'it' exactly? But I can't blow up my cover now, although it's the truth Ah! What the hell am I saying to myself? - Professor Ryu Miku.

"You better be quick...someone may be after me as we speak. For all we know, Miku may have some mysterious enemies just waiting to assault me at any time. Please do hurry."

"Aye! Sir!" the cashier went on to the supervisor of the plane, who explained the problem.

"It's a good thing the supervisor knows you well, isn't it?" the cashier commented. "Here's the flight ticket. You're probably good to around 40 seconds..."

A few seconds passed.

This must be the longest 40 seconds of my life. - Ryu Miku.

A couple of people were passing by, seemingly looking at him with eyes unheard of in his entire life. The feeling of being watched takes his toll of him as he listens to the live coverage of Hatsune Miku's World Tour, and a good one at that.

And finally 40 seconds past.

"To all passengers of Flight Number 6661338, please go to Lobby #5." the sound of the vocaloid receptionist caught Ryu's attention

There's my flight. I wonder if those agents are still following me? I must be careful. Really careful. - Ryu Miku.

"Umm...Professor Ryu? Who are they?" the cashier pointed out to the mysterious looking agent. "Are they those thugs you were talking about?"

Professor Ryu noticed the guy, clothed in black coat that very much resembles Men in Black.

Obvious...Too obvious. - Professor Ryu.

The magnificent symphonic melody lasted for a while, much like the sounds of angels proclaiming the birth of a special creation...

"Amazing..." one of the spectators gaped in awe.

"Onii-chan? Where'd she got that song?" Kagamine Rin asked, looking at Hatsune Miku from the side of the stage.

"Who knows? Who cares?" her so-called twin, Kagamine Len said. "Onee-chan's owning the stage!"

"Sometimes, Rin, you're right."

"Sir? Umm..."

"Huh...? Oh, right."

"It's not just that but..."

"It's about Miku, isn't it? Please don't tell anyone about this. It's really urgent no one knows the problem. It might cause unnecessary chaos around."

With that, Ryu Miku left for the plane, bringing with him, in a blue squarish luggage, some equipment, a copy of the Kokoro program, and a few clothes and some pocket money. He knows all too well that the company's not going to give up that easily, so he walked slowly to the plane, looking for possible assassins or suspicious things that might end his life for good. This is not just life-and-death anymore, nor it's about the truth. It's now about...

Virtual Idol, Hatsune Miku.


Special skills are singing and devouring leeks.

The crowd stares in amazement as a whole new level of Hatsune Miku appeared before them. It's not just the's also the unusal tone of her voice, it's as if it's more human. While, to many Japanese across the world who were watching the live telecast from Araneta Center, it feels like a whole new introduction of a kind, as never before have they seen Miku in such a tsundere manner, but rather, it was funny the way she said it.

"Umph, that's one of a kind." Mergurine Luka commented as she saw Miku's performance.

"You're right. Miku has changed." Kaito complemented Luka's words. "It's as if..."

" if she actually feels what humans do?" Mergurine Luka asked. "Even I can't even comprehend such a concept. Sure, we are created to emulate these feelings, but we can never fully understand them. But what if it is the case..."

"Oh, don't worry," Kaito said, "I'm sure she'll be fine..."

"I don't know about Miku … but we should ask him." Mergurine Luka held her composure.

Meanwhile, at the plane, unusual as it is for the Professor, it seems as though Crypton has given up on him. Not a single voice of arresting or the like to be heard throughout the time that he was waiting for the plane to fly. Not a single person attempted to hold his hand and drag him down into the plane grounds where he's supposed to be arrested for breaching company contracts. What's worse is that the plane, as much as he desired it to be, is as empty as a desert. Just what the hell is happening?

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." Professor Ryu Miku said to himself. He then proceeds to check the sides of the plane – nothing. Next, he proceeded to check the spaces below the plane chairs – nothing! As the plane prepares for flying, he checked the luggage room, the space above the seats where you put in other luggages, and even the pilot room, and while there's a pilot there who courteously meets him, other than that nothing! Not even a trace of tracking device, or even a bomb or something similar.

"Maybe the Crypton already knew that I was good in finding out bombs and tracking devices so he did not proceed to track me through their satellites?" the professor concluded.

He knows all too well that everyone in Crypton knows he's planning to go to Miku. Just going near her will anger them, he would imagine.

Then suddenly, his phone rang.

Of all the times, of all the places, of all the tweaking he did to make his cellphone number unidentifiable and unpredictable, there in the professor's very own screen, a call from none other than Professor Shin Yasaka.

Professor Miku answered the phone, "You..."

"Oh, that was pretty smart of you, Professor Ryu Miku, using the program against us." Professor Shin Yasaka said. "It took us quite a while to crack down your cellphone number and make it traceable. Sigh, technology these days..."

"It's not my fault Kokoro works against you." Professor Miku explained. "It knows very well. It understands."

"You think that program...thinks...? C'mon Professor Miku, we all know what this program is from top to you think that it can really think for its-"

"What a liar..." Professor Ryu Miku snapped. "You did not just contradict yourself from when I first met you, you also tried to lengthen this discussion now did you? Not gonna work, Professor. By the way, I'm telling Miku the truth, but don't worry, I won't tell everything."

And then he dropped the call.

Meanwhile, at the Hatsune Miku monitoring room, things were nothing short of order. People were looking at this new development by Hatsune Miku, who, gaining unimaginable amounts of data, has now percieved the true essence of Kokoro.

"GAH! That fiend!" Professor Shin responded, smashing his cellphone as he throws it to the ground in his rage. "Why can't he realize that telling him the truth will foil our plans?"

At the backstage, everything was different. There was no pressure of living or dying. There was only overwhelming happiness from Hatsune Miku.

"So, onii-chan," Kagamine Rin said. "Do you have any idea what's happening to Miku?"

"No idea," Kagamine Len responded. "But it sure looks cool to see onee-chan that excited."

"You always say that," Rin sighed.

"He has a point though," Meiko smiled as she enters the backstage. "Somehow, Miku's different."

"You think so...?" Rin looked at Miku again. "I mean...I don't notice any changes..."

"Onee-chan, can't you notice that thing about Miku-chan?" Kagamine Len pointed to Miku.

"Ehm...not really," Kagamine Rin confessed. "I've always thought that Miku was just that since...well...ever."

Meanwhile at the stage, Hatsune Miku was giving her all.

Those countless voices of people...

Those memories of happiness...

Those lyrics full of life and energy unlike ever before.

Her song was her life.
Her influence was her fame.
She herself was at the pinnacle of her own emotions.

For the first time in her life, she experienced it herself: happiness.

But will it last long?

Will it go on forever?

Will infinity be everlasting?

Will these teeming feelings go on in life continuously?

Will happiness go onto Infinity?

And yet there was no time of thinking these things: the crowd was her life, and her songs are her happiness.

She must go on.

Meanwhile, in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, a certain scientist was arising out into the open gorunds of Manila. Only 30 minutes had past, and Professor Ryu Miku, determined to get to Hatsune Miku before an inevitable end would happen.

As he proceeds to run to the taxi, however, some one stopped him.

"Hello, Professor, long time no see..." that robotic voice was all too similar to Professor Ryu Miku.


"Please, don't tell her."

"And why should I do that...Hatsune Miku?"